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new maps coming in June for some Magellan Models

This was just posted under the current 2008/2009 map update product on the Magellan website.

Magellan RM1412 Flash Update

Magellan has a new Flash (ver 3.12) for the 1412. I loaded it on my one year old unit and noticed that the POI search was much faster. Will test it some more and report back later on.

Magellan 1470 *On Sale*

Have this one and it's Great, and now it cost even less.

One of Magellan Best GPS's...

Nuvi-3760 *** Magellan-5045

Magellan 1412 on sale at Costco

RM1412 on sale at Costco until end of April - $139 less $20 instant rebate = $119

This is a newer version with larger internal memory, updated flash and newer maps. Has SD card slot, but its no longer used for map storage.

Just got 3 more.


Magellan 1470 Review

Review is out on the new Magellan and it's pretty good. Been using mine now for a few weeks and no problems, love the Highway lane assist, larger screen. One draw back is you can't load are fav poi's from here, but besides that great looking and working GPS, also love the 4 route options for going to your destination.(More or Less freeways).

Nuvi-3760 *** Magellan-5045

Magellan 4350 POI Install

Installing poi's into a 4350-70 Magellan..
Magellan files must be in .kml format for the 4350

Step 1. Plug in your 4350 to your computer (USB) wait tell the computer sees it.
Step 2. If the Magellan folder doesn't pop up automatic, then go to My Computer and look for a folder called (TFAT)

Nuvi-3760 *** Magellan-5045

New Magellan Roadmates

Add new features like multi-destination routing.

Free Traffic subscription appears to never expire

Having gotten a Magellan 4250 for Christmas, I activated the 3 month free traffic subscription. While I have had mixed responses with it in the St. Louis area, I was not going to renew it. However, now into the fourth month it is still working. In checking on the unit I see the following under the subscription screen.

Provider = JRRTSOS
Exp. Date = 22-11-64
Status = OK

New Magellan 1470

Looks Great and priced right with free Traffic receiver.

Nuvi-3760 *** Magellan-5045

Magellan POI File Editor: Opening a .poi file?

This seems like a stupid question, but is it not possible to open a POI file extension in the POI editor? Is this because POI extension files are non-editable (is that a word??)

Multiple POI categories from an SD acrd

I have a Magellan 3250. The other day, I was able to download and convert a file to .mgln and have it work in the GPS off of the SD card. Today, I loaded some more .mgln files onto the SD card. When I'm accessing them on the GPS from the SD card, I can only access one at a time. That is, I can locate all of the files, but I cannot have them all checked simultaneously.

Magellan POI editor

I'm using the editor that came with my Roadmate 1412. But the map is blank. Is there a way to make it show a map, like of georgia? Does this make since.

Magellan Roadmate 1412

Best price on Magellan 1212 in Canada

I have been researching this gps for a while, and this is the lowest I've seen it so far.

Best Buy Canada has it on for $149 right now.

Futureshop does't carry it so no chance for price matching.

And the sale is on til Thursday March 26/2009 Midnight EST

I think I will go get this model at this price.


meridian topo maps

hello, I recently had the chance to get a cheap meridian gps handheld but I was wondering if there is any updated maps for them? they only appear to be a few years old but totally unsupported on magellan's website. what maps I know of were 1:100,000 scale and not very good from what I've read

Magellan Maestro 4370 - Seeking EASIER Address Input

Good Morning, Afternoon, and Evening,

Be kind, my first post here...

I bought a 4370 a couple days ago and love it! Not any real complaints... except maybe one! I suspect this may be true for most (all?) GPS units...

Magellan 4350 Review

Finally good reviews for Magellan - I have one and love it.

Nuvi-3760 *** Magellan-5045

simulation mode

My Magellan Roadmate 1412 can simulate a route as if you are driving the route......I was just wondering if there is any point to this other than to experience the gps before you use it on the road the first time

~Dihydrogen Monoxide is one of the most dangerous substances known to man!~

Magellan 4040 on a Motorcycle

Has anyone tried to use a 4040 on their motorcycle? The book says this is a no-no, I guess because of the vibration, etc.
Any ideas??

Maestro 3200 won't "talk"

I haven't need my gps for awhile and when I turned it on today it does not talk or make sounds while routing me. I ran the audio test, and the audio is working. While I am driving, it no longer says anything and also doesn't beep when I am supposed to turn. Anyone got any ideas on how I can fix this? Thanks


Redlight and speed camera files working well in my Magellan

I have to say the redlight and speed camera files are working well in my Magellan 4040.

I put them in and the voice warning said "default category". So I split the files up into two categories, "Redlight Camera" and "Speed Camera" in the Magellan POI loader, and now it says that.

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