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Guide for Loading POI to GPS

I've talked to a few GPS owners about downloading POIs from this site and usually get the same reaction. They don't realize this is possible, don't know how to do it, think it is too complicated, etc. I'm wondering if we can make it easier for owners of any brand GPS to use POIs from this site.

New Technology

Most of the poi factory posts are naturally directed to motoring and new technology. I am sure that I am not favorably impressed with some of these. Toyota, for example, is developing a brake system that will stop your car at stop signs if you don't.
This is not for me; I want to choose when and where I stop.

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New Search Feature to find POI Files at POI-Factory

We have added a new search feature. If you go to the POI Files tab located here http://www.poi-factory.com/poifiles you can now use our new "Search for POI Files" link to find things more quickly. http://www.poi-factory.com/search/pfc

Try it out and let us know how you like it. POI Packages will always be at the top of the list.

Miss POI

Downloadable Routes For Christmas Lights

AS I was driving home tonight enjoying some of the Christmas lights, I began to wonder if anybody has seen any down loadable routes for Christmas lights anywhere?

Google Earth export

I have been playing around with the "send" feature in google maps to send addresses to my garmin nuvi.
This seems to work well but I like Google Earth much better than Google maps (I know google maps has all the info I just like the look and feel of google earth better).
So...... I was wondering if anyone knows if/how you can export an address from google earth to a garmin device.

Battery Replacement

Hey Gang:

Officer I'm sorry I was going the wrong way on that one-way street but my GPS told me to turn left ... Oh, I'm still getting a ticket, okay then the GPS will see ya in court!

FM TMC- Traffic receiver service

If you live in the California Bay area and use the FM TMC

Contributors of the Week 2008-12-01

This week we are recognizing Jim8650, DorkusNimrod, and WorldDrknss.

Jim8650, You have jumped into the waters and have become a new favorite in the forums. I appreciate your insight and assistance. You ask great questions and are very appreciative of the feedback that you inspire. It is nice to have you as one of my top posters this last week.

Chit Chat Thread for the week of December 8, 2008

This is the place to talk about things that are not gps related.

Have fun...

This thread will be closed on Monday and a new one will be opened.

Miss POI

This morning someone else got the worm and started the weekly discussion. I have merged the two together;)

Miss POI

tips for a week in hawaii?

i'm going to hawaii next week and spending a week there. Will be leaving form LAX to HNL. I've rented a car x7 days (arggh...I was stupid cuz no refunds...) via priceline. Just thought about going to maui or big island too. Saw a poi file w/ someone's hawaii trip. Will be carrying around nuvi. Are list minute flights from hnl to maui in the $180's range?


I am new to the gps scene and wanted to know if this site has much support for the Chattanooga area. This is a vary cool community I really glad that I found it!

No more preaching

I’m going to try for a posting where I don’t get beaten down to a pulp.

I like this website
I like my GPS
I think the United States is a good place in which to live
I’‘m in favor of baseball, football, Mom and apple pie
I think world peace would be fine too

OK guys. take your best shot.

nuvi 785 nuvi 350, nuvi 270, GTM 20, jag in dash, mercedes in dash.

Thank You POI Factory Folks!

As a first-time POI Factory visitor, I just want to say thank you so much for this web site and the work people do to provide POI files. This stuff is way-cool and we are putting it to immediate use.

XM Antenna

Does anybody happen to know if an XM antenna will work for a GPS? Are they the same antenna connector and are the frequencies close?

Google Earth Plus phase out

Got word this week that the Plus with its GPS interaction is being phased out. They will be supporting it for those who ask, over the next three months only. Meanwhile, the GPS features of Plus they say they will try to incorporate into the free Google Earth. I think that is a good move on their part.

"Making tracks..." {:)-<=| Nuvi 880

New guy from Florida


Just got my Zumo 450 and looking forward to using it with this site smile I do a lot of motorcycle riding and I'm usually the leader. I love creating routes and taking people on roads they've never been on before.

I already contributed in the best burgers thread and plan on posting more stuff up.



HI, I got a nuvi 260 when they first came out but soon got rid of it and opted to use the gps on my phone. I had gotten tried of using the phone as it would not work in areas without service. So, when I saw a nuvi 200 on sale, I got one. Good to be back.

New Software In Works

This version is no longer in development.

Please visit the new thread at:


I'm a newbie to the forum. Looking forward to contributing to and benefiting from the forum.