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Planning a trip around Woodstock, NB

Hey All,

Just planning for a trip for around Woodstock, New Brunswick.

I was wondering if anyone had any POIs that relate to that area? I've done some searching and found a couple of geocaches in the area, but was looking for other items as well.

We'll be out there for about a week visiting family, but I'm hoping to do some sightseeing too smile

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Lake Isabella California

Has anyone ever been there? Were going camping next week. Just wondering what else to do out there.

San Diego and vicinity trip

My family is just finishing our San Diego vacation and the GPS was so helpful! First, since we bought the Go San Diego card that covers many tourist destinations around San Diego, I created a Go San Diego POI file, which I just uploaded (in case you want it).

NBA Training Facilities

Well now that the NBA Play offs are in full swing, I thought I'd share this location with all. Hope you like it and may be we can even get all 30 team sites posted.

Laker's Training Facility

Lat 33.92143

Long -118.38798


Guided Audio Tour for your GPS

The Boston Globe ( ) and GPS Lodge ( ) have an article on an audio tour via GPS for the north shore of Massachusetts. Let's see if this catches on to other areas.

Man follows sat nav to cliff edge


A car was left teetering on a cliff edge after the driver followed sat nav directions down a Pennine footpath.

Robert Jones continued to follow the instructions when they told him the narrow, steep path he was driving on in Todmorden, West Yorkshire, was a road.

evansville to minneapolis

Well,I was happy to get an invation to my new great nephew's baptism.I programed evansville to minneapolis into my garmin 350 and off I went. Drove up this past Friday and came home Sunday.You know,people that use gps's sure do depend them.(at least i do).But I upgraded the operating ver. and maps and I had a few problems. I'll post them on the garmin discussion forum.

Flight home from Ireland

Well just got back from Ireland and i had my nuvi 660 on during the flight. Top speed was 735 kilometers per hour. LOL. If i get stopped by the police its going to be hard to explain but funny.

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McDonalds/Chevron to avoid

This is a McDonalds inside a Chevron Gas Station. It is off Interstate 5 in northern California. It is on the west side of the freeway. It may be the first McDonalds south of the 152 as people come back from the bay area. It is very crowded, people park their cars for gas then go in for food therefore blocking the pumps for 20 minutes. There are long lines for the bathrooms and there is usually at least one gas pump not working.

There is a drive-thru but anything to keep going and look for another or go across the street to get food/rest/gas. I've been to this place several times and thought I'd post this to help those not get into the same frustrating situation.

McDonalds #16753
-120.62645, 36.638909

I don't believe this location is in the McDonalds POI as of March 14, 2009.

Eat at Joes.

This is a POI Factory Success Story

When it first was released I downloaded the “Auto Repair” poi file. This was just in case I ever needed this information.

Two weeks ago my tow vehicle, a Ford F350, was really running rough and I needed professional help. We are staying at an RV Park in Az for the winter, 1500 miles from home in WA.

Unintended GPS test (hospital trip)

I have been playing with my Garmin 2730 GPS for a few weeks now and learning the 'ins and outs'. This weekend, I finally got to use most/all of its features, and I have to tell you, I'm impressed.

Background: Live in St. Louis, MO area, dropped my two sons off Friday to go on a scout trip to Wausau, Wisconsin to go skiing.

First Trip

bought our Garmin 265T about a 2 weeks ago and we are planning our first trip from St. Louis to Miami next month. we have always used yahoo maps and had wrong turns. so I can't wait to see how this does.

Just a update

A year ago I told you of the trip to "Symphony in the Flint Hills" concert, that was the 2nd annual.(been to both).This past year I took my 73 old mother the 3rd annual "Symphony in the Flint Hills" concert,(she had a blast).Went to the Lady friends' daughter's new home in Henderson NC. Took a trip to Flatwoods,WV to look at some land. Got tickets to Fleetwood Mac Unplugged this coming May.

Mexico Maps

Made a mistake. We're down in Mexico and thought we wouldn't need the Garmin so we didn't spend the $80 for the Mexico maps on SD card. Now we're going to do some unplanned trips and we have to do it the old fashioned way....use a paper map ;-( Oh well, we will know better next time. Yes, we're spoiled using the Garmin for our travels!


iN 2007 I purchased a SD for the western US,to use off road hiking. In 2008 when vacationing it would just flash the topo info momentarily then not show the actual topo. Is this due to not updating? Like others on this forum I spent 70$ plus for the disc which I only need to use when vacationing in the west.

What's the limits of the NA maps?

I haven't traveled outside of the US since I got my Nuvi 680. In February, I'm going to Egypt and I was wondering if anyone can tell me where the limits of the North American mapping end. I was thinking about trying to track my progress on the plane, but wasn't sure where I would leave the map limits. Has anyone tried it on a trip to Europe?

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Greeting from "Down Under". Am in the process of returning to Los Angeles in a few hours and wish I had a GPS to help when we were wondering around Sydney.


Realized that my Nuvi 650 is limited due to the fact that it only comes with maps of North America. We are "Down Under" for several weeks and a map of the Sydney area would have been a help when we are traveling around in the city.

Poi use

I often read how many poi's we all load and how we categorize them etc. Lets hear from fellow users how helpful they are and how often they come into play when traveling. I find great fun in my 660 announcing the upcoming poi while traveling. Has anyone had a poi anniuncement play an important role in one of their travels??


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Trip to Denmark

Traveled through Denmark this summer with an HP GPS I borrowed from my relatives over there. It made our trip very enjoyable, not having to focus on map details for driving around in strange territory. With the GPS at my side I was never worried about getting lost. I was so impressed that I had to get a GPS of my own when we returned to the USA. Purchased a Nuvi 750.

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