magellan roadmate 700 map upgrade 6


I've recently upgraded to the ver 6 map/ver 5.36 SW for the Roadmate 700. (Finally)
It seems to allow custom POIs now, original software did not.
Magellan's support (an oxymoron for sure) says they do not have any more POI Tools or Editor CDs since the 700 is discontinued.
I was surprised that the software only works on my 700 and not on everyone else's units. Magellan's ... phone answerers ... did not have a comment on that (it wasn't in their scripts).
I was wondering if there is an alternative POI Editor/Tools for managing custom POIs. Or if someone has the CDs they'd like to not use any longer...
I would consider writing one, but I do not yet have samples to use during development.

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POI Manager for Garmin 700

Did you find the software you were looking for? It's the POI manager. My 700 didn't come with it either. I just bought the new software version 6.0 and asked Garmin for the POI manager and was tolk like you they no longer made the disks or supported the 700's since they are now legacy machines. I bought the POI manager off EBay, couldn't get the ass selling it to deal cause he said everyone wants it.
I could always try to make you a copy of the disk but would prefer to keep it. It seems pretty easy to use, and makes short work of importing and exporting from the PC to the 760. If you loaded the version 6 software, your 700 is now a 760.

Steve Lerner

Old POI Tools

I did find a website that I downloaded the POI Manager - an older version. It's very old, not very intuitive. But it does make the .MGLN files.
I just copy it into the RM's hard drive and the work like a champ.
A little more manual than I'd like, but I can't complain.
Thanks for the reply...

magellan roadmate 700 map upgrade 6

Hello Everybody,
I've a Magellan Roadmate 700 with old maps,and Software 4.31, I need updated maps for Europe, but in the Magellan website the link to download the maps version 5 is not working anymore, it points to Sitemaps. So, could you help me to get the last/better upgrade for this device? Maybe could you give me the link to download all the material?
Thanks a lot in advance!