GPS in South Korea


GPS helped me out on a whirlwind tour of South Korea last week.

I covered most of the country last week. Fortunately, I had a local guide from my work and we took trains or were driven most places, but the GPS helped me get back to the hotel more quickly when I explored on foot a couple of times.

Surprisingly, I couldn't get the GPS to search by city and a large hotel was not in the directory. The 'save location' feature was helpful to remember the location of a specific store in the large local markets.

Unfortunately, the snow followed me from Detroit. They had ~6 inches in the south part of the country which is extremely rare. Of course Detroit was warm for the first time in weeks while I was gone and all the snow melted. But no worries, we got another 6-7 inches yesterday (now that I'm back).


Must say I feel a bit jealous but I'm surprised that your GPS unit didn't point north all the time.

Fortunately Garmin has maps of Korea

Our company visits Korea enough, so I found somebody that had a map installed of Korea

very cool

Thanks for sharing your journey. I'd feel well-stocked, with a good GPS, local GPS data, spare batteries, some maps, and a compass or two.

But I tend to overdo that stuff, even within a vehicle, hah.