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1445T loading redlight camera and speed trap POI

I am having a hard time trying to get these updates on to my GPS.
I am new to this and the guy at best buy who sold it to me said I'd be able to do this.
I downloaded the files from POI factory but only got notebook text.
Any help would be appreciated.

Create route using my poi

I have a Magellan Crossover. I have created an itineray by input the co-ordinate, I have used the transfer form amd loaded it into the GPS, however, when I try to recall them in the GPS address book, they are not there.
Please help me since I am out of ideas

AAA Update

Per the AAA website the latest update will be sometime this summer- I guess the quarterly are now a thing of the past. Annual updates should be fine in combination with the other POI files.

Map Sale (at

Lost Road Maps for 1412 na Magellan

My son formated my SD and now I have nothing, no maps, no a thing. Where can I download this again


Magellan Roadmate for iPhone and iPod Touch

Just purchased the Roadmate software to use with my iPod Touch and the Magellan GPS receiver. It does not look like there is any way to import any new POIs. If there is, please let me know. Thanks.


outlook addresses

can i import my outlook address book or Excel file into a poi file and if so what software would i need

Voyager5974 CDN

Voice recognition not responding on maestro 3250

I have tried everything to get the VR on my maestro 3250 to work..I have contacted Magellan, and did everything they suggested: re-setting; updating firm ware etc;..Still no joy..
Any suggestions other than returning unit to magellan.

Magellan Maestro GPS 4040 says "The selected address is not valid" after map update?

So I updated my maps on my GPS. It works fine when I go to previous cities entered, but it messes up when I get to the part when i enter the street number. It says "The selected address is not valid. Please enter another address. At the top of the screen when I have to enter the street number, it says "2;\\.\\HDD\MAP\US48.imi | dbo3;\\.\\HDD\MAP\US4-_POI.poi".

Magellan Meridian Platinum

yes,,, I know it's a dinosaur,, but I like the weather feature while on the bike. Went to use it last week and the Weather feature was BLANK! Something about NO DATA. The rest of the device works fine. Looked on the factory web site and they no longer support this model any more.

Already tried to leave it run a few hours to gain data,,, and still no luck.

Magellan 4700 POIs not Update-able

My 4700 did not come with a CD which I assumed would include a tool to update the POI database. I emailed their support and was please to receive a very quick and direct reply.

According to them, the 4700 does not have customizable POIs nor a tool for that purpose. The CD only includes a manual which I did receive in paper form and can be easily downloaded from their site.

I have to care where I am to be lost.

"Active Trip" Button

I have a Magellan 3225. When a route has been calculated, the 2nd menu screen has an "Active Trip" button that is grayed out. What is this button? Is there a way to make it active? Is it just disabled on this model?

Magellan 1470 and 4700

Does the Magellan 1470 and the 4700 route better or worse from point A to B than the 4350 ? Are the maps on the 1470 and the 4700 2008/2009 or spring of 2009 maps ? Thank you

Magellan Firmware Update

Magellan 1440-1470-4700 Software Update Version 2.20

* System optimization and performance enhancements


* Improved GPS acquisition time
* Historic Traffic Flow and UI Changes
* 3D Tilt Angle View Improvements
* Traffic Ads UI changes
* AAA category updates

Voice Recognition

* VR button added to main menu

Nuvi-3760 *** Magellan-5045

Cradle for a 4250 magellan

I need the adjustable mount that fit in the cradle for a 4250 magellan

First Time POI dowload (Magellan)

Where is the downloading instructions for dummies section? I'm being serious. I have a Magellan 1412 and wanted to download a new map. Wandered across this site and want to download some poi's. Help.

This is what I've done so far:
Download the POI editor from my magellan CD and downloaded the poi's I want on my desktop.

That's as far as I can get.

Magellan Maestro and custom made POI files

1. Install the Magellan POI File Editor that came with your Maestro on a CD
2. Connect your Maestro to your PC using a USB/Mini USB cord. (Depending on the model number the cord was or wasn’t provided.)
3. Your Maestro should be recognized as an external hard drive labeled TFAT (if you open My Computer or Windows Explorer/My Computer)
4. Start Magellan POI File Editor program on your PC

Magellan traffic

Is it just me or does it seem very unclear the way you activate the traffic on the 4700. I cannot figure out when it is active and not active. Any simple instructions?

magellen gps

i have a magellen maestro 4000 it lost the firm ware
and everthing else out of it dose any one know where i can get a copy or will i just have to get rid of this thing

Magellan 4350

Will Magellan ever update map for the 4350 ?

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