magellan crossover Firmware Update- Better If you like garmin Interface


This is my first post So introductions are as follows .I currently reside in Kitchener.ont
Canada. I deal in gps resales ,after having
personally feild tested units such as garmin,
navigon,magellan,an LG and some Canadian Tire wonder specials.I have to admit the crossover is pretty sweet with the new update , O.k
the interface resembles garmin to a degree but that's fine too.Where things get better is by installing a topo map for ontario , This now gives the ability to go from road to woods to marine
with little bread crums to follow home .
Waypionts are easy to input the key is to waypoint them in favourites from car navigation then bring them up from topo
Plus i can now import and export too my sd card.Not bad for the 55.bucks I spent.
This all sounds wonderful but it did take some work to figure out 1. maps can only be added from sd and Magellan site, their serial id branded maps . 2 .Pio's can be imported they just all have to be in capitals. Some editing may be needed before
hand. Over all I am happy with the unit,and if you asked me I would recommend the unit with the following Firmware updates and topo just to make it worth the features it can have. Till next I post. Happy GeoSurf..