Downloading trip plans to my 4350


First off hello to all and thanks in advance for any help. I recently bought my first GPS a Magellan 4350. So far I like almost everything about it. The two quibbles i Have are 1:even though there is a picture of headphones stamped into the unit there is no jack (I've bypassed this by switching to fm modulation and buying a 15$ fm radio at Target So I can use headphones on my motorcycle).

2:I've been trying for two days to load a route onto it using google earth and the content manager. I would like to preload certain Motorcycle routes into it, for an upcoming trip. I was able to convert the routes from gpx and see them in google earth but can't seem to save them onto the unit they don't appear.

If someone could walk me through this it would be a life saver

thanks Jesse

heres how I do it since i do

heres how I do it since i do it every single day it should work well for you..I use google maps and make add all my stops..then above the map on the right it says view in google earth I click that and my browser downloads the kml file..with that file I upload it to this site and change compressed to uncompressed and then generate the now have a "real" kml file. Upload to the gps using content manager and your good. Only thing is that it loads the stops from google maps from the first u enter to the last so if you wanna go in a different route order u gotta change it on the gps..

You go to saved trips itll be there, then when the map comes up click the bottom right orange play looking button then it starts to calculate the route click the edit destinations button and there u go.. peace.

Make sure you hit edit so

Make sure you hit edit so you can see the option see in google earth....Took me awhile to figure out