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Country club POI's

Is there a POI file listing "Country Clubs". Have a friend with a nuvi 200w wanting me to load a few poi's and she's wanting country clubs in the Ohio area.Didn't see anything listed...

More red-light camera talk in Columbus, Ohio area

The still-growing suburb of Pickerington may soon require POI red-light alerts ...

Nuvi 260

Formatting Error While Reading Excel File using POI 2.5 Final Related

Hi All,

I am using poi-2.5-final-20040302.jar for my project to create excel files.
My system is having Microsoft Excel 2002 (SP-2) version, but my client is having Microsoft Office Excel 2003 (SP-3).
My problem is that I can download the excel file with no formatting issues , but client is not able to download the same and is getting error as


Hi is there anybody that has poi files of campgrounds or rv camping in sask canada.

rockville, md breaking the law!

wanted to share this to my fellow drivers

A pedestrian is someone who thought there were a couple of gallons left in the tank.

Garmin SP 7200 $499.99

Don't know if this is a good buy or not but is offering the 7200 for $499.00 after a $200 discount.


THANKS MISS POI!!! ...for posting my 2 new icons in your library. Just so other folks know... one icon is an antique chair.bmp to mark your antique shops. And the other is a lil' ol' outhouse to mark rest areas on your maps. (It's kinda cute if I do say so myself). THANKS AGAIN!!!



Anyone have org..Eng.vpm file..

Hello, I have a Garmin c530 and I would like to know if anyone has the original Eng. voice file for the unit. All I have is the maximized voice Eng. file for the unit and I just wanted the version that came with the unit as a back up.

Chatty Charley thread for the week of April 14th 2008

This is the place to talk about things that are not gps related, you can discuss whatever you would like, as long as it is clean. Remember we have families that have their children involved in the GPS fun and we don't want to make parents feel uncomfortable when their children ask what that word means.

Have fun...

This thread will be closed on Monday and a new one will be opened.

Contributors of the week 2008-04-07

This week we are recognizing Tn428 and Werskine & Harpo66.

In the last 3 weeks you have submitted 20 different POI Files. I think that if we got all the sports fans together they would carry you around on their shoulders proclaiming you their hero for posting all the Radio Network files that support their teams. Great Job!!!


POI files

are now downloading as Excel files and not as .cvs files as they used too! What is wrong? What has happened? I downloaded EasyGPS to load geocaches to my Nuvi650 and now this happens. I'vs since deleted EasyGPS and when I looked in my files at the POIs they have all changed to Excel files and they have that yellow EasyGPS icon. This is not making my day! Any answers out there?

Garmin Nuvi 650, Garmin eTrexLegend, Magellan 360

showing pois'

I know on my old GPS it would show different POIs on the map while I was driving. I bought a garmin 260w and was wondering if there is away to make it do the same thing.


Has anyone created any weekend Midwest trip POI's

What I want to stimulate with this topic is someone who posssibly went on a weekend Minnesota trip or Illinois escape over a weekend. So if anyone has some interesting towns or places they saw on the way, please let me know. Also any scenic drives or places you ate at.

what's the "V" next to some of the poi files?

i noticed a few had "name_V" next to them. what's the significance?

Reverse Geo Coding

I would like to convert Map Coordinates (long/Lat) to addresses. I have located several sites that do this but all require single entry. I am looking for a method to batch convert many entries such as visualizer does converting addresses to coordinates. Any suggestions?


Voice Alerts, directing you in the wrong direction.

I have a puzzling problem.

I have made a few POI's, and all are working well. I have run them through Simulation mode, to check them out on my GPS when complete. I have a few where my Voice Alert tells me, "Your destination is on the right". When really it's on the Left? I have converted these online and Verified these coordinates on Google Earth.

Magellan Maestro 3140

Newbie sheckin' in ... :)

Hi! I just bought my first GPS a few days ago, have already started enjoying/using it, and successfully hacking it to improve its usability as well.

In the process of online research, I found this site, and I think it will be very helpful. Hopefully I might have something to share at some point too.

Thanks for letting me join!


Hi guys,

Just bought a Garmin Nuvi 660 yesterday and so far it's awesome although I'm sure there's a ton of features yet to discover.

I look forward to joining in on the forum.

Paul S.

Another Newbie

Hello, I just got my first GPS yesterday, good or bad, I went with a Nuvi 660.
A friend of mine loaned me hers to go to a large town last week, it was A Garmin 330, I was so impressed with what these little things could do, and I could not put it down until I got my own. Now all I do is read on POI's and ways to work with them. Thanks for having a great site with alot of good people.


Hey all. Just got introduced to the site from a friend. Lots of interesting stuff here. Well i got alot of reading to do to catch up to whats going on here.

Nuvi 660. Nuvi 40 Check out. Irish Saying. A man loves his sweetheart the most, his wife the best, but his mother the longest.


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