correct output


Has anyone run into the problem with not getting the correct visual output as expected?
I've been playing and ran into something I can't figure out.
Everything looks fine, until I get to the page with the "GO" button. On some of those entries the name field is showing up twice in the larger sized font. The description field shows up below the name and in the smaller font like it is supposed too.
I compare the csv file looking in notepad and excel and comparing to the actual page on the gps unit. I can't figure out why I'm getting double names.
One of the following lines displays the name field twice can anyone tell me which one and why? Cuz I don't see it.

-74.01436,40.701214,Battery Park,Battery Park NYC
-73.996254,40.705686,Brooklyn Bridge,Brooklyn Bridge NYC
-74.011125,40.710318,Ground Zero,"Ground Zero
New York City"

Any help with this before I go more bald, would be greatly appreciated.

........Garmin StreetPilot c550 / Nüvi 765...........

I have had the same thing happen

On one of my files, the same thing happens with the first entry only. All of the others are correct. Up until now, I have just accepted it. Now inquisitive minds want to know.

Garmin StreetPilot c530, Mapsource

At least I'm not alone

Out of a list of 20, line 8, 10, 11 and 17 are the offenders. Not a big deal at this point, I'm playing around to learn. However, I would like it to look as professional as possible when It's all said and done.
I hope we find a solution, or the cause.
Doesn't seem to matter if the file was created in notepad or in excel, I've had it happen with both.

........Garmin StreetPilot c550 / Nüvi 765...........

here's another

Now I have one that the description field shows up under the name in large font, then again in the smaller font. For example:

Brooklyn Bridge -- (in large font)
Brooklyn NY ---- (in large font)

Brooklyn NY ---- (small font)

The expected output would be:

Brooklyn Bridge-- (large font)

Brooklyn NY ---- (small font)

I suppose I could erase the offending lines and retype to see if that makes any sort of difference.

........Garmin StreetPilot c550 / Nüvi 765...........