Magellan Roadmate 3045 impressions.


I bought a Magellan Roadmate 3045, $98 at Biglots and I had a 20% off coupon, so about $80.

I bought it because of the lifetime traffic.

The unit is OK, the lifetime traffic seems to work much better than my Garmin lifetime traffic and way way better than my old Magellan with traffic.

The processor is also very fast, and the usability is excellent. Much easier to pick destinations than any of my other units, easy to find POIs, etc.

But the screen is quite a bit dimmer than any of my other units. I noticed in another thread that the unit cannot load custom POIs. I also understand this has TeleAtlas maps and those are not as good as Navteq in the US. Might be better in Europe. Magellan has switched to TeleAtlas, I heard. On at least some of their units.

Something else you might not know. Magellan was one of the originators of GPS, they made the receivers and did some of the original work on the system. Then they were bought by a French company Thales. But their engineering and software development was in San Dimas, CA.

They were sold last year to Mitac Digital, the maker of those cheap Mio GPS units.

So Magellan isn't really Magellan anymore, it's now owned by that likely Chinese company. Maybe Mitac Digital was doing Magellan's manufacturing the last few years and that's the connection.

So it's going back to Biglots. Too bad it's crippled. The traffic was the bomb. Worked excellent. Everything else, maybe not so much. I may buy a higher end newer model Magellan unit one day and see.