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Garmin redlight

how do I download redlight camera info from this websitr to my Garmin nuvi 250w?

Download ALL POI

Is there a way to download ALL the POI on this site onto my Garmin?

BlackBerry Storm, yet another taker on the iPhone

iBerry? Perhaps... Too bad Wi-Fi will not be offered. Not surprising from Verizon though. They will probably block users from installing 3rd party GPS applications as well.



Question about minutes and seconds on land plat.

Can someone please help me?

I currently have a powerline tower on my land, and am wanting to build, but unsure where it is from the reading. this is what it says

plat wrote:
Nuvi 360 with 2009 maps.


Is there a place on this site that has an example brochure that I can copy? I'm not good with words, but would like to print brochures to post in truck stops about POI Factory. Specifically pointing to my files, but also letting drivers know about the whole site. I do know how to make the brochure using MS Word, but it's the wording I need help with.

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How do I upload photos in my "new topic"?

Unlike other forums that I belong too. I don't see an upload choice after I create a new topic. How do you upload pics? Or why is this not an option? I find photos, especially in the "how to" and "installation" type very helpful. A little help please.

Contributors of the week 2008-09-29

This week we are recognizing Struemper, Worrieddude and Sassafrass.

Struemper, You have been keeping me up to date on what is happening with the Red light cameras being installed in Missouri. You submitted a perfect report, you included the Coordinates and everything. I really appreciate how thorough you were in compiling, verifying and submitting this data.

Chit Chat Thread for the week of October 06, 2008

This is the place to talk about things that are not gps related, you can discuss whatever you would like, as long as it is clean. Remember we have families that have their children involved in the GPS fun and we don't want to make parents feel uncomfortable when their children ask what that word means.

Have fun...

This thread will be closed on Monday and a new one will be opened.

Miss POI

file extensions

I'd like to know, it's probably here on the site somewhere, why some posts have two file extensions. GPX and csv I think are the two.
Is one better than the other for my Nuvi 650?

AOL survey

I don't use AOL as my electronics guide, but for those who are interested, this is a paste from their GPS survey. The next nine include HP, TomTom, Magellen etc but I don't remember in what order they are ranked. If anyone cares I would be willing to go back and check for you.

#1 Garmin Nuvi 880 1 of 10

nuvi 785 nuvi 350, nuvi 270, GTM 20, jag in dash, mercedes in dash.

Recommendation for new Forum Topic?

I'd like to recommend a new forum topic......a POI or GPS software related topic? I've seen quite a few postings for POI editors, voice editors, etc throughout the various forums. I think it would be helpful to have them listed in a separate, dedicated forum with the topics locked. I find myself frequently searching through forum discussions looking for software links.

Automobile dash suction mount!

idea Will the car manufacturer realize that a dash suction mount is needed for all the GPS or other gadgets.

GPS on tracks

I was recently reading one of the threads addressing the GPS use in commercial aircraft. I did try that with a handheld (after 9/11) and had no problems. It was a diversion that kept me amused and made the flight a bit more enjoyable. My question now is, has anyone tried it on a train? The last time I drove north on I-95 doing about 85mph in a 70mph area. a boat passed me.

nuvi 785 nuvi 350, nuvi 270, GTM 20, jag in dash, mercedes in dash.

Web cam broadcasting suggestions

You all are very tech-savvy, so I thought I'd see if you all could help:

I've gotten way in over my head in promising to try to broadcast my cousin's wedding live via webcam so that her brother's wife can watch and others whom may be able to unattend due to traveling restrictions (money restrictions, that is).

Take pleasure in all the small things...like my Garmin 350 ;-)~

Let's hear from you,

Lets hear what the community has to say or think about this topic.

Is Garmin an all American company?

1) Where is the headquarters?
2) Where are they engineered?
3) Where are the products made? And different models?
4) Where are they assembled?
5) Where are they packaged?
6) Where is tech support located?
7) Do they actually make their own maps? or edit them?

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New here

I've been a long-time owner/user of a Garmin GPS 12. Old tech for sure, but until now it has served me well. A friend's mom was giving us a ride and she was showing off her new Nuvi and I was instantly hooked. It's in the mail right now!

Ride the World

Accident after following GPS

Another person followed the GPS instructions, instead of using common sense- stuck on the train tracks. His car was destroyed, but he was unhurt.


NUVI 680, NUVI 5000, MS S&T,

Anybody noticed this?

I have a 650 and a 750. I purchased the 750 a month or two ago, it seems that it is not as bright as my 650... Can this be true or is there something wrong with my 750? Or my eyes? I have the brightness turned up, so it isn't that.

John - with a Garmin 650 and a 750

California allows windshield mounts effective 1/1/09

SB 1567 just signed by governor will be effective 01/01/2009 allows limited use of gps windshield mount.

SB 1567, Oropeza. Windshield: GPS device.
Existing law prohibits any person, except as specified, from driving any motor vehicle with any object or material placed, displayed, installed, affixed, or applied in or upon the vehicle that
obstructs or reduces the driver's clear view through the windshield or side windows.

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Bail out

Ok, the question has to be asked. How will the bail out plan, or lack off, effect your traveling plans.