Garmin POI line breaks


I've been through the help docs and nothing seems to work for getting multi-line poi comments for my nuvi 360.

I'm using notepad to create the csv files. Here is a sample entry:

-76.616122,39.409972,ATowson,"700 A Drive
A, MD 21204
-76.616122,39.409972,BTowson,"700 B Drive
B, MD 21204
-76.616122,39.409972,CTowson,"700 C Drive
C, MD 21204

Are multilines no longer supported?



The format looks pretty good. What shows on the GPS when you load it?

Also -- Which versions of POI Loader and nuvi 360 software are you using?


Loaded, the data is just

Loaded, the data is just wrapping when it hits the edge of the screen.

Versions are:
Nuvi is running ver 3.4
POILoader 2.3.2

Updated to 2.4 beta of POI

Updated to 2.4 beta of POI Loader, still no luck with the line-breaks. Frustrating since it is in the POI Loader manual. Heh!

Could someone point me to

Could someone point me to one of the POI files that has working line breaks for Garmins. The problem is probably on my end so I would like to compare a working file with my non-working one.


check for

You may have already done this...but

Have you checked for any extraneous spaces at the end of the lines? Make sure you have hard carriage returns where you want them. Check all the " and ,
I noticed you didn't have any " around the name, which is fine, depending on what/how you want your output to look like on the screen, and how your poi's are organized.

If you're using notepad to write/view/edit your data lines, increase the font size to look for missing / additional " and ,
Make sure you re-save as a .csv

I've had some weird stuff happen, and it seemed to be from extraneous spaces, perhaps via copy/paste actions, I'm not sure. But eventually I found something extra or something missing. I'm still learning this stuff too, and know it can be a bit frustrating.

If you find the cause, let us know what the problem was.
I'm sure we would all benefit.

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file with line breaks

The Federal Prisons file has line breaks that show on my Garmin i2.

It's located at:


Add a Space

Add a space after the name comma. Your entry will look like this:

-76.616122,39.409972,ATowson, "700 A Drive
A, MD 21204
-76.616122,39.409972,BTowson, "700 B Drive
B, MD 21204
-76.616122,39.409972,CTowson, "700 C Drive
C, MD 21204


NotePad works well But

Note pad works well but I find excel to be easier to
make poi's with. When you save it as an .csv it adds
all the commas for you. When adding address, city, state, Zip and maybe a Phone number on the 4th column, You just hold down Alt and hit enter. This will break the line perfectly and make a nice clean view.


1221 The Plaza
Charlotte, NC 28205

If you do not have Excel, you can download OpenOffice
and it will do the same thing. The Spread Sheet program
for OpenOffice is called Calc. It looks and works just like Excel. Only difference is Excel wasn't free.