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when did googlemaps start using teleatlas?

I did a couple of searches and seems like google is now using teleatlas (tomtom) rather than navteq (garmin)

Files now in XML?

This is really odd. Just went to download a couple POI files, checked this on one of my own files I uploaded, and same result. THe files are now downloading as XML, not GPX, or rather with the xml extentsion, since GPX is a specific type of XML.

Im thinking this may be my browser, recedntly started using Opera more often, first time i've been here with Opera in a while (9.62)

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Hello All,

I stumbled onto your site today while surfing for POI’s and like it so much that I joined. Let me begin by saying that I am very impressed with your site and the assistance you provide to fellow GPS users.

Police arming Newcastle residents with radar guns

Heres a novel approach, Yikes. Sorry people vote in a Tax or pass a levee and hire some cops (its time to spread the wealth anyway). This is a very dangerous idea for the civi's of New Castle.

2 thumbs down on this cockamamie idea, If I had three thumbs they would all be down.



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You are right. Everybody is happier talking GPS.

I tripped going up the escalator and I fell for an hour and a half!

New cradle

Does anyone know where I can get a cradle and charger cheap for my nuvi 680

Non Used Icons on a Nuv1 760 - Can you delete them?

Hi Eveybody,

Question - Non Used Icons on a Nuv1 760 - Can you delete them?

Ie the MSN icon, the Pictures folder and the MP3 Folder, can these be deleted, as i will never use them.



Hi Everyone!

Thought I would post a quick introduction. My name is Randy and I live in Arizona. I just purchased my first Garmin Nuvi (760) and stumbled across this site while doing some research on it. I was anxious to sign up and I'm looking forward to learning and contributing where I can. There's so many topics I want to better understand and I'm guessing this is a great place to start.

How useful and accurate?

How helpful and accurate is the information provided by msn enabled devices is it worth checking into or you know CRAP just wondering.

Location Based Services

There has been a lot of bandwidth expended talking about if cell phones will replace standalone personal navigation devices. Here is a link to an article that helps explain some of what is driving cell carriers to provide GPS on their cell phones.


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Nüvi 880 battery question...

Does anyone know if there’s a battery available, for the Nüvi 880, with a higher capacity, then the stock battery that ships with the unit?

The battery life of the Nüvi 880, is rated at only 4 hours...

Thanks for your time.



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E(Audio Books) Places To Obtain?

I know the public library has some e-books, and the net has some places as well for cash. what is your favorite venue for selection and price. I am specifically looking for "The Great Depression" documentary. I heard it on the car radio a long time back, and it was very close to come of today's events. Thanks

Sending in Coordinate corrections.....

I am getting reports from file managers letting me know that they are getting emails requesting that their coordinates be changed because they are a bit off.

The difference being only a few feet, front of the store or in the street versus in the parking lot.


I would like to wish a happy Veterans day to all the vets. both past and present. I thank, and Salute you.

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How can i make buddy and how does it help?

What is special about speed & redlight alerts?

I am wondering what is special about the speed & redlight POI's that enable them to pop up on my Garmin 660 with a red warning bar at the top of the display. None of the other POI's such as rest areas show up automatically as do the speed & redlight files. If you can tell me what makes this happen, how can I modify other POI's to bring up an alert automatically when I am approaching the POI.

Black Friday 2008 Plans

OK everyone, we are just a few weeks away from one of the best shopping days of the year. Please post links to great deals, and your plans for your Black Friday purchases.

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Contributors of the Week 2008-11-03

This week we are recognizing Grush and Ramcruzer.

Grush, You have been asking some very interesting questions lately that have shed light on things that other people may have been curious about. It is really nice to have you join our community. You are so nice and I really look forward to reading what you write.

Chit Chat Thread for the week of November 10, 2008

This is the place to talk about things that are not gps related, you can discuss whatever you would like, as long as it is clean. Remember we have families that have their children involved in the GPS fun and we don't want to make parents feel uncomfortable when their children ask what that word means.

Have fun...

This thread will be closed on Monday and a new one will be opened.

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