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Tell about interesting Midwest Points of interest worth sharing .

Maybe this discussion can spark other peoples interest for new trips that they did'nt know that existed.

Texas speed traps

Maybe anyone traveling through Texas should download the speed trap POI, a friend from Yuma just got a warning ticket for doing three over the limit.

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Helping others with GPS

Last weekend my family was in Chicago. My daughter goes to college there and it was our first chance to see her and see some sites downtown. I had my Nuvi 200W in pedestrian mode and used it most of the weekend to navigate around town.

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Avoiding tolls!!!

Well i came back from Arizona on Saturday. I flew into Buffalo. Picked up my truck and set my gps to "Home" and started driving. After about 10 kilometers or so i got the feeling i was going the wrong way! So i pressed the bottom right of screen to see the turn by turn and realized i was going way out of my way. So i typed in my address this time. Same thing happened!! Now I'm like what the!!

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My California Trip

Left St. Louis on Sep. 5, flew into LAX, and from there, drove up to Monterey/Carmel and stayed 3 nights. Asked the steward on AA if GPS's were allowed. He asked the pilot and the answer was no. My StreetPilot worked flawlessly around LA, Red Light cameras were dead on.

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Central America

Traveling to Belize, Central America in the next two weeks then Cancoon, Mexico followed by Cabo San Lucas, Baja California Sur, Mexico. I also Travel China. I have a nüvi 670 so i'm all in for the US and Canada where I also live and travel. Not a lot of use yet for maps of Europe. Any thoughts for maps that I don't have to unfold for the other areas?

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My first REAL trip with my Garmin

Just got back from Virginia to Michigan. Did a trip to help my Daughter move. I took my Garmin 750 and I am tickled to death over it's performance!

I put tape on my mirrors so I don't walk thru one into another dimension.

2008 Camping Trip....

Friday afternoon Jon and I took our kids and headed for the hills. We went with another family on our once a year camping trip. This year we picked Idaho City and only stayed Friday and most of Saturday.

Our kids start school tomorrow so we wanted to have Sunday to catch up on work and be fully rested for the first day back.

Tracking Scuba Live-aboard in September

I'm planning to take my Garmin nüvi 750 along for my scuba live aboard cruise in the Caribbean. It's going to be fun to see where we go. I just hope that my lower-deck cabin still lets the signal get through.


maps not up to date 2009

i knew it all along, but now confirmed. i am on vacation in Destin Fl and using my nuvi 680. i input my condo as destination and twice was told to turn into a non-existing street , which happens to be a gated community - unless it was a road before some developer changed it to a gated community.

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Gathering of the Vibes - Bridgeport, CT

Just wondering if anyone else on POI-Factory went to this show last weekend (8/1&2)?? It was my first visit there and we had a great time. Lots of good music, a beautiful venue right along Long Island Sound, good food (expensive like all shows), good beer (a lot to choose from including my favorite, Guinness on tap!), and plenty of room to dance, of course.

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Rest Area POI - What a Relief ;)

Just made a 450 mile (one way) trip across 4 states.

In addition to me and my wife, there was a 4, 6, 72, and 73 year old in the vehicle with us.

Those ages = bathroom breaks.

When someone asked to stop, it was great to be able to click the rest area poi and say - "There is a rest area in x minutes, can you make it?"

Cross Country Road trip

Any one have any idea how long it takes and how much it costs?

Navigation sent me to the express lanes

So, I was traveling to Anaheim this past weekend and my Nuvi routed me from I-10, to CA-60, to CA-91. WHile on CA-91, it told me to get on the Express Lanes. Next thing I know, I see a sign saying that the edpress lanes are electronic toll only and they do not accept cash. Being from Arizona, I don't have the FastTrack toll system.

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Our trip to CA, OR and WA

Jon and I woke up bright and early on June 30th and scrambled to get all of our Monday morning responsibilities on the site done before starting our journey to Crescent City California to visit his family.

Hungry teen...

Driving back from a weekend outing, my teen son eloquently says, "Hungry! Burger!"

Thanks to the GPS and POI files, a few button presses shows we're five minutes away from an In-n-Out burger (our favorite), saving him from certain starvation!

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Better than the in-flight movie...

I just returned to Minneapolis, MN from a trip to Reno, NV. The flight out there goes through Houston on one of America's airlines, due to their hub. I took my Garmin 200W with me in my carry-on. On the second leg of my flight I took the Nüvi out once we reached cruising altitude and was treated to a great in-flight pastime.

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Drive Around the Lake (Michigan)

I had a friend at work that was going to be losing his job because of outsourcing and cuts last October, so I came up with (what I thought) was a brilliant idea of driving around the lake over the weekend. "Hey, buddy, what are you doing next weekend? - Oh, have a family thing? what about the following weekend? Nothing?

And now, back to your regularly scheduled forum - already in progress . . .

My Nuvi 760 is SO COOL!!

First got a 'real' chance to use it on our camping trip to Garner SP in Concan Texas. Got me right there to the park with no searching the map, pulling off to the side, etc.

Trip Planning to Oak Island, NC

Not really sure this is the proper forum for this but here goes anyway.

I'm a very newbie to this site (Kudos to all involved!) Have found many interesting ideas and pois that are a big help to a novice such as myself.

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