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I just took a trip from Chicago to New Jersey and back. I drove using a Tomtom 2535 LIVE and a Garmin 3790 LMT. Both Units had the latest maps and firmware.

I drove with both units to compare traffic, routes and arrival times. Well I have to tell you up front that I am impress with the TOMTOM HD traffic.

As soon I started driving the TOMTOM told me that there was an accident on 80/94 near I65 and that it would add significant time to my trip. I kept driving knowing this in advance.

The Garmin had a green traffic status until I crossed into Indiana from Illinois. The Garmin told me that there was a delay but not too much info. No message popped up on the Garmin giving me options to avoid the traffic

With the TOMTOM I drove past the Illinois/Indiana border and a message quickly popped up and told me that there was a 67 minute delay and would you like to avoid it. I said yes(voice recognition) and it drove me around the traffic.

Wow, what a life saver. The TOMTOM HD traffic was more thorough and more frequent throughout the trip to New Jersey. The Garmin did not alert us again of any traffic while the TOMTOM gave us 2 more traffic delays later in Pennsylvania.

Very accurate traffic. The best I have seen on a device. It even gave us traffic on the main streets (away from highways).

Arrival time was vastly different. The TOMTOM and the Garmin were 45-75 minutes apart. The TOMTOM was dead-on with arrival time.

Routes were identical except for the traffic detours.

If traffic is your main option I would test drive the TOMTOM LIVE with HD traffic. I've been a Garmin loyalist for the last 10 years but I do like the TOMTOM HD traffic feature.

NOTE: The NON HD traffic is similar to Garmin's since they both use the FM frequency while the HD traffic uses cellular technology and updates your traffic every 2 minutes.

I Googled the Tom Tom. For

I Googled the Tom Tom. For $349 it should at least park your car for you. smile Nice review !


Seems to have only 4 gigs of memory?

By the way, this seems to be the US model and it's the GO 2535 M LIVE I think. Correct?

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The Garmin FM traffic "feature" leaves MUCH to be desired. I still find myself spending way too much driving time scanning the car radio stations for traffic updates.

garmin mobile XT on

garmin mobile XT on smartphones comes with free traffic which updates via cellular if you have a data plan.

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Garmin Mobile XT

How does it compare with a dedicated device?