Mini Map Updates - A suggestion


Here is a suggestion. While I understand that it is not something that would be a snitch to implement I wonder if Garmin would ever consider it. (Maybe GarminTech would care to comment.)

As I understand it the current system is to send out Map Updates maybe once a year for a complete geographical location (i.e. USA, Europe, Southern Africa, Middle Eas, etct). During this time the new roads are added, checked etc.
However during this period more new roads, intersections or route changes continue to occur. So while you may have the latest map update it would never be 100% accurate.

My suggestion is this:
When purchasing and registering a Garmin GPS the user gets, say, 50 ‘update points’. Thereafter update points can be purchased (say U$D 10.00 for 100 points or so).
Then, instead of releasing a huge map update every 12-18 months or so, Garmin releases a mini-update of each road, route or intersection as soon as it is verified.
The user logs onto the Garmin website and navigates to his area (USA), state (California), city (Los Angeles).
In there it will list the additions and changes to the road networks.
The user selects only those he wishes to download and the appropriate amount of update points are deducted from his account.

Users will still be able to download ‘bundle’ updates (i.e. complete geographical area, state or city level) for however many points this may cost.

In this manner users can be selective to spend their money only the areas which they commonly travel (i.e. hometown) or areas they are traveling to. I am sure that many users would not have a need for roads and routes in Dudsville, Nowhere, to be verified before they can download or purchase the latest North America update.

As mentioned I realize that such a system would not happen overnight but living in the Software age that we do, it is do-able.

In addition to users getting map information update a lot more regularly it could also provide a constant revenue source for Garmin.


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Mini map updates

I have a feeling rhat it would cost Garmin more to maintain this than it is worth.

I agree, but...

As I mentioned - I would not expect something like this to be easy (or cheap) to implement.
However this does not mean it is not feasible and not worth investigating...

Nuvi 715 (Sucks), Nuvi 670 (dead)& Garmin GPS 72. South African living Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

I just want to be able to

I just want to be able to play mpegs on my nuvi!!!! It would be great on flights and waiting around in airports.

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