Magellan Meridian Platinum


yes,,, I know it's a dinosaur,, but I like the weather feature while on the bike. Went to use it last week and the Weather feature was BLANK! Something about NO DATA. The rest of the device works fine. Looked on the factory web site and they no longer support this model any more.

Already tried to leave it run a few hours to gain data,,, and still no luck.

Anybody have any suggestions? I've found a few on Ebay used.

I have one too. Bought it

I have one too. Bought it at the time their color version came out, but didn't want to pay the high price for color.
I still have it and use it occasionally when hiking in Yellowstone. If I get off trail (lost) I can use the back track function.

As for your weather problem, I have the same.
I seem to remember that one of their updates added a new function but did away with the weather. I guess that was the only way they could get the new function to fit in.