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Magellan Maestro and custom made POI files

1. Install the Magellan POI File Editor that came with your Maestro on a CD
2. Connect your Maestro to your PC using a USB/Mini USB cord. (Depending on the model number the cord was or wasn’t provided.)
3. Your Maestro should be recognized as an external hard drive labeled TFAT (if you open My Computer or Windows Explorer/My Computer)
4. Start Magellan POI File Editor program on your PC

Magellan traffic

Is it just me or does it seem very unclear the way you activate the traffic on the 4700. I cannot figure out when it is active and not active. Any simple instructions?

magellen gps

i have a magellen maestro 4000 it lost the firm ware
and everthing else out of it dose any one know where i can get a copy or will i just have to get rid of this thing

Magellan 4350

Will Magellan ever update map for the 4350 ?

I saw that post under FAQ

Is there a difference between Mestro and Roadmate software?

POI loader for Magellan Mestro 4050

I don't seem to "get it". Can someone tell me how to download/setup the POI loader to be able to enhance poi's in may gps.

POI files Magellan Roadmate 1440

I have a roadmate 1440 and would like to know if I can add POI's and if possible, how do I do it?

Roadmate 1470 vs Maestro 4700

I am looking at both the 4700 & 1470 units, my questions are: 1. is the 4700 worth the extra $45 or so, given that I am not interested in blue tooth and 2. is the technology engine the same for both of them ? I am looking for reliability and a minimum number of quirks.
THanks, Tim

Magellan 1700-Opinions?

I've been a Garmin guy for a while, but I saw this Magellan at Costco the other day and I really liked it:


Magellan maestro firmware 2.62. Is this the newest firmware?

Magellan Roadmate 1470 Firmware

I just tried to update the firmware on a Magellan Roadmate 1470 from 1.07 to 2.05rel3. I did the steps listed on the program. It asked me to unplug it and wait for it to reboot a couple of times. I saw it reboot twice, once to do something with uboot. The second time to update wince.img.

Here's a GPS for Truckers . . .

Rand McNally Intelliroute® TND 500

I like the option of current road construction, unfortunately it's updated via a PC. I wonder how many trucker are going to rush out and buy this unit with its $500 price tag.

Looking for a place to go this summer? Try Oshkosh, WI, July 20-26, 2015. The largest gathering of aircraft in the world.

Magellan - SE4 GPS $119.00

Nuvi-3760 *** Magellan-5045

Magellan GPS

Does anyone know how to add red light cameras and other POI's to the Magellan 4770? I called Magellan and the tech told me that No one is sanctioned by Magellan at this time and if I did download a red light camera database and the Magellan quit working, the warranty would be void. I have a Garmin 1390 and all downloads seem to be flawless.

Europe Maps for 2200T

Is there anywhere that I can get European maps for a Roadmate 2200T?

I plan to live forever. So far, so good.

Next Map Update

Anyone have a sense when the next map update will be out? Do we have to wait until next spring?

Magellan Roadmate 1470 POI loading

I am interested in using some of the custom POI files listed on this site. However, I have been unsuccessful finding any software to interface with my Roadmate 1470 or software to convert from Garmin file formats. Most of the files I have looked at are .csv format. There was no POI Editor Software included with this device. Any help or guidance is appreciated.

Accessories for Magellan

I have a broken Magellan Explorist 500.
I have a number of Accessories available for anyone searching for them.
I have:
-carrying case
- 12V, AC & USB Adaptors
- MapSend Disc & Manual
- Vehicle Mount
- GPS Manual
- AAA battery adaptor
- Broken GPS with Battery

If you are interested in the above, please contact me at

Magellan 4700 Firmware Update

Magellan® Maestro™ 4700 Software Update Version 2.06


System optimization and performance enhancements
Improved GPS acquisition time
Historic Traffic Flow and UI Changes
3D Tilt Angle View Improvements
Traffic Ads UI changes
AAA category updates
Voice Recognition
VR button added to main menu

Nuvi-3760 *** Magellan-5045

Magellan Spring map update

I purchased the Spring 2009 map update and installed it in my Maestro 3250. Now when I start my car, after the warning screen goes away the main menu displays. Before the map would be displayed after the warning screen. I would not have to select show map.

Anyone else having this happen or know of a fix for it?

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