Magellan Roadmate 1470 Firmware


I just tried to update the firmware on a Magellan Roadmate 1470 from 1.07 to 2.05rel3. I did the steps listed on the program. It asked me to unplug it and wait for it to reboot a couple of times. I saw it reboot twice, once to do something with uboot. The second time to update wince.img. Now on the third boot it hangs, there is a circle in lower portion of the screen and the hand hangs at the 10 o'clock position. I've tried restarted it several times but no luck on getting past that part. Also tried to reload the firmware but now the firmware won't recognize the GPS, nor will the computer see it as a USB device.

I tried contacting Magellan but just missed their tech support hours so I will have to wait until Monday. Is there any way I can restore this GPS back to the orginal settings or get it to boot up to the main screen? I have the USB cable and I have an SD card, I'm willing to try any way possible to get it back to a working state.

Bricked Unit

What you've got is called bricked unit. Based on what you wrote there may be some chances to unbrick the unit. I would suggest you to go gpspassion forums and read threads "how to unlock 1470" or "how to unbrick".