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Red light and speed Poi's

I think this site is one of the best but it seems to have so many topics about those subject, speed, red light radar ??????

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Knight Rider GPSr Mio

Anyone got one of these? Any thoughts on it. I saw one yesterday, but didn't play with it a lot. I think that the red lights would get on the nerves at night, but again, it would be a reat visual alert if you have the mute on

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Is there an FM adapter available in a CD format?

Hi All,

A friend has a Nuvi 680 but he doesn't have a cassette player in his car, he has a CD player.

Is there a "CD adapter" available. that will perform the same function. as the cassette adapter?

Thanks for your time.



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Hi. I am new to Garmin. I have been using CoPilot and I am surprised by the lack of POI's on my unit. I have a Nuvi 750. Are all the garmin units this way?

Question about gpx files for a nuvi

With alll the recent problems with the v4.10 update to my nuvi 750, i copied my gpx files from the unit to my computer in case i would ever have to reinstall all my "favorites" on a new unit. With that my question would be:For the past 6 months i have been saving all my daily work stops as favorites.

I'm new & missing something here

I am new to GPS units and I just found this site the other day. I loaded up some of the POI's with bitmaps onto my Garmin 760. If I go through the 'Go to', Extras, Custom POI's ect, it will route me to the destination I choose. This tells me the POI's are loaded and working.

First GSP

So I just recently got my first GSP. It's a Garmin c580. I've been having loads of fun with it but wanted to know if there are any recommended sites to make it more useful. Not saying it's not already loaded just as a habit I like to "mod" things. Excellent site btw.

GPS on Cell Phones

I noticed that my cell has a GPS locator for the system to see where you are at all time or for 911 emergency only.

What I decided to do is to let me be trace to where I am with the GPS because you never know if you could be in a situation that you wish someone could find your location in case of emmergency.

Let me know the pros and cons of this?

A few questions

How do I submit new POIs? Do you want the coordinates of cemeteries if I don't know the name (no name was found)? Is Excel an acceptable format?

I already loved my nuvi 350...

and now I found this site! WAHEE! A big thanks from this newbie for all the great POIs here grin I'm officially addicted!

Oh - and I just updated my nuvi's software for the first time after owning my favorite toy for almost a year thanks to something I read here - who knew?! smile

Attention Alleghany,

I am having problems trying to get a hold of you, all your email addy's bounce back and the one through the system is also bouncing. Can you please send me an email that works please.


Miss POI

MMMMMM... Donuts!

Taking a break from POI building and I thought I'd relate this story.

I had started working for a company involved in real estate last spring and on occasion I was late for appointments because I got lost in the neighborhood due to similar street names.

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Once you load the poi choice, how can you tell exactly where it is on your device?

Can you see it listed under the same subject or do you have to decipher where it is in the massive poi's massive list on your device. I have the Garmin Nuvi 260. Thank you?

New User :)

Hey everyone. I just recently got a new cell phone the AT&T Tile with built in GPS. I have Garmin Mobile XT and the software on my PC to make the maps and other things. I look forward to reading and learning as I am new to GPS devices. So far things are working great but I am sure I will receive help from this site smile.



how do i get the backup camera to work on my backup camera & gps navigation system? i have everyhing hooked up the right way

Just found site

Hi Everyone,
I just found this site and I think it's great and thank everyone for helping.


Nüvi 880's on eBay for $538.98 each (112 units available)

Hi All,

Just saw a seller on eBay offering Nüvi 880's @ US $538.98 each, with free shipping. The seller says there are 112 units for sale...

Check it out...


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Voice Recognition

On my recent trip I used my Nuvi to help me find restaurants and lodging. I either had to stop or hit food and lodging while I was driving. Wouldn't it be great it they operated with voice recognition in addition to touch screen? I guess that is the future model that hasn't come out yet!!

I tripped going up the escalator and I fell for an hour and a half!

Can I use the same POI files and red light cameras file for both Garmin and Magellen GPS?

I am using the Garmin GPS now and my friend just bought a Magellen GPS. I am usually load the POI and Red light cameras files to my Garmin GPS and I just wonder that can I use those files (without any modify)and load to my friend Magellen GPS?

Any advices would appreciates.

Just saying hello....

Hi Folks. Just a quick Howdy from a GPS Noob. I just got a Garmin Streetpilot C340 today (my first GPS) and I'm just getting the hang of it.
It looks like there's a lot of good info on the site, and some friendly folks, so I'll probably spend some time lurking about and soaking in as much as I can.

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