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Sightseeing Tours LA

Does anyone have a POI or TourGuide file for LA. I would like do a self-driving tour in LA and follow the routes the tour companies have.

Very Quiet Driving

I bought a gps. I found this website and have had alot of fun and have learned very many things.
But there is a down side. Being married for almost 38 years, with the gps in the car, there is very little conversation. She used to say-ASK SOMEONE-You're Lost!!!
Now it is very quiet!!!

Alan-Garmin c340

Zumo 550 was fantastic on my New Zealand motorcycle trip

See my trip pictures and stories here:

- Jon

European Maps

Does anyone know if the European maps are worth the money? I want to take my nuvi to Germany, but the maps are expensive. Is it worth the investment? My alternative is to rent a GPS unit while there (for 5 days).

Thanks in advance,

I'm Baaaaaaaack!

I was here a posted a lot in my first week or so. Then we went on 2 trips: one by air and one by land.

The first trip was to NYC and though I brought my Nuvi along and carried it each day, I didn't get lost. New Yorkers are very helpful to us lost tourists and at most, if turned around in the canyons of Manhattan, I needed an occasional point in the right direction.

Garmin Nuvi 350

Weird behaviour?

Has anybody been told to take a road that hasn't been built yet? This happened to me this afternoon. I was on what will be a service road in the future, and my c330 kept telling me to enter the toll road, which hasn't even been constucted yet. About every mile or so for about 5 miles, it would instruct me to take an non-existant ramp. Now, I drive a pickup, but it's not a 4WD!

Not doing anything worth a darn.

Dueling 340’s…

Dueling 340’s… or an interesting experiment?

Garmin c340

Last week, I had to -- off/on freeway

Last week, I had to make a delivery to Eagle Pass, Tx, about 450 miles from home. Everything went well going to my destination, my c330 did it's job perfectly. On the way back, though, it directed me to take an exit off I-35 in San Antonio, then directed me right back on to the freeway on the next on ramp. Not too sure what it was thinking!

Not doing anything worth a darn.

daytona 500 trip

we went to the daytona race this year ,took a bus from orange lake to the race about an hour and a half bus ride, we spent the whole day at the race ,the race ended later that evening and everyone on the bus was completely bushed ,i nodded off a few times and upon waking one time ,i noticed a bridge we had crossed about an hour earlier,so i began looking around on the bus ,everyone is knocked o

my drinking team has a racing problem ...( garmin c330..delorme earthmate LT20 )

So my garmin unit likes the gravel roads

Long story short...

I used my garmin unit to visit the relatives today. They have a new home out in the country, and I live about 120 miles out. The garmin attempted to take my 350z and I down many gravel road (shortcuts)…. Which I refuse to drive on.

Taking my Buddy to BWI

My buddie's Son was coming home before being deployed to Turkey and wanted to surprise his Mom. So we headed out at 10:30 PM with Jack (thats what I call my Nuvi 350) leading the way. I was surprised not when I found BWI in Jack's database, but that it had an option to go to Arrivals or Departures. We punched the Arrivals and Jack took us straight to the hourly parking garage's front gate.

PG-13 travel story

I'll try not to make it as almost X as it almost was, but thought you guys would enjoy a story about using your GPS to be a good samaritan, and the possible pay-back for doing so.

I recently had a trip to Orlando for a week, as like in last week. Went down for CTIA, the annual Wireless Convention. I mainly drive on business so my Mio C310x gets a hardy workout on business trips.]

. . If I only had a brain....................................... ..................................................... GPS Units in Use: Mio C310x (primary) and Garmin eTrex Legend for GeoCaching.

This was sorta cool - nearest bank

Today my daughter and I went to the park (in the same city that I live in, so it really isn't a travel story) for a thing that they were having. I realized that although it said it was free, none of the activities were free. So we decided to go and get some money. Well, I had no idea where the nearest Suntrust bank was. I quickly looked it up on the c530 and bam, we were in route.

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Miss Poi is out of town

I decided to come home to Portland Oregon this weekend help my family celebrate the 78th birthday of my grandmother. I will still be checking in every once in a while, not as frequently as I usually do. I left JM and the kids at home and he is checking the forums for me.

I think my Zumo was having a few bad days

On the return leg of my trip to the NC mountains today, I took an alternate route created by Mapsource. This was done by inverting the route and placing the slide in the Preferences/Routing/Road selection more towards Prefer Minor Roads. Avoidances were Tolls, Unpaved and U-Turns.

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Two weeks ago, we were traveling along the N.Carolina coast on RT 17, some of the road had been replace around cities. My nuvi showed me driving off the road, through field and lakes. I kept looking at the road signs, I was still on RT 17. The roads must have been too new for the GPS.

My intro to GPS'ing

...was last Fall, when I took a trip across NC to the Smokies. I drove, and my shotgun passenger brought his GPS and turned me on to the gadget. It performed flawlessly for the first 3 days.

Nuvi 350, GPS Map 76CX

New Forum - travel stories

Oh crew,
Here it is, a place to chat about your vacations, business travel and all about how your gps performed or didn't perform if that is the case.

Start your new topic from this page:

Miss Poi

C340 experience

Just thought I would share my experiences using my C340 on a trip to South Carolina from South Florida in my motorhome.

I have a number of POI sets loaded as custom POIs including the NPR Public Radio Stations and Flying J Gas stations.

I set my destination before departure which was a campground north of Jacksonville. We break the trip into two legs now that we are retired.

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