GPS shades


Works ok, but not worth $17.00

cap10john wrote:

Like those at;

Yay or Nay?

Works ok, not great, but not worth $17.00

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I asked my wife to make me

I asked my wife to make me one. Will see how it goes since she loves art & crafts. smile

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Then she can make one for

Then she can make one for all of us....$10 + shipping and

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GPS shades

Yay. My wife has said it has cut down the daytime glare greatly and has said it was worth the $17. I have it about 2 months.


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Now I feel lazy

Over a year ago, after my in-dash gps was installed, glare was the first thing I noticed and mentioned. The day I got it, I told my wife I was going to make a sunshade out of plastic... Still haven't done it... My bad... Maybe next week.