Many Thanks To Miss Poi & the POI Factory


Just wanted to thank Miss POI for this wonderful site and all the people who have contributed!

Within hours of buying my first GPS unit (Garmin C330), I found this site and through the links herein was able to do the following in short order:

1) Learned how to upload POIs to my unit.

2) Made my small contribution and downloaded the red light list.

3) Found a link to a site where I could bulk geocode my 900+ locations that I'm responsible for as a district manager in Los Angeles.

4) Figured out that if red light cameras were set by proximity, that all my water machines could be too and set about to create a red light file that now lets me know when I'm within 2,000 feet of any of my machines.

5) Downloaded many useful POI lists (In & Out Burger, Los Angeles touristy locations, etc.)

6) Learned that I could request a 2008 map upgrade from Garmin which just arrived and is loading as I write this.

What an amazing place! I hope to contribute some lists for the greater Los Angeles area as time permits (WaMu, Police, etc.).

Just wanted to delurk long enough to let you know how much I appreciate finding this wonderful site!!

With Warm Regard,


Traveling and photographing lovely Orange County.

+1 I agree 100%! Thank You!

I agree 100%!
Thank You!

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Thanks, Jon and I are


Jon and I are really proud of this site and all the people that are a part of our family now. Welcome to the group, it is nice to know that we are appreciated.

Miss Poi

Great Site

Being a "new guy on the block" I echo all the deserving Kudo's. I too have gotten loads of help and information in the short time that I have been a poi-factory user and look forward to getting a lot more. A job well done by you and Jon!

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Wow, great progression in only 3wks.

Welcome to the addiction.

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Welcome Aboard -

Wow!! You've come a long way in such a shot time. Welcome, welcome, welcome,