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Wifi locations

i found this site that lists usa Wifi locations

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garmin and google

do you have to pay in order to use the google map to garmin gps feature ? thanks glenn

harley icon

wondering if anyone has a harley icon for the garmin


Downloaded Bart SF, file but only one loaded to my Nuvi

I downloaded the Bart SF file and when I opened it in my poi folder, there were 42 stations but when I loaded it to my 680, with the rest of my pois using poi loader, it loaded the file but only had one station that showed..the 12st Oakland City Center station. Anyone experience this or have any thoughts as to why?

loading files

is garmin poi loader the only one for down loading files or is there others

Notifications on updated POI files?

Is there a way to get RSS feed or email notifications if a POI file I am interested in is updated? Its nice to remain up to date on POI's

free software

Hi has anybody used or seen easy gps by topografix free gps software for your garmin gps just wondering if it is easy to use and can it be put on to a garmin 650 gps.

i want to disscuss for excel sheet information to convert into klm format

cool hi
i want to learn how i could be able to see all my locations are already on excel sheet with the cordinates and location names

Get satellite picture from coordinates

If you have coordinates, what is the best way to get a satellite picture of that location?

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Garmin/Google Maps Waypoints vs. Routes

I saw a few posts with people being excited with google maps offering a means to download waypoints directly to our Garmin GPS.

Then, there were people complaining about the fact that the GPS only got way points and not the routes generated by Google Maps.

making a trail

If I was out whitetail deer hunting and wanted to walk to different points in a wooded area and make a trail to follow to get back to the point I marked how would I go about it I have a garmin 650 gps

Map errors aren't always totally bad.

Traveling from Durham, NC to Chapel Hill today, my Garmin Nuvi 200 indicated that I should exit left. In reality, the exit I needed was to the right. So I just kept on, and let the Nuvi "recalculate". It took me off the interstate onto a secondary road, which annoyed me since it was lunch time and I had planned to stop at the first convenient place I came to.

"Recalculating... drive 0.2 miles, then abandon vehicle." ------------- [ETrex Venture CX; Nüvi 200]

Tim Hortons in GTA

I have my gps set up for a 1/4 mile alert for Tim Hortons. Last night I went to Toronto for the Sabres/Leafs game and realized that while in Toronto, that alert was a bad thing. The GPS never stopped beeping. It did not take me long to turn off the alerts.

bluetooth file transfers

Does anybody have or know of GPS units that support bluetooth file transfers? I think it could be helpful... especially if you don't have or can't find your data transfer USB cable.

Starting and Replying to Topics

This is just my view and suggestion. When starting a topic use something to identify the subject in the topic name. When replying use the same topic title to keep the reply in that topic. I know this is a little harder to do in the open forum but I have had times when I replied to a post in my unread file and then read the nest topic and the same thing was there.

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Just got off the phone......I'm a winner


Hi Everyone,

I just got off the phone with Garmin as I wanted to inquire about the possible update to the 2009 maps.The asked me to provide my serial number and when I did, they told me that my unit was the 1 millionth 660 to be sold this year and that I had won an all expense paid vacation for two to Hawaii.

Woooooooooooo Hoooooooooooo!!

Your Portion Of Light Whether you are a brilliant flame or but a tiny spark matters not-for the world needs whatever portion of light is yours to give.


I am sorry i know i asked this before but what website can calculate Adresses into Coordinates iam Starting aYMCAS of America POI and this is my firs time making a poi so i nedd some help

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Tom Tom VS. Garmin

I had bought a Tom Tom Go910 about 1.5 yrs ago. I traded it in for a Garmin 260w. Was that a mistake?


Changing color

I bought a nuvi 260w. I am wondering if I can change the map colors. I know that I could on my tom tom 910 but not sure how to on this one


.csv editor

If anybody needs to edit .csv file or rearrange the format, there is a website that has a really good program for that. Check out