Creating POI files


making POI files

How is it that you all can make so many POIs so quickly. Is there a program I could use for my area (Eastern PA)? I'd love to help out but I have no way of going to a place, marking and saving the co-ordinates and transfering them for use...

Any suggestions are welcomed!

Regards, Ted

"You can't get there from here"

images for uploaded files

I just finished some enhancements that allow me to attach images to uploaded POI files. Right now, the feature requires administrator access, so you're not yet able to add images by yourself.

If you have an image you'd like me to add to one of your POI pages, just send me a note via the contact form.

I'll also look for some public domain images I can add to files that don't yet have a picture.

downloading to sd card or gps drive.

after downloading poi to files on ones computer-- the next step is to load it into the gps unit or a sd card in the unit. my question is:: do i buy a card and keep the info on it and insert the card when i want to use the infor or do i load it to the hard drive on the gps unit? i have concerns about capacity of the nuvi 660 and just how much i can loat it up with.


Creating new POI file

I'm new to the GPS game, feeling good that I managed to locate the Garmin loader and upload free poi's from this site. The most annoying part of my current Garmin-provided software is trying to locate places I know exist, but aren't on the current supplied maps. Waiting 6 mos for a new map upgrade doesn't excite me either.

Question: I've seen a few threads on a "dummyproof" way to create your own local poi files. I have a Magellan roadmate that gives you actual coordinates for any place you go. Is there a way to create files with those coordinates, for a relative dummy dude like me?

format translations...

I need some help...

And I apoligize if this has already been covered elsewhere...

I want to create a poi file for Nashville and send it to you.

I go to Google earth and get the grid points for the location, but it looks like this: N, W
Is this in lat/ lon or lon/lat format?
Do I need a converter or something???

What you have in your files look like this:

Thx, Dan'l Garmin 2689LMT with BC-30 Backup camera system, GPS Map 62s

speed poi

pratical problem when it comes to speed poi.

if u on a trip and u know there is a speed trap, do u put in a number of speed pois or how do u extend the speed alert over and longer distance, ie a mile or more.

POI file from an Excel spreadsheet

I have an Excel spreadsheet with a list 215 complete address' and phone numbers of the Post Offices in this region. I want to create a POI to add these to the c330

When I downloaded a POI file from a website, it created a file with an extension of .gpi, but all the instructions say to create a .csv file, which doesn't seem to be recognized by POI loader.

Any suggestions?


understanding poi

over the weekend i learned to make my own poi's. id like to thank everyone who helped me. i did not know the difference between a speed poi, a redlight poi,and places poi. now i do and it helps in understanding my gps which is a c530. the article by sam penrod was a big help. take a look :ttp://

how to make a poi

on fri JM made be a simple poi file to test the loading of poi on my c530 and memory card. I like to know how to do that. is there a "how to" file or site?

New help links

I've added a few more links to the faq / help page. It now includes links to useful software and details on the Garmin CSV file format.


excel docs as pois?

Hey all-

I'm trying to figure out if you can save addresses/points of interest in an excel document and then load that document onto my nuvi. I have quite a few addresses I need for work so I am trying to figure out if this is possible. I can save the document as a CSV file but for some reason when I try to load it, the loader does not recognize it. Anyone have any ideas?

Just bought GPS in Australia

Hi Love the site
I am new to GPS. 67 yrs old, retired geographer with the travel bug. Bought Garmin Map60Cx, could not justify the $A100 for a compass and altimeter.In 2007 I will be visiting New Zealand and later Canadian west coast and Alaskan Inner passage. Hopefully the basemap in the 60 Cx will allow me to follow my adventures overseas.
My main aim is to synchonise digital photos with tracks so that I can locate them. Any advice on the best way to achieve this would be appreciated.

itry The forgetful one

Creating a POI Data base

I am just starting this POI Stuff.

We are planning a trip to Germany over the Christmas holidays.

I have Garmins City Navigator which is loaded with POI's.

But this is what I would like to do.

As we are reading about all of the cool places we might want to see, I would like to create a custom database of POIs for each of them. I would like to load them using Garmin's POI loader in the custom POI's and have them show up as special icons or maybe even with an alarm.


Now that I am starting to understand the nuances of POI files, and realized that I can construct my own, it makes entering a lot of data (a lot of stops) much easier and posting them to the Garmin Street Pilot i5.

It is NOT necessary to enter a number of addresses, such as I want to do every week for garage sales, using the thumb wheel and going through the same State, and Town for each entry.

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