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Market penetration of Portable GPS?

Can anyone point me to some figures about the current market that the Portable devices such as the Garmins and Toms Toms (Ones that can accept custom POIs) have here in the US?? I found a few articles but they are from 2005 or from the UK and Europe??

I am not looking for the hand helds but rather the Nuvis etc for cars and turn by turn directions...Sorry for the confusion!

Thank you!!

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What is wrong with me

I obviously have an illness of sorts. An obsession. I find myself reading this forum every few hours throughout each and every day. And sometimes finding myself wandering to other GPS sites, as well. All over a little device that tells me how to get to a specific destination (albeit, not always the best way).

Download Problem

rolleyes How do I get back to the POI factory download manager. I screwed up and tried to use my Star Downloader
when it auto started. Didn't work for POI files. Now I can't get any files downloaded. Thanks for any suggestions.

First trip with Garmin nuvi 260W

I've had the device for two weeks and probably a day or two more. It's been good so far with a quick response. But I'm not here to give an account on the unit itself, only that I went on a small trip for a few days armed only with the GPS receiver itself.

Buying first unit

I need a GPS unit and I Have compared 750 to 5000. Is it worth the money? I Need to find very accurately directions on the go for hard to find State Roads (sr #'s) with no names as well as named roads and addresses. I see alot of discussion about the 750. Which one do you recommend? Does any come with the 2009 maps already loaded or do they all have to be down loaded.

Im back

Yo im back from CO.NJ to CO in a 24 ft Winnebago Minnie We towed an empty tow dolly out to bring back a 1999 Chrysler Concorde whic was a pain to get on the dolly but worked great Actually Ive been back for a week but the computer im using now came back from the shop for an upgrade and I fried the video card on my laptop) Those Walmart POIs were a lifesaver bcz on the way out we stopped at a Walma

Nicpfeif12 Garmin Nuvi 5000 =)/ Winnebago 24f Minnie/ PHILLIES 07 NL east champps/ Philidelphia PHILLIES 2008 World Champss/ PHILLIES 09 NL CHAMPS/ 2010 NL EAST CHAMPIONS

Using a GPS on the road to its full potential (TomTom, Garmin, Magellan, Nuvi)

I work in California, and live in Tennessee, therefore, I am not familiar with the area. Second, I travel as much as I can. Lengthy trips on weekends when I can. So, I am collecting Points of Interest (POIs). Now, how can I use that data to me best advantage?

Oh! So that's what that thing is for . . .

I picked up a Garmin 660 more than a week ago but hadn't used it in the car (except for my gf acting as navigator) because I was dubious about that window mount. I finally decided to give a beanbag a try, although I was sure it would fall off the slanted dash of my Ford Five Hundred. surprised

I am doing some site clean up....

So don't be alarmed if your file shows up in the recently updated area and you have not been making changes. It is just me moving some things around and getting us more organized.

Miss POI

Magellan 10000 POI/file limitation

Heya! I was downloading some of the AWESOME outdoor large POI groups (IE Trails, Lakes, Islands, etc) and it would be great if there was some way to load them onto my Magellan 2200T. However, there is a 10K limit to the POI per file (at least for my model - it says so in the POI File Editor). Is there any way to get around that limitation?

Friendly reminder not to repost Files form other sites (including ours)

I just want to send out a friendly reminder to not post files that you find on other points of interest sites. Here is our FAQ regarding this topic http://www.poi-factory.com/node/820

It takes time and energy to build these POI Files and I do not want POI Factory to get a reputation of not respecting the work of others in the GPS community.

Is Magellan better than Garmin?

I've had both and love Garmin-ease of use! What about you?


Anyone else see the irony in the Adult Club POI>>>>

being a fast riser?!?!?! smile

Regards, Ted

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New User - dropping a hello on you all

Wow. Glad I registered at my.garmin.com once I upgraded to this new Garmin unit. Found this awesome site and registered straight away!

I don't know what if any contributions I may be able to make to anything. I'll browse through the projects Forum area and see if there is anything I might be able to do. I have to learn how to make files, etc.

Charlotte, NC

GPX-POI file generator online

I found this on the web , thought I'd share .

putting states on poi files info

When I down load a file from the site (ie. school zone,Cracker Barrel ect.) the file shows the city.
Is it possible to put the state in front of the city when they are made that way when they are down loaded so we can select the one we need and not all the others
to save space on gps.
Or is it there and I am doing something wrong?

Go Figure--Nuvi880

Longitude and latitude on Live Search Maps

I can see them in Google Earth, but how can i see them in Microsofts " Live Searc Maps"



Contact author of a POI File

How do I contact the author of a POI file, I have made some changes to his file and would like to submit them to him.



Minneapolis trip

Later this month I'll be going to Minneapolis/St. Paul. This 1,068(as says in the gps) will have me waste a lot of money on trip. Before I go, I wonder if there was any good poi's I could put on my favorites. I already downloaded all the poi files in the Minneapolis City Project. Just wondering if there is anything else that might be interesting for me to see.

Nuvi 350

North America NT 2009

Has anyone purchased the NT 2009 update yet? If so can you tell that much difference between it and the NT 2008? What's the difference in the maps?