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How do I make a donation?

How would I go about making a donation to the site? I mean I got to d/l the redlight file for free, but this site has saved me so much time and trouble that I'd like to make at least a small donation for the efforts put in by JM and Miss POI. Do you have a link to PayPal where I can use my PayPal account to offer a donation???

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Reading Discussions on this site

When I sign on, in order to read all of the messages since the last time I was on, I need to look at each of the last dates in each of the forums. Is there any way to get a listing that covers all of the forums?

Garmin StreetPilot c530, Mapsource


I recently bought my very first GPS, Garmin Street Pilet c530 and love it. I would love it even more if I could find POI to download for especially Ontario parks, conservation areas, walking/bike trails, etc. Just neat, nice places that I could stop at and walk the puppy (she's 13). We love to go for car trips and it would be great if I could put in a town, etc. and find parks and conservation areas, etc.

Avoiding certain Roads

Is there anyway to tell the Gamin Nuvi 660 to avoid roads with traffic lights. I recently went to King of Prussia ,Pa from Dutchess County in NY & it sent me over a road with 15+ miles of stop & go with light after light, instead of staying on the NJ turnpike then picking up the Pa turnpike. It was terrible. Although my preferred rout is further, it is definitely faster.

Tou Yurkovic Nuvi 660

how to use waypoint in garmin c320

someone can help me how to use waypoint ??
what is waypoint ???

I'm first time to use GPS, I don't know about that, so you guys have any file can share???

Proximity Alert Question

Well, two questions, actually:

1. Does a proximity alert sound when you are within a radius of x feet from the POI, where x is the number that you set, or does the alert sound only if that POI is along the route that you are currently traveling?

2. Is there a limit to how far away you can set a proximity alert and still have it work?

Thanks in advance.

questions about red camera poi file

I had a garmin c320, I install poi file in my SD memory.
I want to know the poi file will show me display ( red camera location ) when I drive.???

if someone know please send me e-mail
( davidleeusa168@yahoo.com )


I'm first time to use GPS, I don't know about that, so you guys have any file can share???

can't get alerts to go off!!!

I have proximity alerts set for 23 mph within .25 mile of a school. I haven't once been alerted of the POI. I have the custom Pois checked under Proximity Points and audio set to Continuous - all alerts. Under a POI itself it says

Proximity Alarm
Distance: 1319ft
Speed: 23mph

Is there something else I'm missing?



racqy nuvi 350

nuvi 350 traffic receiver

I got the nuvi 350 a month ago and I have been considering purchasing the traffic receiver. I travel locally all day and traffic here in Atlanta can be pretty bad at times. I would definately get the attachment if it is worth while, but I would just use the radio if it works off of the same frequency. Also, does that include construction? any input would be appreciated.


nuvi 350 mp3 player

I was just curious if y'all have found a good way to listen to your nuvi mp3 player through your stereo speakers in your vehicle. I have done this only by disconnecting the plug from my XM radio jack and plugging it in to the nuvi head phone jack. it works pretty well and sounds great, but it is a pain and the XM radio has to be on for it to work. I was just curious if someone had any better suggestions.


Distance between 2 lat/long points

Can anyone clue me in on an easy way to tell the distance between to lat/long points. the points are in ddd sss.sss format.

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Newly Submitted POI Files go into moderation queue

Jon and I have decided to have newly Contributed POI Files directed right to the moderation queue so that we can look at them before they are placed in front of everyone. So if you submit a POI File and it does not show up on the front page, have no fear we will get it up once we have a chance to examine it.

Miss Poi

Want to see POI 'flags' on nuvi 360 map

I just started getting into POI downloading, but on my nuvi 360, the POI's I downloaded do not show up on the map unless I tell the nuvi to 'GO' to a specific POI.

What I''d like to see (for example) is a 'flag' icon for all Starbucks that I've downloaded. For my favorites (but not my custom POI's) the nuvi will add the flag icons automatically.

Anyone know how to do this ?


Better Route Available

My Garmin c550 continues to give me the message "Better Route Available" when I approach heavy traffic. I have the complemantary traffic service for three months. How do I take advantage of the better route.


Getting Organized

Getting Organized

We've had a lot of files added over the last few weeks, and it's time to get more organized. So tonight we are adding some new things.

The first new thing is a forum area devoted coordinating activity for organized projects. Each discussion thread will be for a different POI Type (e.g., Home Depot, McDonalds, Best Buy, etc.) and we can use it to keep everyone updated on progress.

Active Users 1/8

We've just added a bunch of folks who started posting before Christmas. Normally, active user status is updated each Monday morning; but this week we were a day behind. (The program was a little confused with how to handle things as it processed the first week of the new year.)

Sorry for the delay.


Login / Logout

When I logout, go off-line, come back later, I notice that I am still shown as logged on in the Who' Online users list. Is this normal? Just a glitch some where? It has always done this. Sort of makes you wonder if Online Users are really on line or not.

Garmin 660

Hey all.. new user

Hi All,

I'm Mitch, I drive a 03' Nissan 350z, and awaiting some new video equipment to arrive in the mail. (will be here Friday. hopefully) Kenwood DDX8017 + Kenwood KNA-G510 (Same as garmin unit).

I've done lots of research and am much anticipating the delivery of my new toys. What I have read about POI's has got me very excited about my first navy unit.

Newbie C330 user

Is there anything I should know about loading a Sd card with several .csv files. After loading, can I see the files I've loaded on screen

Funny Story

Well you had to be there funny. It's not so funny in print now I'm reading it, but I'll try to make it a little funny. It did make me wonder if anyone else has had a funny conversation with their unit. Their GPS unit that is.
My wife and I were driving around one day just plugging in locations to see how "Jack" managed to get us there. Jack speaks up "in .7 miles take ramp to William 500 Tate Avenue, on left". I thought I misunderstood, radio playing and all. Then Jack says "in .2 miles take ramp to William 500 Tate Avenue, on left". I'm thinking to myself, maybe what we are looking for is in the 500 block..but that didn't make sense. Besides, there was no ramp to the left to take. I'm not disappointed because there has been a lot of road work in this particular area and the mapping system has just not caught up yet--no problem. I exit to the right, Jack speaks up "recalculating", "in 500 feet turn left toward William 500 Tate Avenue". This time I was ready for Jack and he had my complete attention. I know what I heard for sure this time. Then I just started laughing, wife now knows for sure what she's known for the last 31 + years - yeah, he's crazy and lost it for sure this time. Anyway, the name of the road we were on is called William D. Tate Ave.

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