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Magellan's iOS RoadMate GPS application gains free lifetime maps, Google local search


Magellan's iOS RoadMate GPS application gains free lifetime maps, Google local search

Read carefully: FREE lifetime means that you get map updates for 3 years only.

Magellan Roadmate 1470 brightness problems

I updated the software to 3.11 on a Magellan Roadmate 1470, since the upgrade my display setting are turned all the way up on the GPS, display hard to read in daylight, before software upgrade, the display had no problems, Magellan said to send the product in for repair and is out of warranty.

Roadmate 1700 video playing...

trying to get a video player to work with the roadmate 1700, anyone have a clue...?

Miopocket on a Magellan

Has anyone actually installed a miopocket and tried to uninstall it? Just curious before I install it on my Roadmate.

New Magellan 5175 Wi-Fi

Nuvi-3760 *** Magellan-5045

roadmate 1412 na

my gps is dead i try to turn it on and they show up the magellan screen and them he turn off. so i don't know what's going on with this.i ,am new on this thing i need help thank you

Magellan Roadmate 3045 impressions.

I bought a Magellan Roadmate 3045, $98 at Biglots and I had a 20% off coupon, so about $80.

I bought it because of the lifetime traffic.

The unit is OK, the lifetime traffic seems to work much better than my Garmin lifetime traffic and way way better than my old Magellan with traffic.

How To Load POI's to Magellan RoadMate 3045

I have a Magellan RoadMate 3045, I subscribed this morning to download the RLC POI's, and downloaded them.

I can't find the CD for my GPS, but I managed to download the Magellan POI file editor from a link posted in this forum.

I converted the .csv's to .MGLN's, and hit transfer but that just comes up with a save as dialog.

Convert GARMIN maps to use on Magellan Maestro 3100 possible?

Seems like the newest maps for Magellan Maestro 3100 are 2008/2009 versions. Is it possible to convert the 2011 garmin map .img file to be used on a Magellen Maestro 3100???????

If so: Can someone point me in the right direction? Surely a program exists to do this? or perhaps a 2011 maps set for Magellan? THANKS IN ADVANCE.

Magellan POI Editor

I have a Editor From Magellan that edits and creates poi files for my Magellan Maestro 5310 ...

Would be happy to pass it along...but I don't know how to download it to this form...Help..

Magellan 4Th Qtr Maps Out

Latest maps from Magellan now out. Two updates in a year, starting to look good for Magellan and us.. Map Vs. 41

Nuvi-3760 *** Magellan-5045

Magellan Crossover

Started geocaching - dusted off my old Crossover.
Want to upgrade firmware, I have:
Model: 2500NA, Firmware version=, OS=1.28 etc.
I downloaded the 1.68 and 2.14 firmware from the Magellan site, I have a couple of questions.
1. Is it necessary to install firmware v1.68 or are your able to go directly to v2.14?

Magellan Traffic Receiver

Just bought cable from for under $30 with shipping for my 4700. This is cheaper than Magellan website with AAA's 50% off discount and shipping.

Magellan shifts from Navteq to TeleAtlas

Is that good or bad? How bout the traffic feature...any experience from those whoe use the latest Magellans? I just bought a Magellan 3045 lm (lifetime maps and traffic) from Best Buy last weekend for 109.99....Is it a keeper?

Magellan AAA Tourbook update

I hope this link works. November 2010 update - ver. 11.2

Magellan 3045LM -- Mac Support?

After the guy at Best Buy pointed out the great features of the Magellan over the Garmin -- and it was time for me to get new maps for my Garmin -- I bought the 3045LM unit.

I get home and log on to my Mac. Head to Magellan site. NO Mac software.

Looks like the unit goes back to the store tomorrow.

Or is there a solution?

Roadmate 1700 CUSTOM POI???

Wanting to get one of these, but I heard that you can't have the POI red light camera. Is this true? I want to know before I purchase one.

Magellan 1440 - Map and firmware options

Just bought a Magellan 1440 for $60 (new from store). The software version on the device is 1.xx, when I checked Magellan site, it said the latest is 2.xx and asked me to download content manager. However, content manager doesn't indicate a firmware upgrade for this device, just a map update that I would have to pay for.

Magellan 3225 map update

I've had my GPS for 2 1/2 years. Trying to get a map update from 4.72 version and it looks to me like it will cost $79.95! Can this be true? Thanks for any input!

Transfering Addressbook to New GPS

Does anyone know a way to transfer the Magellan addressbook to another unit? I want to replace my 3225 with a 1412 and don't want to manually reenter everything. The utility to backup and restore to the SD card doesn't seem to work between units. I also tried to copy the files over, but they weren't recognized.

Is there a utility like the one for POI's? Any ideas?


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