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I am new as of today to this forum. I have a lot to learn. First question: If you download a POI to your GPS, is it just one POI or is it several or hundreds of POI in one? How can you tell if multi POI's are in one downlaod? Again, sorry if I ask stupid questions. I am just new to the create your own POI thing. Thanks for your patience.


Downloading POI's

You can upload multiple POI's at one time. They are controlled by a folder system you setup on your PC prior to using POI Loader. Each time you load from the folders, they replace the previously uploaded POI's. More complete information is listed in the FAQ's:

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Great information.

Great information. Thanks
One other question: After you download the POI's to your GPS, where do they show up? Are they in a new category for you to search or what? I know this is probably a dumb question. Thanks again for the help.


Where POIs appear

They Appear as "Custom POIs" in "Your Locations" that is on a 360.----
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Same with the Nuvi660 NickJr

Same with the Nuvi660

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custom poi locations

After your custom poi's are loaded to your gps unit, (either directly or memory card), on your zumo 550 (pg 52 of manual)- select "where to" --> "extras" --> "custom POI's"

maybe someone more familiar with the 2610 can tell you where to find them on that one.

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I'm new to downloading POI

I'm new to downloading POI too. Is the procedure same for all GPS devices? I have the Garmin iQue M5. Thanks.

Same with the Street Pilot c550

Same with the Street Pilot c550


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