POI files doubling up in Garmin Nuvi 1490 using POI loader


For some reason when I save my poi's into my computer and then install into my Nuvi 1490 they double up . I have 2 installs of my files??

Are you deleting the older ones?

Are you deleting the older ones?
Are you changing the name on them?

Hook it up to the computer and see what you have showing in the poi folder on the nuvi.

Nuvi 2460LMT.

SD Card

Check the POI folder on the SD card too if you have one installed.

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Two .gpi files

This just happened to me. I had two of every POI. I connected the nuvi to the PC and looked in the Garmin/POI folder and there were two files in there: poi.gpi and Custom POIs.gpi. Many of the same POIs must have been in both of these files.

poi.gpi was made by an older version of POI Loader while Custom POIs.gpi was made by the current version of POI Loader. Custom POIs is the name of the folder in the PC that I browse to so POI Loader can find the poi files. I needed to delete poi.gpi and only use Custom POIs.gpi

Do not delete anything inside the nuvi folders before you make a backup - see the FAQs! However, it is easy to fix this and you do not have to delete files if you don't want to do it that way. Just run POI Loader and click on "remove all POIs from the nuvi." This removes only the custom POIs, not the Garmin POIs that came with the nuvi. After this there will be no .gpi files in the nuvi.

Then run POI Loader again to install the POIs and you will have one of every POI.

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