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garmin nuvii 465t

I recently got the 465t Garmin and am wondering what format it uses. the CSV or GPX format. Also how do I add custom poi's i download off this site, it wont download. I am trying to get a list of cat scale locations. Thats one thing the 465t doesn't have or at least I haven't found it on the unit.


Going to Triad area North Carolina - Any suggestions?

Driving from Charlotte to Triad area, will stay in Greensboro over the weekend. Some places to visit:

Old Salem
Natural Science Museum

anywhere else? Any restaurants to recommend? Things to do?

Trip to Hollywood Florida

Well, just got back from a round trip from Chicagp's Northwest suburbs to Hollywood Florida. Used by 760 with the 2010.30 maps. Worked flawlessly except for one strange behavior while passing through Indianapolis. I was directed to exit left whan I should have stayed right.

Branson, Missouri

Got back this past Friday from a trip from, Kitchener, Ontario, Canada to Branson, MO, with a side trip to St Louis. Total 3500 km (2175 miles)

Before leaving, I did some pre-planning. First needed to download some very important files from POI Factory.

1. Rest Areas Combined: When you need a pee break, you don't want to risk missing that Rest Area.

DriveSmart 65, NUVI2555LMT, (NUVI350 is Now Retired)

Charlotte - DC

To all the road warriors out there:


My wife and I were recently in Ireland for a week and got to try out our Garmin 260W with the latest Europe maps. I bought the SCDB prior to leaving so that we'd have all the speed and traffic enforcement cameras installed, but in the end I don't think it was particularly useful.

Paris, France

My wife and I just got back from a trip to Europe. Part of that trip included 4 days in Paris, France. In preparation for that part I had downloaded the walking tour of Paris, and also installed a POI with the location of our hotel.

Travel Stories Eco-Tourism in Tropical Queensland

Queensland is like childbirth - awful at the time, but a glorious miracle in hindsight. I'll tell you the worst part first. We stayed at a picturesque eco-resort in the Daintree Rainforest Wilderness Area. (The Daintree Cape Tribulation Heritage Lodge; I recommend it).

We arrived in the evening and got our first clues about the kind of experience we would have pretty quickly.


Can anyone give a Fall Foliage Color report. I am going to KY and Tenn the first two weeks in Oct.

3790LMT; 2595LMT; 3590LMT, 60LMTHD

Interstate Rest Areas are really cutting back...

While traveling, we are frequent visitors to interstate rest areas (thanks for the great POI, MrKenFL). This weekend we stopped at the Rest Area on I-74 Eastbound in Indiana at MM1 (Welcome to Indiana!)

Jan ~ Nuvi 255W

Photo Radar Throughout Great Falls Montana


FYI ... in the event this is not already posted here. I drove through Great Falls MT today. My radar detector was tripped at ALL major light controlled intersections in the city. These did not show up in my POI file. There were too many to record ... FYI.

First Trip to Mexico and why I bought a GPS


Characters in the this saga

Dick (I’ll lead, but I’m half bind)
Ron (I’ve only got one good leg, so why are we on this damn gravel road)
Rich (Laid back, I don’t care where we go as long as I get my Ice cream)
John (I know every lawyer and Judge in the Rio Grande valley)

Motorcycle trip To Monterrey, Mexico Long report

Last weekend I went to a MC ralley in Monterrey, Mexico, at 4hrs south of where I Live in south Texas. The ralley turned out to be a bust, but the rides that weekend were great.

Phoenix to Yellowstone

In a few weeks I'll be driving from Phoenix to Yellowstone and back. Any POI suggestions?


underpass heights

i am trying to find a file that has underpass heights for the lower 48 states.i drive a semi and need a little better notice then what the DOT puts up if they put up any...thank you

Koa List

Using Garmin, set for Boomtown KOA, Nevada, please dont use it, takes you to a hotel with a rv park, The Koa was there and have moved

Planning a San Diego to Baltimore Road Trip

I have to move back cross country in a few weeks and plan on driving my car back this time instead of having it shipped.

Does anyone have any tips on planning a good road trip or even where I could find some sample itineraries?

I have a little over a week to make the trip and I'd like to make a few stops along the way.

Any routes or stops would be awesome! Thanks!

Edmonton, Canada

Just came back from Edmonton.....Wow good thing we had a GPS...every place seemed to have a red light photo.

Delta Airlines

I just used mine on a flight from Minneapolis to Atlanta. I know there was a tail wind of some speed but we left 50 minutes late and landed 15 minutes after the scheduled arrival time.

I did have my GPS going and saw a an average speed of 560 MPH and a top speed if 578 MPH pretty cool.

I did use the screen shot function and downloaded the photos to the computer for a memory.

Garmin nuvi 2455LMT (wife uses nuvi 255w) (sold C330)
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