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BOLO in the Atlanta I-75 areas particularly Cobb and Cherrokee Counties

BOLO in the Atlanta I-75 areas particularly Cobb and Cherokee Counties.

They have doubled up and run in packs andthe amount of unmarked is amazing. The county asked and paid for extra help and are getting it.

North of Wade Green Rd & I-75 they setup at the no-ramp overpass of Hickory Grove. Just to name one.

There are other ATL GA areas that have stepped it up also.

Florida law says non-residents must carry extra driver's permit (not enforced and being repealed)


Tourism is important to Florida, and state agencies want people to know that Florida’s doors and roadways are open as usual to all visitors.

Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles indicates that the permit requirement is not being enforced:

Have you ever seen the Google Streetview car?

... as seen by another Google Streetview car. On the salt flats, west of Salt Lake City, UT:


[ Oops, gone! Looks like Google replaced this section with imagery from March, 2012. I guess the "streets" didn't change much, but they got rid of an interesting view of the other car. crying ]

Garmin Drivesmart 61, Nuvi 52, Nuvi 1390

Trip from Orlando to Huntsville Alabama

Gps worked fine. We have driven the same route for 37 years. The big intersections are always changing signs and lanes. This helps. Using a Garmin nuvi 255, about 5 years old. Could never plan the pit stops (rest areas). So just to have a change I bought a garmin 2595 lifetime maps. Then I found you people. No more asking where is the next bathroom?

R Popwell

Out of State Handicap Placard usage in CA

This is a FYI..

Hi we were parked in a H/C spot at the IHOP mentioned below. A Deputy from the Sheriff's department came over told us that out of state (FL) Handicap placards were not recognized in CA.

23810 Aliso Creek Road
Laguna Niguel
(949) 360-0910

Thank You Happy & Safe Travels PJGMIG Nuvi 2598LMTHD

Interesting & Funny GPS moments

Once my GPS took me to what I thought was a dead end street. When I reached the end, it said "Board Ferry", which I did. I wouldnt call it a ferry, more like a barge. But I could see there was a bridge there (huge bridge thats been there for years).

255W went bonkers

I knew where I was going but had it on and telling me the route. Stopped for gas. When I shut off the car the screen asking to turn off GPS was locked up. I unplugged power adapter. Powered it up and off. Reconnected the car adapter and it finally booted up normally but it insisted I turn right on Route 22 and the voice said turn right and GO OFF ROAD.

Lobster rolls, fishermans platter, new england clam chowder

Fishermen's Grill
(207) 699-5657
849 Forest Ave.
Portland, ME 04103

Hands down one of the best places in maine for Lobster rolls, fishermans platter and new england clam chowder.

Earlier in the day we went to the famous "lobster shack " there roll were good but driving back to the hotel we passes fishermans grill.

A GPS can take you where You want to go but never where you WANT to be.

Tomtom vs. Garmin

Have an older Tomtom, and was in Mackinaw City at the northern tip of Lower Michigan, ready to go back to my home in Northern Wisconsin. Just a quick dash across the Mackinac Bridge, and a drive through the Michigan Upper Peninsula, right? No, my Tomtom gave me the route back to Traverse City and down through Chicago and then up through most of Wisconsin!!!

No message


If you don't know where you are going, you might wind up someplace else. - Yogi Berra

Federal Agencies Trade Motorist Data to Insurance Companies

Federal agencies are giving away data on the movements of innocent motorists in return for software and equipment provided by the insurance industry. The Electronic Privacy Information Center (EPIC) on Tuesday released documents revealing in greater detail how federal agencies are using the data collected by automated license plate recognition systems (ALPR or ANPR in Europe).

15% grade

Our GPS took us on Route 342 that has a 15% grade and very sharp turns while going to Virginia City from Carson City, NV. The route was 50 to 341 anyone with an RV should stay on Route 341 (NOT 342) going to Virginia City, NV.

NASCAR Fans. Coming to Bristol?

One of the thundering hoard to see the


This is the week that we locals either leave the area or hunker down.

During that time, we do not go to restaurants or grocery stores. On Friday some of us do not go to work. We do not look forward to this, but we love your money, so you are welcome.

NUVI40 Kingsport TN

Bonneville Salt Flats

We will be heading down to Vegas in September, and will be at the Bonneville Salt Flats (Wendover, Utah) during Speed Week! I'm actually more interested in the geology than the racing, but we stumbled on to September Speed Week last year and thought it was a blast.

Wisconsin Rustic Roads Guide

Wisconsin DOT Releases Rustic Roads Guide

Residents and tourists hoping to discover some of Wisconsin's lightly traveled country roads are in luck with the release of Wisconsin Department of Transportation's Rustic Roads guide.

Illiterate? Write for free help.

San Marcos, TX - Garmin Speed Limits Way Off

I just got back from San Marcos, TX. My Garmin Nuvi40 did an excellent job of getting me there and back, even navigating newly constructed roads correctly. But when I got within about 20 miles of the city, practically every speed limit was different from what my GPS advertised. Some were higher in real life and some were lower. The only consistency was inconsistency. Yeah.

Heading to Memphis Thursday

I'm leaving Southern Cal and heading to Memphis this Thursday. I will be pulling a U-haul trailer. Heading east on I-10 to Deming NM (my first stop). From Deming to Dallas FT Worth area (I-20) Looking at I-20 to I-30 (Little Rock) and I-40 into Memphis. Going southern route to avoid some of the mountains and steep grades.


For those who are coming to Bristol, TN for the races....

We welcome your money.

Seriously, go to my account and download some of the POI's I've put there. Especially the Urgent Care facilities.

I want you to have a good time, but safely.

NUVI40 Kingsport TN

A GPS Moment in Moose Country

With my Garmin Zumi loaded with custom routes and points of interest files, and mounted firmly to the handle bars of my motorcycle, I headed East along the Vermont side of the Canadian border on my expedition toward my destination of Pittsburg, the largest and northern most town in the state of New Hampshire.


What to do in a hailstorm?

I need everyone's opinion on this. Help settle an argument between me and my wife.

If you are driving down an interstate at a moderate 80 mph or so and you encounter a hailstorm, do you pull over and wait on the shoulder or just keep going?

And you are not under an overpass or something like that.

NUVI40 Kingsport TN
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