Duplicates in my POI files c550 can't figure out why?


I have a c550 and I loaded the Speed_Trap,Lakes-West and populated-west poi files. I have duplicates of each one. I tried deleting them from my SD and my garmin device and they are still there in the extras link under custom poi?? I tried changing the folder names also. anyone have the same problem ? If all else fails . How do I start over ? Bill Scott

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Remove them using the POI

Remove them using the POI loader.

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Are you using a Mac?


Sounds like something or someone went awry...lol

Not to worry.

Poi Loader should be able to remove recently loaded poi files..check the appropriate box after starting Poi Loader.

If you are not using a Mac;

You could load another poi file, just not one of the ones you're seeing double of. Then that newly loaded poi file should be the only one you see.

Or, connect your c550 to the computer, go to "my computer" > then select the drive that is assigned to the SD card that's installed in the 550, right click, select explore, right click on "garmin" then explore, then again on "poi" there should be one file in there with the name of "poi.gpi" Doesn't matter, right click then Delete.

you can follow the same procedure to check/delete/rename your c550's internal storage.

You will then have to reload your poi files.

I'm not exactly sure which files you have, so I couldn't look at them.
We'll take it step by step and get your double vision fixed.

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Thanks Rugar ... I had them

Thanks Rugar ... I had them on my SD disk .. got rid of poi.gpi and that solved the problem bscott

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Double vision gone LOL burp!

Now I have just one of the files. I have a PC. I put all of the files in a folder on my PC. I want all three on my gpsr but now will only show one. What Do I do to have one of each, I am not putting them in the folders right I guess, feeling sheepish? Bill

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Are they all in the same folder? Do that and load them all at the same time. Or you can create subfolders under a main folder and point POI Loader to the main folder.

For example, it might look like this.

> My POI (Main folder)
>> IHOP (subfolder)
... IHOP.csv
... IHOP.bmp
>> National Parks (subfolder)
... National Parks.gpx
... National Monuments.gpx
... National Recreation areas.gpx
... National Parks.bmp
... National Monuments.bmp
>> Starbucks (subfolder)

In this example, IHOP, National Parks, and Starbucks show up as categories and then under National Parks, the subcategories of National Parks, National Monuments, and National Recreation Areas show up.

Thanks ........ !

Thank you. I will try that . *||;^) Bill

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