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Google Maps mixup sends park-goers to private home

"Ceterum autem censeo, Carthaginem esse delendam" “When governments fear the people, there is liberty. When the people fear the government, there is tyranny.”

Best traffic device

I just took a trip from Chicago to New Jersey and back. I drove using a Tomtom 2535 LIVE and a Garmin 3790 LMT. Both Units had the latest maps and firmware.

I drove with both units to compare traffic, routes and arrival times. Well I have to tell you up front that I am impress with the TOMTOM HD traffic.

What Do You Do For Internet While Traveling?

My family and I just returned last night from a road trip to the Wisconsin Dells area. Every time we make a road trip of any significant distance, I think I learn a few more things about traveling. As sort of an experiment, last weekend I bought a Virgin Mobile MiFi prepaid mobile wifi router to see how well that worked for us on the road.

Travel Planning Resources

I am just wondering what resources people find to be the most helpful for avoiding construction during road trips. I have a Garmin GPS and a Garminfone with data, but I haven't used it on long road trips to know if it will route around construction.

GPS in South Korea

GPS helped me out on a whirlwind tour of South Korea last week.

I covered most of the country last week. Fortunately, I had a local guide from my work and we took trains or were driven most places, but the GPS helped me get back to the hotel more quickly when I explored on foot a couple of times.

traveling 2011

Traveling from fla to las vegas, april 2011 by harley.
Any route and stop suggestions welcome.

best tire in snow

what is the best snow tire

michael de luca

My Recent Trip

I just took a trip from Cleveland Texas with a stop over in the Texas panhandle town of Childress Texas,then on to Colorado Springs Colorado for my mothers 90th birthday (December 18th).Then coming back,we stopped along the way in a town called Electra, who celebrated their 100th birthday in 2007.Talk about small towns(Electra),we wanted to see what was in a closed antique store but it was closed


I travel up and down I-95 from Maryland to Philadelphia everyday and started to notice what looks like to me is a sign post that over hangs over the highway. But on the part that is above the road it looks like two sensors of some kind, I also seen some on poles that are straight up and these sensors (dont know what else to call them)are pointing torwards the road. Does anyone know what they are?

Cannonball Run - Vintage Bikes

We were down in the Laughlin area last month and took a side trip out to Oatman, then over the Sitgreaves Pass on Route 66. While we were going east up the pass, we saw 10 REALLY old motorcycles heading west down the pass.

the best and worst rest areas

Where are the best and worst rest areas in North America?

While traveling the Interstate Highways you have stopped in many rest areas, where in your opinion are the cleanest and traveler friendly and where the filthiest and less accessible.

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Good AZ winter campground

Hi fellow RVers. I'm looking for a good RV park probably in Arizona. Any recomendations? They all look the same on their web sites so it's son hard to tell. I'd sure like to avoid the concreate parking lot type of park, but that may be difficult.

If you have any thoughts, please share.


I drive, therefore I am happy. Rodeo, wildlife and nature photography

Couple Stranded By Nav System

From AOL. When Starry Rhoads and her husband John followed their navigation system’s directions to take a road through Oregon’s picture-perfect winter wilderness, they never once thought that their lives would be in danger. Marked as a through road by the aftermarket GPS device in their Toyota 4x4, it would eventually peter out to become little more than a rutted country pathway.

Just turned 80,000 Miles on RV

Yesterday, I turned over 80,000 miles on the RV. We are fulltimers and started travelling in earnest on 7/3/2007. We have been coast to coast several times and have driven up the Dempster Highway in the NorthWest Territories to Inuvik. We have been down the east coast of Mexaco and around the Yucatan Peninsula and into Belize, then back up through Mexaco City.

David Cross Rand McNally RV Tablet 80 Day after day as I try to remember, I find my forgetter working better and better.

Labor Day Trip

What's your plans for today? I'm heading toward Vancouver, BC from Seattle. It's a short less than 2 hours drive and Stanley Park, Canada Place to visit plus super markets for fresh tropical fruits. Will be back on the same day. The weather chill and cold outside.

How about your plans?

Navigation on Savanah River?

How far up river from Savannah can a boat go that draws 35 inches of water?

San Francisco: tourist points within 8 hours

I have a challenge for you guys! My wife an I are connecting in SF for 11 hours on Sep. 23rd (Thursday) from noon to 11PM (on our way to Australia ... mileage = free tickets, you can't be too picky what they give you! smile

Last time I went to SF was in '96. My wife has never been there.

Garmin Nüvi 265W

Strange GPSr Routing

We just got back home from a week in Boyne Falls, Michigan. While there we decided to go to the beach at Charlevoix. I had loaded my Garmin with a number of POIs in the area including the Charlevoix light house. Knowing the light house would be close to the beach I set it as the destination and headed out. Charlevoix also happens to be the departure point for the ferry to Beaver Island.

Moose Clubs with RV parking

I would like to find a listing of Moose Lodges with RV facilities between Nashville, Tn and Erie, Pa near I-65, I-71 and I-90
Thank you

GOD Bless Andy and Loretta

What I saw in my rear view mirror last Friday afternoon


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