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had a blast!!

just got back from a wonderful trip, through north, south dakota, wyoming, montana, idaho and back to washington. first time every using the gps. loved being able to check on old hi-ways and frontage roads. you can see sooooo much. the poi's i got from here was also a big help at sightseeing. Helenea grin

Great Getaway, Spider Creek Resort, AR

Just got back from a great resort. The cabins have wrap around porch with a spectacular view of the White River. If you like to fish this is a must do place. If you like to take your family to experence nature it is awesome. If you're useing a GPS beware. My Garmin 1450 shows Spider Creek Resort as being about 10 feet down the wrong leg of a fork in the road.

Nuvi 1450 Newbe When you see a fork in the road, Take it!

Colorado length limits

The GPS is great at finding shortcuts, but can lead you down the proverbial path.

Twice we were bitten last summer in Colorado. I should mention we drive a 26' Class C RV, pulling a Mini Cooper for a total length of about 43'.

Thought I was Smarter than the GPS

We are on our first trip to the Hill Country of Texas, Fredericksburg to be exact. After spending a day in town, we decided to stop at the grocery store to pick up some supplies on our way back to the RV.

Getting lost in Traverse City Michigan

I've been visiting that area for 50 years. On my last visit I decided to take a computer-generated route to locate a relative in town. See the area around here: N44.740695°

Getting lost in Grand Canyon Village

I visited 8 Nov 2010 (actually 2009), and arrived at 8 pm. My last visit had been 1976. I was guided by GPS and SA 2009, but they didn't help much. The streets were not as SA indicated, and the directional signs were not very readable. The printed maps at Mather Campground were more useful than SA's map to locate a campsite the first time.

Lynx Travels 2000 kM (1250 Miles) to Get Home

A lynx that was captured in Canada and released in Colorado in 2003 has traveled 2000 kM to get home. It took him 7 years to get there, but he did it without a GPS. If only we had that ability. wink

Mind you, if we did, thousands of people would be out of work, since no one would be making GPS' and this great forum wouldn't exist.


There is always a way out

You have to love your GPS.

Edit: Miss POI added proper link

I-8 Phoenix to San Diego

Any good POI's for the Phoenix via I-8 to San Diego (and back) route?

Any needed that I should capture?

Any good POI's for the San Diego area?

Trip begins a week from Friday AK to AL

We did it 2 years ago in reverse and a slightly different route in 23 days. Lots of stops for enjoyment. This time it will be a 13 day trip, and with an end goal in mind, so a much faster trip.

Access denied (Yellowstone page)

When trying to connect to this link:
I got the message " You are not authorized to acces this page".
What's the deal ?

Garmin 2595LM

Geopicting Nebraska

If anyone is traveling to Nebraska, you may want to check out this website:

There is a "downloadable" spreadsheet with coordinates of various stops along the Nebraska Byways.

There's a lot more to Nebraska than just corn fields.

1390 T Maiden voyage.

I finally took my Nuvi 1390 T on its first real voyage since I got it a couple of weeks ago. I landed in Austin TX and drove to San Antonio TX. If you’ve never had the pleasure of driving on Texas Interstate it’s an experience.

Garmin 3597 LMTHD

Oregon couple stranded following GPSr

Hindsight is 20/20, but I'd be awfully suspicious of a route that takes me on Forest Service roads unless I'm really trying to go into the forest.

Louisiana to California

Live in south louisiana and will be traveling west this summer toward southern california then up the coast...POI along the way would be great


dear poi-factory, are you in the dc metro area?

... i need a carrrrrrrr!!!!! =/

A pedestrian is someone who thought there were a couple of gallons left in the tank.

New airline security

Since the recent terrorist attack in December, they have added additional security measures, and we should all feel safer flying.

My wife, and daughter, just flew to Dallas last week, and returned Monday. The had the regular security checks and they was allowed to board the plane without any additional checks.

NUVI 680, NUVI 5000, MS S&T,

Chicago to Orlando with Nuvi 1490 and traffic reporting


I just completed a trip from Chicago to Orlando and back with my Garmin Nuvi 1490t.

Road Test

OK I'll make the sacrifice. I'll take the next three months to check out and test some of the POIs I've been working so hard to get into my Garmin. It won't be easy but it will be warm grin We're starting for Florida tomorrow and will be camping on the way down and here and there through out the state. We may even do some exploring westward.

kyue2 - nuvi 255w

garmin nuvii 465t

I recently got the 465t Garmin and am wondering what format it uses. the CSV or GPX format. Also how do I add custom poi's i download off this site, it wont download. I am trying to get a list of cat scale locations. Thats one thing the 465t doesn't have or at least I haven't found it on the unit.

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