Creating POI files



You just saved me a LOT of work trying to find Lat/Long, one at a time.
This site was great, and worked on almost ALL of my sites. (I'll have to manually find about 15 sites).

This site was worth checking out.

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someone suggested the following to convert addresses:
ive not tryed it on a list of


How to create POI

I am new here I have nuvi 360 and want to add additional POI, any help? thanks

Street addresses

Do utilities exist to translate street addresses into poi/waypoint files?

? help on EXEL file ?


For my Fed Prison file, I was able to pull up a list of ALL federal Prisons, Address, Phone numbers, Prison type.
Just NO Lat/Lon

I was able to save it in Notepad, as a .txt file

I know I would still have to find all the Lat.Lon, But is their any easy way to use this .txt file to get a head start on the long list, (It would save me a lot of typing if I could).

If anyone has any ideas, Please share.


magellan Roadmate POI editor

How do you add new images for POIs using magellan POI editor? Is there a trick to this? Can you even add new POI icons that aren't part of te POI editor? I have the 2200T
Any help would be great

google earth

creation of POIs - Excel

Question - when you create a speed csv in excel it turns SPEED@50 into a weblink. Does this effect the operation of the POI. GPS is a Garmin340.


file xyz.csv is invalid!

I just don't know what else to do to make this work.
I have a list of places in my area that I wanted to turn into POIs and upload everything to my nuvi 660. I have the list in Microsoft Excel. I converted the addresses to coordinates so, now, I have a list with four columns: lat, long, name, desc. I have the list in csv format but, no matter what I do, when I use POI Loader, I always get the message that the csv file I am trying to load is invalid.

Understanding Creation of POI File

I think I finally understand how to create POI files.
I'll explain what I am doing, then correct me if I'm wrong.
1. In Notepad I put in the simple 3 column files.
2. Save it as a .CSV file.

It shows up in my documents as a saved Excel file. I open that in Excel, and it looks like it should.

Now. If I am correct, how do I upload these files (and who to), that I create of places in my area?

Garmin 660

Creating POI Images

I found a great source for POI images.
If you have Google Earth go into the
install folder located at
" C:\Program Files\Google Earth "
and find the file labeled " res "
Within that file you will find several
other files labeled pal2, pal3, pal4, pal5.
Each one of these folders contains images
that you can use for poi symbols. just copy or
drag & drop the image into your poi folder.
Remember Your Image must be named the same


Audiovox POIs ??

Hi all -

My wife has an Audiovox NVX226 3.5" gps... surprisingly, despite its mediocre rap in the blogs, it is pretty nifty for a low price - and has more features than my Garmin c530! And while dimmer, the amazingly detailed map is awesome. Competes with the 530 for 200 less... and you can see lat/long!

But the documentation really stinks - and while it has a mini usb port, and a "my POI" category in its firmware, and references to creating them in the fliers - it's very unclear as to how to do it...

Paul, in Flagstaff AZ; Garmin Nuvi 255W, Kenwood (Garmin) 512, Garmin c550/traffic, c330, i3, V, III-Pilot, III+, many military models various mfgrs

move the locations to "my favorites" not found in GE + ??

Hi all-

I may be having a brain spaz - but I cannot seem to locate a place in Google Earth Plus, to move the locations to "my favorites" as per the faq...

I am running Google Earth Plus 4.0.2...

Derwood MD

Paul, in Flagstaff AZ; Garmin Nuvi 255W, Kenwood (Garmin) 512, Garmin c550/traffic, c330, i3, V, III-Pilot, III+, many military models various mfgrs

Excel rounding off poi's

I'm using Excel to Create my poi's and I have noticed that
some of my cells round off the Long / Lat. It's only a few of them that are doing it. I correct them then save to .csv again but when I open the file back up it's like I didn't make the changes. Any idea what's going on here? Why are they trying to round off.

ex. -80.84164

Should be -80.841640


Creating POI from Google Earth

Hi, I'm new to creating POI's and thought that
I could use Google Earth to get Latitude and
longitude coordinates for the making of this
file. I plan to write down the coordinates
I find then Make a detailed .csv file in excel.
You'll have to forgive me but I'm not sure what
these numbers mean and how to put them in. Which
one is Latitude and which one is longitude.
I noticed there were no negative numbers either.


accessing POI files already in a GPS

I have a nuvi 350. I was trying to find some of the POI's, to get lat/long data, so that I could share them with someone. I couldn't figure anything out. What's the secret for getting in to the system, and not ruining it in the process? Thanks.


Nuvi 350, GPS Map 76CX

POI's into Google Earth

Hey all, I currently take my POI's and waypoints and drop them into GoogleEarth when I'm setting them up on my GPS unit, so that I can get a "visual" queue on the locations. Sort of a virtual tour of POI's. If any one is interested you can send me your POI's and I can try and do the same for you. I'm playing around with it a bit, gives me an opportunity to shorten my POI list by removing those

. . If I only had a brain....................................... ..................................................... GPS Units in Use: Mio C310x (primary) and Garmin eTrex Legend for GeoCaching.

POI file format?

Is there a document or site where there is a detailed description of the POI file fields and their uses and limitations - particularly regarding the various Garmin units?

I want to be able to use my GPS units for Geocaching on an upcomming trip. I have (or will have) two units during the trip. In the car I have a C530 and I also have a Legend CX for field use.

I can get a file of cache locations from and easily convert the locations to POIs. But I want to convert them to POIs with maximum usability. I want the POIs in the C530 unit to present (without any alarm) on the unit display as I drive within a specific proximity of them. They should present with just the simple six character identifier. I want to be able to then display details about any selected cache such as the description etc. This could be multi-line info. The same POI file on the Legend CX may have the same, or similar, data but present differently.

gotta run

making POI files

How is it that you all can make so many POIs so quickly. Is there a program I could use for my area (Eastern PA)? I'd love to help out but I have no way of going to a place, marking and saving the co-ordinates and transfering them for use...

Any suggestions are welcomed!

Regards, Ted

"You can't get there from here"

images for uploaded files

I just finished some enhancements that allow me to attach images to uploaded POI files. Right now, the feature requires administrator access, so you're not yet able to add images by yourself.

If you have an image you'd like me to add to one of your POI pages, just send me a note via the contact form.

I'll also look for some public domain images I can add to files that don't yet have a picture.

downloading to sd card or gps drive.

after downloading poi to files on ones computer-- the next step is to load it into the gps unit or a sd card in the unit. my question is:: do i buy a card and keep the info on it and insert the card when i want to use the infor or do i load it to the hard drive on the gps unit? i have concerns about capacity of the nuvi 660 and just how much i can loat it up with.


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