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Editing a Post

Can anyone clarify why I can sometimes edit my post for an extended period (15 minutes?) and other times, even though the "edit" button is still there, it tells me I am not authorized.

Nuvi 660 -- and not upgrading it or maps until Garmin fixes long-standing bugs/problems, and get maps to where they are much more current, AND corrected on a more timely basis when advised of mistakes.

SchZone Not Announcing Correct

My new RL Cams and School Zones all are in working order, except for one school. It is on a straight of way highway. Going North I don't get the announcement until I am directly in front of the school. Going South, I get my announcement the 1200 feet I ask for, prior to getting to the school. What will cause this? BTW, the school is on the East side of the road if that makes a difference.

Garmin 660

GPS goof ruins quiet street

iMac 20", 10.5.6, NUVI 5000

WorldNav Truck Routing 3.5 GPS

has anybody heard of this gps? im a truck driver and i have a c550 garmin and it sometimes give me routes down where it says no trucks. and yes i have it on truck setting ,fastest just wondering if anyony heard of the WorldNav Truck Routing 3.5 GPS and is it pretty good thanks

Active Status

I was unable to post a few weeks back and noticed that I lost my active status.

I am at 5wks 4 days as my farthest point of posting, and was wondering if I need to wait another week to regain active status.

Not sure where the start/stop points are for the 3/5 rule.


Distance From School Zone

What is a good alert distance from a school zone? I set mine at 1000 great or not enough?

Garmin 660

I need help with a downloaded poi file...

I All,

I downloaded the "Hot Dog Shops And Stands" file, in two formats:
GPX - with Garmin extension (phone dial support) and
Garmin CSV - regular line breaks.

The .csv file loads and displays properly (name , address and phone number).

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POI File Icons

Dumb question here probably but I'll ask anyway......
I've loaded a couple of POI files and the associated .bmp files but when the alert goes off, all that comes up is a little gray dot so its hard to tell what I'm getting close to. What did I miss when I loaded the POI file to make it display the correct .bmp file ?

Anyone !?

Where is GPS points locator

Where can I enter addresses and get GPS points? What do you like?

School speed zones canada

Hi I am having a problem finding poi's for school zones in Canada, any sugestion would be appreciated.

upgrading the Nuvi 200 for Canada

Does anyone know the least expensive way to update the Garmin nuvi 200 to work in Canada?


Red Light AND Speed Camera

When you have both cameras at the same location, how do you treat them. Both can't go off at the same time. Are they separated in feet, as I propose below? Hear one, then hear the other?

Garmin 660

Red Light Alert Mp3

I put a Voice Mp3 (#7) alert on my SD card with the locations. Should I be able to hear it with only the Mp3 player? I look in the Mp3 file and cannot find it, or is it hidden in the .gpi files? I just wanted to see how it was going to sound. I am not doing a hard install of these files on my 660.

Garmin 660

poi won't save when downloading says to save file as "all types"

When I try to save the poi and select save file, I browse to my blank folder set up to save the file in and it trys to save as a file of all types? any cures? confused

Will Red Light Cameras...........

detection work if the GPS is operating in "View Map" only. I've not tried it, and it's too late to try now. I just wondered if it would work.

Garmin 660

On-the-fly custom POI

Just wondering what gps units will allow you to create a POI while driving, instead of having to stop, write down the coordinates, go home, create a csv file, and upload.

Seems I read TomTom did this, but I've heard such horrendous things about their maps that I don't think I'll go there.

I have a nuvi 360 that I just got, and want to nail all those traffic cameras with a minimum of fuss.

nuvi 360

Blackberry gps AIO

I did a topic search and didn't find much info on Blackberry with gps from people that actually use this device. Although I've just recently purchased my nuvi 660, I'm considering an AIO solution as I've realised I now have an additional device to hang off my belt or try to stuff in a pocket if I don't want to leave the 660 in my vehicle. Any user opinions on the Blackberry gps? Thanks

Garmin Nuvi 660 & Garmin 18 USB GPS..I'm here..somewhere

Look Ahead.....Can you?

I have a Magellan Maestro 4000. It has a few quirks that I just need to get used to but there is one BIG problem I haven't been able to work around yet.

Looking for suggestions and indications whether or not other Mfg's units have a similar problem.

If you zoom out too far, the POI icons disappear.

Magellan Maestro 4250// MIO C310X

Bluetooth v3.0 seems buggy...

Hi Bluetooth users,

My Nüvi 670 makes the bluetooth connection with my iPhone, but all of a sudden I get a "phone disconnected" message on the screen, followed shortly by the phone icon "reappearing" on the main screen. Then the whole process repeats itself, as if in a loop.

Is anyone else experiencing this behavior?

Thanks for your time.



Nüvi 670
Mac User

Sullivan's Law: Murphy was an optimist!

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Here's something that will help:

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