Maestro 4350 FM Transmitter


I've had the unit for two months and I use it almost everyday. I had ONLY two days of use where sounds from an FM station coming out of car speakers, i.e., MP3 music and unit voice (Dave) came out clear, no distortion. Then suddenly it changed where I get all this distortion, garbled sound, echoing like in a music hall or auditorium, etc. I have the same physical setup (vent mount, unit plugged in on car charger with power/FM traffic cable laid out across from radio to unit on mount); did not change anything. I've tried out changing to different "blank/unused" stations to broadcast from, to no avail. What could be the problem that arose? Could anyone please advise of a solution? Thanks.

need top determine what is causing the issue

In order to reach a solution, you need to better understand the problem. How does the unit work in a different car (this will define the issue as related to the unit or your car).

Good point. I'll try it in

Good point. I'll try it in a different car and will let you know.

Tried it in a different

Tried it in a different vehicle and still getting the same results.

Does it happen?

If you do not hook up the power cord and just run off of the units internal battery?

if it still does it under these conditions, it might very well be an issue with the unit itself.

Thanks BacklashZ06

Will try that