Creating POI files


maintaining existing POI files

A little confused on how to properly maintain POI files I submitted. I’ve read a post from Miss POI that to update a particular POI file that I’m the maintainer for, I should download the existing file, make the changes and upload the changed file.

Are we there yet?

Any Harm In Sorting Csv Files In Excel?

Just downlaoded the newest USA Redlight Cameras (11/23/11). Just for curiousty I opened the file in Microsoft Excel to view the contents. I noticed it really wasn't organized by state.

I then sorted the file by selecting "sort by column A".
It sorted it and pretty much everyting appeared by state.
It was so much easier now to distinguish recorded cameras for my area.

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Lost Ability To View Maps in Extra POI Editor

For some reason I have lost the ability to view POI locations in EPE when using the tab "View All POIs On Map". I have never had a problem with this before but now it is not working. I do get the Google US/Canada map but the points do not appear on the map regardless of file size number of points.

What coordinates to use for unmapped buildings?

For buildings that don't show up on Google Earth (or whatever map) because they're too new and require a personal visit, is there a suggested place to record the coordinates from? Should I use the front door or is just somewhere in the parking lot ok?

Extra_POI_Editor Question

Is there an easy way within Extra_POI_Editor to chose only the states you will be traveling in when edition a POI file? I have a very large POI file that covers the eastern part of the US and would like to limit it to only those states that I will be traveling in. No need to include those states that I will not be in and it will also reduce file size and memory usage.

Custom POI icons and sounds

I followed the posted instructions for adding custom icons and sounds to the red-light camera POI file, and it didn't work. I selected the bmp and the mp3 files from the ones posted here. I have Garmin 3790t.
Can anybody please help?
Thank you


Extra_POI_Editor (using with Rand McNally)

I have downloaded the Extra_POI_Editor and also the Shotgun sports zone 3. Loaded the shotguns sports z3 into the editor and saved as 4 column csv. Man; that was easy and fast. Great job !

records read 545, records failed 393
Checked with excel,Nothing in column 4
Opened with notepad and found all those pesky squares.
Using a Rand McNally RVND7710.
Any ideas as to why?

Gerry J

csv program newbe

I am trying to creat a csv file with no programming experience. Here is the problem-

What shows in the RVND7710, I want the Name on the first line and city, phone# and infor on the second line.

The first sample works. The next two don't work.
Why the differance.

-83.5331 45.0622 Alpena Clay Busters, Inc. ,"Alpena,(989) 354-2582 (skeet-trap-sporting clays)"
gps shows=

Gerry J

display poi address

I have imported some custom poi files such as cracker barrel poi. I would like the address of the poi to display on my garmin just like poi I import from Google maps. I can see the address in excel; however its not in my Garmin. How can I get the address to display on my garmin?

Creating POI's

I am new to the creation of POI's. I have read the forums, and downloaded google earth. I just keep getting lost on the POI's. I want to pull all wal-marts from the world, and do gas stations in the US. But I keep only able to pull 10 at a time. Does anyone have a great guidance video or something along those lines?


Adopt an orphan

This idea has bee talked about in other threads but very little has ever come about, there are many files in need of updating and the original maintainers have either lost interest in them, doesn’t have the time or no longer participates in the forum, so how about JM should an adoption program be started?

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google earth ... transfer coordinates to POI


Problems Converting from Google Earth KML to OV2, keeping all info

I'm trying to create my own POI list of military exchange and commissary locations to load into my VW RNS-510 headunit. The 510 can import OV2 files through it another program called POInspector.

Nuvi 2350LMT - Only supports ".wav" sound files for POI

My first post. Please bear with me.

Ace Hardware part of Do It Best?

I was wondering if anyone knows if Ace Hardware and Do It Best is the same company. I have been going through a POI I downloaded to fill in some missing info and quite a few of them don't show up on the Ace Hardware website, but when I look up the address on the net, it shows up as a Do It Best store.
Thank you for any help.

Anyone having luck converting .csv files to .gpx files?

Hi, I am just getting into downloading and creating POIs for my Garmin Nuvi 255W and downloaded a bunch of POIs from this site. When I went to convert them from csv to gpx using Garmin GPX Converter, most, if not all, came back with a runtime error 13. A gpx file was created but nothing showed up when I dragged it onto Google Earth.

memphis tn zoo

can someone add a poi for the zoo in Memphis tn, my tomtom does not find it

Catholic Churches Colorado

Does anyone have a file for Catholic Churches for the United States, or for Colorado?

Creating A Personal POI FIle

What is the best way to proceed? Should I just copy the information from past routes for locations that I have into an Excel spreadsheet and create a .CVS file for import or should I find a GPX editor and use that method? Is a GPX file any better than a CVS?

Wafflehouse POIs

I downloaded the Waffle House POIs and am finding them to be off by several minutes. I have already correct three of them in the Northern Ohio area. I think whoever submitted the file made an error in conversion of the Long/Lat. I went on a wild goose chase twice, so I went to the Waffle House website and looked them up and sure enough they were miles off from the file. Just a warning.

Carl W8KRF
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