Creating POI files


Loading custom POI's

If I create several POI files under different names, can several custom POI files be loaded into memory at the same time from a SD card?

How do you purge the POI entries from memory so the screen doesn't get cluttered? I may only want to load beaches and bays, but I usually won't need them loaded when I want to find an In 'n Out burger.

Splitting POI files by state

I'm awaiting my Nuvi 660 to arrive. This will be my third GPS. First a Garmin II+, then a Garmin Vista, now the Nuvi. I'm used to waypoints, but I'm just setting up my POI files. I've downloaded several large POI files like Is there an easy way to split out sections by state, or do most folks load the entire file? Seems like loading needless overhead might slow things down. My old waypoint files aren't nearly so large.

SP c330 Transparent color

I tried 255,0,255 to no avail.

Does anyone have the specifications for POI icons for the c330?


Transferring files

Another novice! I just got a nuvi 350 and loaded some POI files to an SD card from this site with no problem. Now when I turn on the unit it asks me if I want to transfer the files from the SD card to internal memory. I have said "NO" mainly because I don't know if I can delete the data later if I choose. Is there an advantage to transferring the files and if I do how can I delete them later?
This is truly an amazing device with great sensitivity even indoors acquiring generally 9 of 12 satelites.

Catorgorizing Custom POI's Like the Preloaded POIs

I can save POIs to my Garmin c550. They show up under my "Extras" button. No problem. The issue I have is that I would like to group them into different catagories --"Malls" "Restaurants" "Attractions" and etc., similar to the way the preloaded POIs are presented. Can this be done?

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How do I create a red-light camera POI for all to use?

How do I create a red-light camera POI for all to use?

OutdoorGuy27 Nuvi 660, Nuvi 360, Legend Cx, StreetPilot III & eMap

Cannot load POI file

I tried to load the Flying J POI file using POI loader 2.3.2 and 2.4. after downloading and opening the file for Flying J. No matter what file I "browse" to (including the actual file) the POI loader tells me there is no data in that directory.

What am I doing wrong??????

Using GPS eXchange (.gpx) file format

Have found several sites that offer free downloads of waypoint maps in the GPS eXchange (.gpx) file format. Can these be converted to a usable Garmin POI file?

iGO Poi DB format used by Mio C310x


I did not find a mention of the database format for the iGO program (now used by the MIO C310x that sold so many units in the past few weeks).

Is there a way to import these POI files, and to export to that format?

Presumably the .csv format is being used as the "standard" exchange format here?

I will read more, Thanks.

Cheers, Gary

4th line Format

Hi I was wanting to update one of my poi's by adding a 4th line that will contain the Address, City, State and Zip.
I'm not sure if it should drop to a second line or not.
Is this the correct format?

"516 North College Street; Charlotte, NC 28202"



You just saved me a LOT of work trying to find Lat/Long, one at a time.
This site was great, and worked on almost ALL of my sites. (I'll have to manually find about 15 sites).

This site was worth checking out.

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someone suggested the following to convert addresses:
ive not tryed it on a list of


How to create POI

I am new here I have nuvi 360 and want to add additional POI, any help? thanks

Street addresses

Do utilities exist to translate street addresses into poi/waypoint files?

? help on EXEL file ?


For my Fed Prison file, I was able to pull up a list of ALL federal Prisons, Address, Phone numbers, Prison type.
Just NO Lat/Lon

I was able to save it in Notepad, as a .txt file

I know I would still have to find all the Lat.Lon, But is their any easy way to use this .txt file to get a head start on the long list, (It would save me a lot of typing if I could).

If anyone has any ideas, Please share.


magellan Roadmate POI editor

How do you add new images for POIs using magellan POI editor? Is there a trick to this? Can you even add new POI icons that aren't part of te POI editor? I have the 2200T
Any help would be great

google earth

creation of POIs - Excel

Question - when you create a speed csv in excel it turns SPEED@50 into a weblink. Does this effect the operation of the POI. GPS is a Garmin340.


file xyz.csv is invalid!

I just don't know what else to do to make this work.
I have a list of places in my area that I wanted to turn into POIs and upload everything to my nuvi 660. I have the list in Microsoft Excel. I converted the addresses to coordinates so, now, I have a list with four columns: lat, long, name, desc. I have the list in csv format but, no matter what I do, when I use POI Loader, I always get the message that the csv file I am trying to load is invalid.

Understanding Creation of POI File

I think I finally understand how to create POI files.
I'll explain what I am doing, then correct me if I'm wrong.
1. In Notepad I put in the simple 3 column files.
2. Save it as a .CSV file.

It shows up in my documents as a saved Excel file. I open that in Excel, and it looks like it should.

Now. If I am correct, how do I upload these files (and who to), that I create of places in my area?

Garmin 660

Creating POI Images

I found a great source for POI images.
If you have Google Earth go into the
install folder located at
" C:\Program Files\Google Earth "
and find the file labeled " res "
Within that file you will find several
other files labeled pal2, pal3, pal4, pal5.
Each one of these folders contains images
that you can use for poi symbols. just copy or
drag & drop the image into your poi folder.
Remember Your Image must be named the same

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