Magellan Crossover


Started geocaching - dusted off my old Crossover.
Want to upgrade firmware, I have:
Model: 2500NA, Firmware version=, OS=1.28 etc.
I downloaded the 1.68 and 2.14 firmware from the Magellan site, I have a couple of questions.
1. Is it necessary to install firmware v1.68 or are your able to go directly to v2.14?
2. When you start the v1.68 firmware upgrade it indicates it will install firmware components firmware v1.68 and OS 1.22 which is obviously lower than what I have installed. By selecting firmware only, I expect it will NOT attempt to install the lower OS. Is that correct? Or, will I overwrite a newer OS and brick the device?
I am completely new to this, and would appreciate any help.