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Chit Chat Thread for the week of January 5th 2009

This is the place to talk about things that are not gps related.

Have fun...

This thread will be closed on Monday and a new one will be opened.

Miss POI

mp3 playlist creation

I would like to get some recommendations on the best way to create a playlist on my PC for use on my nuvi 765T.

I sometimes like to listen to multi-part radio programs and audiobooks (in mp3 format not .aa) on long trips, and find that it is pretty difficult to do so without a playlist, due to the way the nuvi imports the mp3 files.

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DC Area members, opinions on the 270 corridor please...

i was driving with my friend and we passed by a road where he said used to be homes that had to be demolished because of the road theyre building. what is your opinion on the techway??

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Fast Pass/EZ Pass Transponder - Mass. is allowing a Tax Deduction

Check with your state to see if they have a similar deduction program.

NEW! Annual Tax Deductible Toll Payments
2008 usage will be posted after Jan. 31st

The Massachusetts Legislature has enacted and codified a personal income tax deduction for certain commuter expenses:

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Looking for POI's downloads

Hi all
Thanks for the help in advance.
I'm a feild service technician and am wondering if anyone can direct me to find a download for UPS stores in Ontario?


Can someone make a FILE for States that band the use of
Radars, and those that mandate helmets at
the state line? HELP ME PLEASE

POI's around where I live

There are some POI's where I live, well POI's to me at least. Can I post them, are they worthwhile? Thanks!

New Study

This is a snip from a net story. Maybe the Brits aren't as focused as we.

New Study Reveals GPS Navigation Systems Often Give Poor Directions

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Colorado 400T

I have a Garmin colorado 400T. My question is: Can you add maps to it..say like the 2009 north america nt series and still keep the units original topo maps? I have an unused north america 2009 cd.

Blue Beacon Truck & RV Wash Discussion thread

I have compiled a list of Blue Beacon Truck & RV Wash locations.

Blue Beacon has also been kind enough to list nearby dump stations for rv's and trucks with holding tanks.

This file is now available at the link listed below.

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What app to open GPX. HELP!

When I download a GPX file it ask me what program do I want to open the file with. By default MS word is the program. However POI loader does not load the GPX in this format. What do I do?

Nat. Geo. Topos

I've been using Garmin's topos, for the U.S. and Canada for a few years. They're 1:100K, and relatively inexpensive,and easy to use.

Nuvi 350, GPS Map 76CX

Need help. (alerts on Mac w/ POI Loader)

Well here is my issue. First off, I have a Mac and I have downloaded the POI's from this site and downloaded the newest version of Garmin POI Loader (2.0.1) and downloaded Garmin RoadTrip.

What to do when a town changes its name?!

On the news yesterday, I learned that the town of West Paterson, NJ officially changed its name to Woodland Park - effective as of Jan. 1, 2009

You don't think that will create problems for the GPS community do you?? How long until Navteq fixes this one?

Good place to eat

I don't know how to add a POI as I am not very computer literate. That being said, we had breakfast at a restaurant on our way south for the worst part of the winter and stopped at Triple R Homecooking in Winslow Arizona, 1308 E. 3rd St in Winslow Az 86047. Their is a empity field to the east of the restaurent in which to park your RV while you eat.

Erick and Jackie

MapQuest, any easy way to get coordinates?

Hi. I'm looking to build a POI file. The local government agency that I'm getting addresses from has links to MapQuest for all of it's offices . However, I can't see any easy way on MapQuest to get GPS coordinates.

bobcat program help

So I couldn't find a link for the download of MapSource. I just found the update on Garmin's website. For future reference I am using a Mac. So I downloaded bobcat.
My problem with bobcat is that the maps arn't detailed enough.

Question about National Parks POI.

I downloaded this POI file and it seems that some local National Recreatioanl Areas that are part or the NPS are not on there.

Is this because they are not officially parks?


It's a good thing that there's GPS systems or I would be ... always lost!

California NEW GPS Law...

Yeahhh! (We all do it anyways...)

At least they have a new California law that allows GPS's to be placed either the right or left corner window/side of a car.

Saying hello

New guy here, just to say hello and Happy 2009. Glad to have found the site , new to GPS, hoping to learn and eventually contribute. Safe travels...