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How's Your Weather

First Hello to all POI Factory Buddies, I have missed chating with all, have been running the roads with my NUVI driving a Motorcoach full of happy travelers. Arrived back in Etex to find the weather HOT HOT HOT with no rain in site. Was 103 at 5pm yesterday and the nose to the window forcast says it is gonna be another one - so thought I would see how you all would be doing

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How to create a POI file?

Hello, I just bought a Garmin nuvi 370 and need help with creating a POI file for my area.


What would I use TinyPic for on POIFactory?

Yesterday I explored TinyPic.com, set up an account to upload photos. How could I use that account with my POIFactory account?

I believe it was Motorcycle Mama who first mentioned the TinyPic website. I did not realize that I could put a html code into a message and have a picture appear. Of course this was on a forum at another website.

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Animated GIF Avatar

So why is it that some folks here can get an animated gif avatar working in their profile and I can't?

I tried a couple times and I don't get the animation to work, just a still image. I've checked the only 2 rules I've found - dimensions no larger than 85x85 and less than 25KB file size and the gif I tried is within those limits.

It works OK locally on my PC when I double-click it.

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Another Newbe with a Garmin Nuvi 750

Hia all.....

I just got a 750 for my birthday and, while it works fine, I have no idea on how to put POI's and extras in. Do I need a extra memory card? PC software?
I have managed to update the map to 2009 after purchase but thats all I know. Can you point me to the right posts?



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Newbie to POI Factory...Hello to All

Signed up today (7/31/08) and can't wait to add some POIs. Creating POIs does not sound too difficult and hope to be able to contribute some ideas that I have.

Currently using a TOMTOM ONE XL-S. Had to shelf my viaMichelin X930. Not as user friendly as I thought it would be. You get what you pay for! (it's 4 sale)

Member Status

OK, since I have to post X amount of times before I can download many of the valuable tools on this site, let us mark this as the first of 3... I really dont have the emotional energy to engage in discussion, but would like to use this site. I guess I could just pay, but this is the internet... Cmon, when was the last time you payed for user provided content? Hmmm...

how do i tell a Garmin Nuvi 260 to follow a US route number.

I am planing a 3 week raod trip from Rochester NY to Eugen Oregon i would like to take mostly US route 20
going west and US route 60 coming back. Is there a way to specify a US route number as the main route of travel?

Reair & Towing For All The Truckers Out Here

Here is a good site for all your on the Road needs For Repair , Tires, Towing, And What ever Else you might Need


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changing user name

Is it possible to change my user name without starting all over.

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GPS skipping short cut

Hey I am planning a trip to Boise ID and noticed that my nuvi 360 used the interstate all the way. If I enter a via point on state hwy 221 it drops 9 miles and a few minutes off of my travel. If I ask it to take me from Prosser WA to Hermiston OR it will take that shortcut.

Will nuvi 265W, Vista HCX, amateur radio

Unusual Traffic Designs, How your GPSr handles them, and the Michigan Left Turn

There is a phenomenon in Kentwood, MI known as the "Michigan Left Turn". This maneuver requires you to go past the intersection where you want to make a left, then make a u-turn in specially provided places, return to your intersection and make a right turn.

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Map Source

Is there a thread on the site about making speed poi's with mapsource?
If not, is it possible to make one using mapsource that will go on a poi file and not put them in the my favorite file?

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How's your FAT?

An interesting tidbit that may or may not help a few that have asked 'how to format my SD card'.

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What is "flash memory?" SD? SDHC?

After someone pointed me in the right direction, I found this info on Tigerdirect.com and hope they don't mind if I pass it on. I for one have puzzled over the compatibility of different formats for my Garmin Nuvi 880. Maybe this will be useful to others:

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msn transmit directly to GPS

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Bad road, Bad Garmin or Bad driver?!?

While surfing another website, I came across this thread of someone following their Garmin directions.
The person writing did not state too clearly wether the driver was following a route to a destination or not.

I hope the link works.



New update for:Garmin Communicator Plugin software version 2.6.1

I visited the Garmin site and it has a new update for the Communicator Plugin. http://www8.garmin.com/support/download_details.jsp?id=3607

Change History
Changes made from version 2.5.2 to 2.6.1:
Aviation databases can now be updated and/or installed from a Garmin Web Site.

Chit Chat Thread for the week of July 28th 2008

This is the place to talk about things that are not gps related, you can discuss whatever you would like, as long as it is clean. Remember we have families that have their children involved in the GPS fun and we don't want to make parents feel uncomfortable when their children ask what that word means.

Have fun...

This thread will be closed on Monday and a new one will be opened.

Contributors of the week 2008-07-21

This week we are recognizing Tailspin, Ktempesta, and Gofish

Tailspin, It is so nice to have you as a part of our family. You are always so helpful and knowledgeable about so many different things. This week you really helped out with your advice about "Text-to-Speech" programs.