Creating POI files


Hacking The .gpi File...

Does anyone know of any programs or websites where there's anyone working on hacking the .gpi file that garmin uses as their POI database? If this was able to be converted back to a .csv file it could be edited and updated in POIEditor or Excel, am I correct?

National Parks

Roger660's new campgrounds file for the Great Smoky Mountains National Park inspired me to creat a new section for national park files.

I'd eventually like to assemble a collection of files -- one for each park -- that include campgrounds and other interesting features.

If you're interested in creating a National Park POI file, just send me a note via the contact form and I'll set you up with the POI Database tool. It lets you build the file by entering coordinates into a web page.

Question regarding downloading aditional custom POI's to Nuvi660 in addition to the factory preloaded ones.

I've read where you need to download all POI's at once to the Nuvi by placing them all in one folder. Do you need to copy the original POI that comes with the nuvi to this folder too and include that in the download? If I don't copy it there first & include with the custom POI's will the original factory loaded POI's get erased?

Tou Yurkovic Nuvi 660

uploading pois

how do I create and upload pois to this site?

new area - "projects"

I've added a new category to hold data files that are not yet geocoded or that need to be reformatted to work with GPS.

If files are uploaded that have good data but are not fully formatted for GPS, they should be placed in this category with a note that describes what needs to be done.

Others who are interested in assisting, can post messages in the discussion area to coordinate activity for the file.

Merging Custom POIs With Main POI Database

I'm not looking to just make POIs for an upcoming trip, I'm trying to fill some of the gaping holes in my Garmin 660's main POI database. How do I make custom POIs fall into a desired category in my main "food, lodging, etc" database and not have it go into the "extras" folder where in my mind it's useless. I don't want half of my "Gamestop" locations in the main folder and the rest in the "Extras" folder. There must be a way to edit the main .gpi file.

Garmin 660 Bluetooth phone connection for Phone Numbers on custom POI files

Does anyone know if there is a way to code phone numbers added to the fourth field on custom POI's so they work with the Bluetooth phone connection like the phone numbers that are loaded with the regular POI's on the Garmin?

EXCEL error line 883

When people up-load my Paintball file, and use POI Loader to install it. They ALL get a Error message that says something like
Error line 773

They hit OK
and the file loads properly, and works.


Anything I can do to get rid of that error message??


Creating POI's

NickJr Nuvi 3597LMT

Device not ready

This is my first post for your forum. I have a nuvi 660 and can't get anything to load through the poi loader. Not even something as little as bridges. I have searched FAQS everywhere and am very confused is I have a defective unit. I can load MP3 to the card so the card is O.K. Any suggestions? Thank you!

Creating Excel Uploads for Garmin

Is there an easy way to enter the carrage return on Column 4 information so the address wraps around correctly? I am using a Nuvi660 and have a lot of lines that I am trying to format correctly. I would perfer not doing this by hand. I know of the "Alt Enter" trick and think that there should be some way to program it!! -Thx Paul

Creating Dialable Phone Numbers

I'm creating business POI's for my Garmin C550 and have just about everything figured out but one detail.

Does anyone know if there is a special format or procedure to use to make the phone numbers in the POI list dialable (my own word) directly from the listing? The installed POI's have that function and it would be very useful to me to just be able to push the DIAL button on the GPS itself.

Gordon - Jacksonville, FL - Garmin Steetmap C550

zip.csv files

there are two new poi's posted what do i do the afle called



If I sort my EXCEL file, What is the best way to sort it
Lat ?
Long ?

I kind of want to get them sorted by distance, but not quit sure how Lat/Long work?



Saving POI files

After uploading POI data to my nuvi 350 I get a message asking if I want to transfer the files from the SD card to internal memory. Is there an advantage or disadvantage to doing this?

Creating Garmin c330 POI from Magellan GPS

I have Magellan Color waypoints saved as a .wpt file in MapSend Topo. Also have the same file as an Excel type. What is the best way to get to a format to upload into the c330?

Creating Garmin c330 POI from Magellan GPS

I have Magellen waypoints saved as a .wpt file in MapSend Topo. Also have the same file as an Excel type. What is the best way to get to a format to upload into the c330?

Maximum POI size for Magellan RoadMate 3050T

I am working on custom POI files to Magellan files using the Magellan software to import the *.txt files I made up using GPSBABEL to extract the inmformation I want from freely downloaded .gpx files. I have my shortname set to 24 characters and it appears the descripton is bigger, not sure how to set that parameter in my (GPSBABEL) style file.

The Magellan program accepts the smaller files but when I do one with 900 points the program can't handle it, my guess is it's the overall file size, but may be a problem with my wine (run windows programs on linux) setup. I don't have windows to test it, so if anyone knows the maximum file size size it would be helpful.

new gps er

how do i creat poi files. i have a loader already installed on computer. i want to creat certain poi but what is neccessary to do this. also i have a 2720 garmin with internal memory does any one know if i can erase a pio or overwite on it? thank dan c

Google Earth - More data to CSV

How do you get the address/city/st/zip/phone info from Google Earth? If you click locations, it gives you the information, but when you save-as, it removes all but the lat/long/name?


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