Creating POI files


POIs on StreetPilot III

Is there anyway of downloading POI's to a Garmin StreetPilot III?????????????

Getting the phone number to work?

I am new to this effort but I am working to create a POI of mill and staff locations for my company. using Excel, I use the Presidential Library file as a seed to attempt to get the formatting correct how ever it hasn’t worked very well. Finally I managed to bend the format to work in my GPS and am busy updating it now.

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Back to Starbucks

Greetings all,

We are totally new to this stuff, but thought it might help us (and now others) if we track and mark sites we find mainly in, but not restricted to Texas.

I am still to download and add my first file, as connecting my Garmin to the confuser is a scarey thing for me. I have deleted and destroyed so many things unintentionally. However that should be resolved today. Im hoping I find a way to log and then rate or discribe each POI ("haunted sites") as we visit them.

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POI Question

Is there a way i can add new POI's or basically update already current folders in my Garmin 350. Say that i found a gas station thats not in the fuel portion of my garmin, is there a way i can add it to that folder? If i ad it to my POI's then i would have to remember that to look there all the time and it would be so much easier and quicker if it was in the Fuel Folder.

Any help?


Wish List

How about we start a discussion on wish lists of POI's to be created? I know there are many out there that have GREAT ideas, but little time or know how to create. If we team up, we all benifit. Your thoughts?


Is there a way to create multiple lines in POIEdit or is it only capable of doing 1?

.csv files, proximity alerts, and POI Loader (beta)

I have just finished creating several files for Radio Stations (will be posted shortly) and found a situation I cannot understand. I have several files (in folders) including one one for Radio Stations, a second for Texas (state parks, farmers mkts (all loaded from here), and another for Locations. Using the Beta POI Loader in manual mode, most of the folders and files do not have either proximity or speed checked. However, these new Radio Station files enter with proximity checked. (I am currently turning it off). What is different that would cause the proximity to be checked? I like it, I just want to know how to do it again.

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correct output

Has anyone run into the problem with not getting the correct visual output as expected?
I've been playing and ran into something I can't figure out.
Everything looks fine, until I get to the page with the "GO" button. On some of those entries the name field is showing up twice in the larger sized font. The description field shows up below the name and in the smaller font like it is supposed too.

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POI Files

Can I edit a POI file that has been downloaded from this site? I would like to add other red light camera data and school speed zones. Thanks.
Frank H.

Updating Google Earth

Is there any advantage to updating Google Earth from the free version? I want to use Google Earth to find locations for making POI files. From what I can tell the paid version is only useful for finding POI and loading them to find locations on your GPS. I want to find them and create a POI file to use on my GPS.


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Uploading problems

I have created a POI file and it shows as CSV but when I try to upload the file the website tells me that I am uploading a txt file. I have check the file attributes and check the extension in DOS and the extension is csv. Anyone know what else I can try to get the file to upload properly?

Downloading POI to GPS

I am new as of today to this forum. I have a lot to learn. First question: If you download a POI to your GPS, is it just one POI or is it several or hundreds of POI in one? How can you tell if multi POI's are in one downlaod? Again, sorry if I ask stupid questions. I am just new to the create your own POI thing. Thanks for your patience.


Creating a POI File

I am trying to experiment with creating a POI file. It seems I can't create a .CSV file in Notepad or Microsoft Excel.

How do you do a save as and make the file extension .CSV.

Does the POI loader automaticallly do this when you load the file into your GPS. What file extension do you use to make the file? ----------------Earl Leeson

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What is the easiest way to wrap text in csv file?

Hello all,

What is the easiest way of wraping text in CSV format file. I tried to do it in Excel but when I try to save the file, it gives warning that this file is not in proper csv format anymore. In Excel, I used Cell Format and then used Text wrap.

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Upload help

Hi, I'm having a problem uploading a file here. I used google earth to find the locations and saved as a kml file. Than used poiedit to load it. I than hit save as garmin csv. Everything looks ok. I go here and try to upload and I get this error.

POI File must have a .csv extension. Your file ends with .txt

The file name does end in .csv but for some reason it wont let me upload. Any

Travel Centers and weigh stations POI's lack interstate, exit#, and mile marker in the name. This mean you have to guess ...

Travel Centers and weigh stations POI's lack useful and important interstate, exit#, and mile marker information in the (name) not the description. This mean you have to do a lot of guessing and clicking on irrevolent POI's because someone is making them all with the same name. Example: In the POI called "Pilot Locations" they all say "pilot Locations". You have to click on them one by one to see if you can find all the pilots on your route. A much more useful name would be...Pilot AL I-65 exit 163 or Pilot TX US-70 MM 148. The weigh Stations should be named WS AL I-20 MM 213. That way you know which one to click on without having to use the process of elimination.

Database Converstion - Dark Skies....

Hi -

I wonder how it might be easiest to make this into a Garmin-capable CSV dataset? Will Garmins ignore extra 'staff' in databases such as here:



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Distant Differences

I have a question that has been bothering me since I became a GPS and POI up loader. When I look at the POI's I created and uploaded here and compare the distance that the Garmin 660 says and then when I go to map quest and sometimes it major distance like 50-60 miles, even though I double and triple check that I have the right decimal coordinates.... How can this be? Any answers would be appreciated.

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Red Light Cameras

Can somebody give me some instructions on how to download red light cameras from this site to my computer, then into my Garmin C530. I am stupid when it comes to doing this. Directions in can print out and use would be so, so helpful.

How to get addresses in after using Google Earth?

I've tried to compile a list of the "GameStop" locations around northern California and I've got the list saved as .kml from Google Earth. First of all, how do I copy the adresses in, and second, is there a way to do this in a "bulk" sort of way without having to go to every single location and manually type in the address.

What is the best way to type in addresses, using Excel, POI Edit, or what?

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