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Tennessee to Florida

Driving from Tennessee to Florida and back June 23rd or so with spouse. Bringing back 6 yo grandson and his cousin. Cousin is semi-out-of-control precocious boy-crazy 13 yo girl who was living with relatives because of relationship with her mother. Bringing her back to her mother.

Promises to be interesting. rolleyes

Any recommended POI's?

NUVI40 Kingsport TN

FL to WI-Off the Beaten Path....POI Must See's???

We are attempting to plan a route using our NUVI 5000 going from Florida to Wisconsin on our motorcycle. I have it set to "Shortest" and "Avoid Highways". Hoping to see some beautiful country side and small town America. Are there any "Must See's" along the way I could plug into "Jill" now to get it into the route. We are really into the whole haunted thing, as well as anything unique.

June Road Trip

I am thinking about taking a week road trip in June and heading west from Tennessee using my Garmin 2360 GPS. Looking for a good offbeat road trip toward west Texas and Arizona? What about the wild fires?

Driving from nyc to niagra falls and then toronto Suggestions ??

Going to drive up to Niagra falls then toronto from NYC.I have about 3 days to spend in the area. Any suggestions, Dives and or drive-inns or anything worth seeing or visiting??

A GPS can take you where You want to go but never where you WANT to be.

Only Millimeters to go

When using the factory's Rest Stop POI file,(i.e.Rest Stop I-81 MM45), the voice on my Garmin says millimeters for MM instead of Mile Marker. I was amused. grin

NUVI40 Kingsport TN

Interstate 80 vs Interstate 70

We're planning on traveling from Manhattan, Kansas to Reno, Nevada in a few weeks starting on a Sunday and driving about 8 hours a day.

Going to Pittsburg end of this week. Any advice?

...with my mother and mother-in-law. I will be taking a gun, and someone may not be coming back!!!

NUVI40 Kingsport TN

Much Thanks To The POI Forum

I have to really thank this forum. I downloaded a file over a year ago as a resource and of course it payed off in a big way. It was a POI file on Florida saltwater boat ramps.

Going to miami next week any advice?

hey guys any advice for a first time miami trip?

A GPS can take you where You want to go but never where you WANT to be.

Summer Trip

We are planning our summer trip and will be heading down to San Diego in June. Then up to Lake Tahoe and back up through Idaho before heading back home.

I have downloaded a couple of San Diego POIs. But does anyone have any tips and attractions for the trip up to Lake Tahoe? We plan to avoid Los Angeles all together and travel up on 395.

Any comments would be appreciated!

Why Have a GPS?

I just took a bus trip with basketball fans and it was fun.

New scam by local LEO’s

New scam by local LEO’s
I have been noticing the length of time for yellow lights in areas I have driven throughout Pennsylvania. (My wife and I drive a great deal) It’s uniformly been about a second for ever mph.

Gas: Is Higher Octane Worth The Cost? - The Definitive Answer... I Think

Hello, All! So I thought I'd do a little test and share my results with you as I'm sure most of you drive when you take trips with your GPS. With the continually increasing cost of gas these days and with everyone wanting to get the most out of their dollars, I wanted to figure out if paying for a higher octane gas was really worth the increased cost at the pump for any gains in fuel economy.

Comparing Routes

We're planning a trip to Northern California (Dublin) this weekend, and we decided to dine in Benihana Restaurant (Concord) once we're there. Prior to using my gpsr, I decided to compare routes using Google, Yahoo, and Mapquest to see which one would give me the best route, assuming they would all be giving different ones.

celeb driveways

used this POI in Tenn.
saw some interesting sights and beautiful homes, but also saw a lot of plain ol' driveways. thanks for ths POI'S anyway. trying Louisiana area next. thanks

POI Factory gives better warnings

I recently bought an Escort 9500ix Radar detector which had the red light and speed cameras built in and down loadable. I also use a Nuvi 1490 with the POI factory red light and speed camera data base I loaded into it. I do have to say that the warning I get from the POI factory database give me far more distance warning than the Escort. With the Escort you only get max of 500 ft.

Leaving Lafayette, LA to Willis, TX

Well, before I forget (I'm old you all know), let me make sure that no one I know with an RV ever takes I-10 from Lafayette to Houston area. We found out after we got here, from some other RV'er, that they call that stretch of the road the "I-10 Washboard", boy are they right. We have NEVER been on a road like that before and I hope we never will again.

Paul Tracy

Going to Chisasibi, QC what should I bring?

Chisasibi is way up there... Google Map it.

What should I bring regarding GPS guidance and cell phone capability? I'll be using a Garmin GPSMAP60CSx and an iPhone. Also have a Yaesu VX-8R with GPS.

I'll load up with all sorts of waypoints and POI. I have Navigon on my iPhone.

GPSMAP64s, iPhone XR w/Garmin North America, Yaesu VX-8R w/GPS.

Traveling to Grand Canyon in 40' Motorhome

Does anyone know if I can travel in a 40' Motorhome south on 191 and 160 to get to the Grand Canyon from I70? I have taken 191 south to Moab but I don't remember how the roads were south of Moab. I'm worry about tight switchback turns, steep hills and downgrades. Any information would be appreciated.

Off duty Cop

Some times life can be unfair. Today I had an accident with my car. The other guy in a soup-up VW with tinted windows came up on my right blind side and as I was moving over to the right my trailer clipped him. No real damage done but you would think the world had come to an end.

Wanted -Woman with GPS -send picture of GPS
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