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I recently became a GPS user. Man.... after learning what a Nuvi can do... I should have bought one years ago! I ran across this awesome website the first weekend I had the Nuvi, and downloaded the red light camera and rest stop POI's. Incredible stuff!!

I'm thrilled to see such an awesome community of helpful folks on the 'net. smile

-Paul E -Nuvi 780

New guy on the block.

I have been hanging around here for a while and learned a lot of things I can do with my GPS. This site is fantastic and full of info. I knew about POIs but didn't know where and how to get them until I found this site. Very friendly too.
Take care.

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Cool Charger

This looks like a really handy charger, especially for those who travel ( http://usb.brando.com.hk/prod_detail.php?prod_id=00844 )

It has five USB ports so you can charge your GPS and any other USB devices in your arsenal (cell phone etc) simultaneously. At $22 (usd) it's pricier than a typical USB wall plug charger though.

Cheers wink

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Like TourGuide POI

Have setup quite a few TourGuide files and I really like them. Still have some work to do on setting the distances, but like the fact that you get alerts if you are within the defined distance, rather than you having to be on the same road.

I appreciate all the help I have received from the people of this site. That is the reason this is such a great site, always someone willing to help.

Meet Your Friends Halfway; A Place Between Us

It seems like every so often family or friends want to "meet halfway" for something. I ran across these sites: http://a.placebetween.us/

Software Idea

There are some members who have created some great software for GPS use, so I am providing an idea for some software.

Here is the idea:

The Windmill Turns - Who have you loaned your faithful GPS to (name) and where did it go?

I have just given my daughter a loan of my faithful GPS (Doris) for a long trip to live in a new town - but only for a few weeks.

I know we often talk about the places we have been - but there is a whole new subject there to keep the Windmill turning - and the stuff of legend - where has your GPS been without you! How exotic and how far from home?

New use for red light cameras

The city of Chicago announced today they were thinking about using red light cameras to nab uninsured motorists.

Whats next?!

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Ring all phones

Don't think anyone has posted this yet.This morning going to bowling alley I heard about Google starting a free service that will ring all your phones at one time.Googled it for information and here is the link. http://www.businessweek.com/the_thread/techbeat/archives/200...

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New user, POI Factory

Just a note to say, Thank You. I have had my Kenwood DNX7100 with Garmin GPS for 2 years now. I always thought it should do more. Now, since finding POI Factory, it has all the things I thought it should have, from the start. This site is just AWSOME. I am telling all my friends to come over and join up. Thanks again.


Contributors of the week 2009-03-09

This week we are recognizing Charlesd45 and A_user.

Charlesd45, Your profile pic is perfect. It says, hey I am the greeter, welcome to the group and I am your new friend.

I love your posts, it is great to have you as one of our community leaders.

Chit Chat Thread for the week of March 16th 2009

This is the place to talk about things that are not gps related.

Have fun...

This thread will be closed on Monday and a new one will be opened.

Miss POI

voice alerts on redlight-cameras

I found the instructions about adding custom alert sounds to be very helpful. One thing that I think could be added is that the poi files must be renamed the same prior to the download to your computer. If you rename them after the download, they will not work.


new guy here. just googled wisconsin rustic roads poi and found this place. we have had our zumo 550 for about two years and love it. we use it almost every time we leave town either on the motorcycle or in the car. looking to learn a lot here and hopefully be able to contribute too.
gots lots of reading to do

My 2 GPSrs Cannot Find Location?

I just put in the correct address on both my GPSrs and neither can find the below location. I decided to try another address near that exact location that I am looking for and that wasn't found either.

The address is: 100 US Highway 22, Green Brook, NJ

Can anyone advise, why this is happening?


Alan-Garmin c340

Pick your own Oranges (Florida)

Any POIs for 'Pick your Own' Orance orchards in/around Florida ?


Red Light Cameras

Red Light Cameras are being suspended in some locations because of cost.


Free Program to Download Tracks

This program just showed up on the Apple site today. I’ve looked at it quickly and it looks pretty good. Perhaps it can be used along with Garmin Road Trip. It’s a free download at http://www.houdah.com/houdahGPS/

John Every Day Above Ground is a Good Day! Nuvi 360,660 and 780

Tour Guide Name

If you create a file with tourguide in the name, it will give proximity alert for the locations in the poi file that are not on the road you are travelling on. Is this correct?

If this is correct, how do you set the distance for the alert? Do you use the manual mode? Or, can you have an entry in the file?



JD4x4's guide to nuvi GPX / CSV display differences FAQ discussion

This is a discussion related the the linked FAQ. If you see changes that you would like to see made please post them here.

You can also use this as a place to thank the wonderful author who worked hard to put this together.

Great Job JD4X4 !!!! I know that this is going to be a useful resource for users.

Miss POI