How to get addresses in after using Google Earth?


I've tried to compile a list of the "GameStop" locations around northern California and I've got the list saved as .kml from Google Earth. First of all, how do I copy the adresses in, and second, is there a way to do this in a "bulk" sort of way without having to go to every single location and manually type in the address.

What is the best way to type in addresses, using Excel, POI Edit, or what? Also, could someone walk me through how to create categories in my custom poi database?

Convert with XSL

Try using the instructions here,

Use MS-Excel and MS-Word

Here's how I get addresses into my POIs.

1. Open the Google Earth .kml file with MS-Excel. Excel will default to opening it as a .xml file.

2. Delete all the columns except the following:


3. Decide if you only want the address or address and telephone number. If address only, then delete the ns1:Snippet column. If address and telephone number then delete the ns1:address column.

4. Click on cell A1.

5. Click on DATA; SORT; Sort the list by the ns1:key column. This is done because there are two lines for each entry.

6. Select and delete all of the rows with ns1:key 'highlight'.

7. Delete the ns1:key column.

8. Use SAVE AS and save the POI as a .csv file.

9. Close MS-Excel. Ignor the request to save the file again.

10. Open the .csv file with MS-Word.

11. Delete the very first line which will contain the names of the columns.

12. Click on EDIT, REPLACE, make the following entries:

Find What: (Less Than Sign)br/(Greater Than Sign)
Replace With: ,(space)
Click on Replace All

13. Continueing with Replace, make the following entries:

Find What: ","-
Replace With: ",-
Click on Replace All

14. Continueing with Replace, make the following entries:

Find What: ,0"
Replace With: (space)
Click on Replace All

15. Close the Replace window.

16. Click on FILE, SAVE AS. The save window will prename your POI with a .txt extension and Save as File Type: Plain Text. Replace the .txt extension with .csv (Leave the file type as Plain Text.)

17. Click on Save.

18. When the file conversion window opens, click on ALLOW CHARACTER SUBSTITUTION. (This is VERY important.)

19. Click on OK.

20. Close MS-Word.

21. Open the just saved .csv file with MS-Excel.

22. Select columns C and D.

23. Right click on one of the highlighted columns

24. Click on CUT.

25. Right click on the top of column A.

26. Click on INSERT CUT CELLS.

27. Use SAVE AS to save the POI as a .csv file. Now is a good time to give it it's final name.

28. You're all done. Load the POI with POI LOADER.

I know this is a lot of work, but I find it went pretty quick once I got the hang of it. Besides, it's better than typing in several hundred addresses by hand.

You can now load the POI into POI Edit. However, POI edit will remove the name of the business/location. You'll only see the address data, longitude and latitude. If you resave the POI with POI Edit, it will save the same way. Someone in another feed desired this type of POI. No name, just the address data.

I hope this helps.