Just turned 80,000 Miles on RV


Yesterday, I turned over 80,000 miles on the RV. We are fulltimers and started travelling in earnest on 7/3/2007. We have been coast to coast several times and have driven up the Dempster Highway in the NorthWest Territories to Inuvik. We have been down the east coast of Mexaco and around the Yucatan Peninsula and into Belize, then back up through Mexaco City. The Garmin has performed very well in all of our travels, but sometimes it wants to send us down a cow path or a non existant road, but for the most part, it gets us where we want to be. My wife is a great backup to the unit, using a paper map or atlas to make sure we don't end up 10 miles down a dead end road with no place to turn around our 63 ft long rig and toad.

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Hold on to the backup.Sure

Hold on to the backup.Sure you have seen many beautiful areas with all the miles you have traveled.

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Can't Wait

I am retiring at the end of October and plan to hit the road full time like you. Like you, we plan on using the GPS quite a bit but will have maps as backups as well.

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I wonder when I see elderly people with those long rigs like yours. Yet I have only seen just a few get into real trouble. I like your idea of paper maps. I print up a cheat sheet so Barbara can help guide me through a labyrinth of interchanges in a big city.

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So how about an update to your adventures and mileage on the RV?

You are lucky.

To be lost for only 10 miles out of 80000 are not too bad of odds. Keep having fun.