Magellan 1470 and 4700


Does the Magellan 1470 and the 4700 route better or worse from point A to B than the 4350 ? Are the maps on the 1470 and the 4700 2008/2009 or spring of 2009 maps ? Thank you

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Tough to answer......

Senorspeaker wrote:

Does the Magellan 1470 and the 4700 route better or worse from point A to B than the 4350 ? Are the maps on the 1470 and the 4700 2008/2009 or spring of 2009 maps ? Thank you

I doubt that anybody here has used all 3; 1470, 4700 and give you a really good answer. In general, I doubt that basic routing is much different (better or worse) with ANY brand or model of recent GPS.

As for the maps, it depends on exactly what unit you will get. You can find the version number and call Magellan......but from one year to the next the maps aren't all that different either (usually).

My advice is: Worrying about basic routing and map versions will detract you from checking out the other individual features that really should be your basis for the purchase.

Magellan Maestro 4250// MIO C310X


I have just acquired a 4700 and can't give you much in regard to your questions.

I will warn you that POIs are not update-able in the 4700 according to their support.

I have to care where I am to be lost.

I used/tested all

I used/tested all three.

1470 and 4700 went back to the shop because of their route engine.

Map updates for 4350 are widely availble on the Net, but you have to dig and, then, take some risk of modifiing OEM software.

Here is one of my brief comparisons. I actually was driving with both 4350 and 4700 attached to the windshield.

-4350 wakes up much faster every time.
- 4350’s route calculations and recalculation are faster. Sometimes the 4700 refused to recalculate the route again when I deviated from the deviation. The 4350 has always responded.
-in poor conditions, 4350 kept a strong signal when 4700 has already lost reception.
- 4700’s night time screen is too bright and cannot be adjusted;
-I had a lot of troubles moving map on the 4700 screen –probably because screen sensitivity cannot be calibrated as in 4350. This was so unbelievable that I performed the same move on the 4350 screen each time -no problem at all.
- When you use that famous screen, that shows 4 routes to your destination, route colors on the screen and in the menu do not much! In other words, after looking at the screen, you like a route colored in red, you want to select it taping on the bottom red menu button, you cannot do it – there is no red button! The 4350 does not have that trivial problem, which is why I know about this problem.

- when you need to take a [right] exit 900 m (0.5 mile) after an interchange, the 4700 does not tell you what to do on the interchange, assuming you are going to drive straight forward. Thus, at some point the 4700 tells you “drive 5.1 km and take exit at right’, which is wrong because before taking that exit you will have to decide which highway to take… to A. [take left?] or to B. [take right?]… If you do not know the area, you may take the first right and go to the wrong direction. The 4350 has a correct plan for you – starting from the same point as above it tells you: “drive 4.1 km and take left to highway A; after 970 m take exit at right”.
I tested the 4700 in some other similar situations and it failed too. By the way, Garmin 755T has not failed me. This is major problem for me. Actually, I have taken once a wrong direction in a similar situation based on Magellan RM 800 advice, and this is why I was looking for a better GPS now…

-I used a set of routes to check how various route options (“most use of highways”, “least use of highways”, etc) are implemented. Maestro 4350 passed all tests, i.e. it always found all (3 or 4) viable alternatives; the second best is Road Mate 1440/1470, the 4700 has the last place - below Road Mate 800.

MM4700 Investment ?

This may be too late (because you are fully invested in the 4700), and it is certainly NOT intended to be an attempt to proselytize you to Garmin or TT, but I just got a 4700 at what I think was an incredible price ($130), and actually sent it back. It appeared to be SO limited, poor graphics, etc.

So you have what you have, but if you are not too far down the road (no pun intended), I would just be careful how much time and effort you invest in this unit.

All that being said, I agree with the comment to the effect that the maps are the maps; if that's your unit and it has a certain map set, then accept that combo, and work to maximize the other features.

Good luck; drive safe.