new maps coming in June for some Magellan Models


This was just posted under the current 2008/2009 map update product on the Magellan website.

" This map update is the latest for the Maestros 3100, 3140, 4000, 4040, 4050, and 4220. In June 2009 a revised map update will be available for the Maestros 3200, 3210, 3220, 3225, 3250, 4200, 4210, 4250. If you have any of the units for the June release this update will work, but Magellan strongly suggests you wait until June and purchase the revised map update."

New Maps

Is the update worth the money? I have heard of other users getting updates and not seeing any difference!

No Update is Perfect

There is no perfect map. All of them have certain flaws, but the newest map has a few errors less than the older ones.. When I updated my GPS with the latest map version at that time (31 vs 29) I checked 6 roads in my area that weren't present at the old map and 2 of them were in, 4 were still missing. Now, different areas can bring different results. Is this all worth $79.99 or more? IMHO probably not, but there are always people wanting to have the latest version, of whatever it is.