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Can the Trip/Max screen be replaced?

Hi All,

I recently downgraded my Nüvi 670's firmware from v4.30 to v4.20 (because of the (alert/.mp3 glitch) and unfortunately, in the process, lost the information on the "Max Speed" screen showing my max speed of 590 mph. I looked inside the Garmin Folder and didn't see anything that resembled that file.

So, my question is this:

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Is it possible to have a "Trade" thread?

Just practicing my General Maintainer role, Is it possible to have a thread for people who want to trade their GPSr or related accessories? It should be very useful and worthy thread giving the number of members in the forum. And, in order to avoid scams and sneaky traders we might have some rules to post in this thread, such as you should be a star member for example to be able to post.

Raw Sewage spill near POI Factory.....

Yes it really did happen, read about it here:

I love some of the stuff that floods into my in box that has part of our company name in it.

Miss POI

Anyone need the Map Update 2008 City Navigator North America NT CD?

I have two unused CD's. One we bought by mistake and cant return and one garmin sent by mistake.Send enough for postage and you can have em free.

The stars are shining.....

We have now put up the stars...

If you go to your user profile page you can now see where you are in your active and general maintainer status.

The new system is going by eastern time instead of GMT (sorry Hornbyp). Weeks run Monday through Sunday, according to the Eastern US timezone


Do I need to pay anything to get red light camera file???

Chatty Charley thread for the week of March 10th 2008

This is the place to talk about things that are not gps related, you can discuss whatever you would like, as long as it is clean. Remember we have families that have their children involved in the GPS fun and we don't want to make parents feel uncomfortable when their children ask what that word means.

Have fun...

This thread will be closed on Monday and a new one will be opened.

Contributors of the week 2008-03-03

This week we are recognizing Toyfountain and kellym8 as our contributors of the week.

Toyfountain, You contributed over 500 mp3 sound files that you made. I will be working on these sometime this week;)

Kellym8, You have been busy making sure that building supply stores and equipment rental locations for the Washington State are on the site. Great job!!!

I keep wondering..

Perhaps it's been expounded upon before, but I keep wondering if the GPS device manufacturers would at some point decide to post free map upgrades on their web sites as a means to lure more to purchase their devices vs the competitors device. Surely, they could justify adding a few bucks to the price for this incentive.

Randy C530

Know what I'd like?

I'd like it if, in each of our profiles, we'd all put the city and state (or province) where we live, and our first names. I know it'd help me conjur an image of each submitter. That's what I'd like. BTW, anyone wanted by the cops or in the witness protection program would be exempt! grin
What would someone else like in POIland?

Phil in Mentor, Ohio -- Garmin Nuvi 1450


Hi just checking it out but I see alot of garmin 200,250,350.550,740,720,but no 650 is it a bad one or they don't make them anymore could someone let me know thank you lucky


While reading this mornings paper, I saw Tom Tom had a feature for "Help", which when pressed would display nearby Police, Fire Dept's. and Hospitals.

I did not see any POI here on this subject.

Does anyone know if this exists or is someone up to the challenge?

Go Blackhawks

why why why (feature expectations)

Why people buy the least expensive model on any brand and expect to find the features of the more expensive or be able to do what the high end models do?

Is it because they never researched before buying or that the feel cheated by not having those features?

As the old saying goes "you get what you paid for"

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Speech recognition (navigate with voice commands) question...

Hi All,

The Nüvi 8XX series GPSr's are "speech recognition" (navigate with voice commands) capable.

My question:
Is the "speech recognition" (navigate with voice commands) feature accomplished through hardware, software or a combination of both?

Sullivan's Law: Murphy was an optimist!

Are you a POI Factory Star?

Jon and I are going to tease you today about a new feature that will be rolled out on Monday.

I just can't help but leave you all in suspense over the weekend wondering what we are up to now.

What do you think, are you a star here on the POI Factory?

What qualifies you as a star, what benefits and responsibilities go along with this new level within the community?

Loaded POI files Can't find

I recently downloaded a Walmart.csv file from this site. When I use my POI Loader (Garmin), I can't see the heading "Walmart" in my POI files in my 350. Many months ago I used the POI Loader to load a few POI files to my Garmin 350 and they loaded OK. I have the file in "Garmin POI" folder under Garmin.

Where is the Red Light Enforcement Cameras link for active members?

I can't seem to find the link for the "Red Light Enforcement Cameras" file, for active members.

It's not on the "Red Light Enforcement Cameras page"



Sullivan's Law: Murphy was an optimist!

Rise and rise of the GPS mobile


GPS devices are getting smaller, and over the next couple of years more and more mobile phones will come equipped with chips that communicate with satellites in space, providing pinpoint data about your location, in theory at least. In fact, mobile market leader Nokia expects to ship 35 million GPS-phones in 2008.

are gps's tax deductible?

I used to be a student and bought a gps to facilitate interviews, etc. I don't wokr in the transportation industry or anything. Could I use nuvi purchase as a tax deduction?

Monitoring POI files for recent changes

Hi, sorry if I missed the answer to this somewhere, but I couldn't find in the FAQs or forum history.

Is there a way to monitor a POI file for changes and be notified (either via email or when I log in here) to download the updated file? Or how does everyone keep up with changes when they're made?