Strange GPSr Routing


We just got back home from a week in Boyne Falls, Michigan. While there we decided to go to the beach at Charlevoix. I had loaded my Garmin with a number of POIs in the area including the Charlevoix light house. Knowing the light house would be close to the beach I set it as the destination and headed out. Charlevoix also happens to be the departure point for the ferry to Beaver Island. As we got close to the Lake Michigan shore, Garmin routed us to the ferry indicating we should board the car ferry to reach the light house. At that point I headed back to the main road and completed the drive to the beach following the posted signs. While at the beach I discovered why Garmin wanted us to board the ferry. The ferry departs the dock in Lake Charlevoix passing directly into Lake Michigan right by the Charlevoix light house at the end of the peer. The ferry gets much closer to the light house than any road. However, I doubt the ferry would stop and let us and our car off on the peer. Another example of GPSr being a guide only so don't follow it blindly.

Marine Capability

Which Garmin is it? Does it have marine capability?

Also, where is the POI? If it is right on the lighthouse no wonder a GPSr would become confused. The POI should be at the parking area on the beach.


Block Island Southeast Light

While on Block Island, Rhode Island, on the Atlantic Ocean, we decided to walk from the hotel to Southeast Light, a distance of
1 1/2 miles according to the nuvi 760, well within our capabilities.

However, the GPSr did not have a topo map loaded. The hotel was at sea level and the light sits atop a 200 foot high bluff. Worse, the road there winds up and down from the beach to the bluff top eight times! It was like a roller coaster! We arrived exhausted and took a cab back.


No Marine Capability

The GPSr is a nuvi 265WT, not marine capable.

The light house is on the peer which is right at the edge of the beach. The POI is centered on the light house. I downloaded it from this site (Lighthouses-MI.csv). There is a parking lot no more than 100 yds from the light, but the ferry passes just feet from the light house, so with the POI centered on the light, the ferry gets closer than the parking lot.

My 660 was lost

On a recent trip to Western Maryland, we took a side trip up to PA's Ohiopyle State Park. The trip up was very straight forward. Follow US 40 west to Dinner Bell Road, and several miles later we arrived at the park office. On the return trip, however, my 660 told me to get off Dinner Bell Road and follow a very narrow "farm" road. I thought to myself that this didn't look right, so I stopped and tabbed through the projected route to see where it was taking me. Sure enough, it said I was going to come out on US 40, so I proceeded. As I did so the road became very tight and winding, and eventually I ended up in a guys driveway at the end of the road. The 660 was telling me to keep going, but there was no place to go. I backed up, turned around, and went back to Dinner Bell Road. I thought how fortunate I was to be just taking a drive, and not having my 30' RV behind me.

This is my first real experience with getting lost while following my GPS.


Heck, I even second guess most people. For sure I try not to forget that my machines are just machines, even the ones that hear & seem to understand what I say to 'em. shock

But I too need reminding from time to time, and these are good reminder examples! Thanks.

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Sometimes my 255W sends me

Sometimes my 255W sends me on an alternate route even though I have been taking the same one for a while. You have to use judgement sometimes and decide which route is best for you!

Garmin Nuvi 255W

Especially in snowy weather.

Especially in snowy weather. I might not take fastest route or eco route, but I choose the streets I believe to be safer than others in bad weather.......

Garmin Nuvi 255W