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Free Google 411 (no ads)

I did a quick search, didnt see this anywhere in the forums. I originally got an email telling me about a free google 411 service. I was skeptical. However, i graduated with a few people who work for google.

Thanks everyone

Recently bought a 260W, first GPS. Has helped numerous times when we are out cruising on the bike looking for gas stations in the countryside.

Spent a couple hours on this site and learned a lot about POIs. Have successfully downloaded a number of useful ones with help and advice from having read a number of informative postings. Great site, great bunch of users.

Thanks to all.

New guy from Michigan

Think I may have posted incorrectly a few minutes ago. I just found this site and joined. Fairly new to GPS (currently have garmin nuvi 260) and the thought of adding points of interests that are not in they current unit intregues me!!
I apologize to Major as I did not intend to hi-jack his thread, so I am posting here to make sure I get to the right place?

GPS innovation (camera video w/ nav overlay)

a new era of GPS is about to be introduced in September by Blaupunkt


amazing stuff - we probably will not see that in the usa ;>(

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Good Evening,
Just wanted to say hi!

I am impressed with the site and I hope to be a contibutor real soon.

I live in Yuma Arizona and I own a Garmin 660.

Major, Yuma

Garmin 1490

Need help installing POI to Garmin

Hello , I hope someone can help me as I am not real computer savy and have only had my GPS one week. I downloaded the walmart poi to my documents. I created a folder and named it gpspoi and saved the walmart download there.

Can't find it ???

Hi everyone,

I'M trying to find a web site that we often here of on POI Factory. I want to refer it to one of my frient.

I know that it's a member web page where he explain in details in many sections the how to proceed in the POI ceation world.

I made some research but just can't find it.

I'm sure one of you will know waht i'm taking about......

THanks for your help

------------------ BigBen63 / Bernard / From Montreal

Cons for WAAS

The pros are pretty obvious; Better accuracy for locations, but what are the disadvantages? Does it take longer at startup? Assuming that it requires more power, is there any disadvantage to turning it on when not on battery? And finally, why is it turned off when reverting to factory setting?

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What is the BEST GPS for traffic (DASH EXPRESS IS TERRIBLE!!!)


I live in the Los Angeles area, and purchased a Dash Express to help alleviate my traffic pains. Unfortunately, the Dash Express fails on every level. The routing is horrible-- it refuses to take surface streets into account-- and the traffic data is absolutely atrocious. Simply put, it touts real-time traffic, but never delivers on that promise.

Very nice site

As a newbie to the world of Nuvi(s) and POI's I would like to say that there sure is a wealth of information here. Thanks to those authors of the various POI's,
especially the Hamradio repeaters and Rest Area POI's.
I am just a breath away from ordering a Nuvi 750 but the chatter about the 4.0 upgrade has given me pause.

Online Maps Wiping Out History?

The BBC has a story "Online maps 'wiping out history'"

Since POIs are located on these maps, I thought perhaps others might be interested.

Online maps serve a very specific purpose: everyday route planning, not tourism
-Ryan, Glasgow

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mp3 files too loud

I have downloaded some mp3 files for the POI and some mp3 levels are recorded at a high volume and it puts the Garmin at the max level when it plays.
I have to choose the proper mp3 to go with the POI file.

Small GPS devices help prosecutors win convictions

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Geotagging Digital Photos

It's a pretty long article for me to cut and paste here, so I've posted the link below.
From CNET.com

"How geotagging works"

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can non-TTS gps units tell us how they customized there voice file..

Hello, I noticed that many non-TTS users like myself are having difficulty using the primative voice editor tool. It is definitely more difficult to use then the TTS software provided from GPS passions. I would like this forum topic to solely deal with non-TTS customizing and how you guys did it.

California Assembly OKs authorization of GPS installation on windshields

The California Assembly unanimously approved a bill that would allow drivers to take advantage of technology intended to help with navigation.


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Newbie Dumb Question

I am just getting started a few minutes ago. When I dowload a poi file, and go to place them in a folder, they are all assigned the name "active CSV" even though I downloaded two completely different files. Shouldn't they have unique names such as "Stateparks.csv" BBQspots.csv"etc.?

Guess I should introduce myself....

Top of the Mornin' to ya!

How do you include the sound alerts in the poi files

Hi All: Just wanted to know if anyone could tell me how to download the sound alerts in the POI files and then how do you get the sounds coordinated with the file in the garmin nuvi 760? Thanks for your help.