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Garmin EcoRoutes ESP module turns your GPS into car sentinel

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I just discovered that I can load geocaches to my streetpilot via a GSAK file that is treated like a poi fle. Works great using the car Gpsr instead of the handheld while driving from cache to cache.


Here is an awesome site, I tested it, and it's accurate!


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Link to report Map Errors for Navteq (Map Reporter)

If you encounter a map issue(s) on Navteq based Navigation Systems such as Garmin,(i.e. GPS tells you turn right but actual street is one way you cannot make a right) you can report it here.

This will make improvement to the map provider like NAVTEQ in future map releases I believe.

This link was provided by a member in this forum. Thanks go to him/her.

Original Link -

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GPS satellite beset by permanent signal problem

It seems one of the latest GPS satellites is having signal distortion problems that can affect the accuracy of GPS units.


I wonder if that's why my house keeps drifting - oh wait, the mooring lines slipped.

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Contributors of the Week 2009-10-26

This week we are recognizing two of our Super Star Members.

A_User and Charlesd45, you both go above and beyond each week in an effort to make this a great place for GPS enthusiasts. We really appreciate both of you and are so proud to have you as part of our extended family.

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Chit Chat Thread for the week of November 2nd, 2009

This is the place to talk about things that are not gps related.

Have fun...

This thread will be closed on Monday and a new one will be opened.

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What am I doing wrong (.csv)

Hi All,

I’ve crreated a poi .csv file “Amici’s East Coast Pizzeria” (see below), however, I can’t get it to load on either my Nuvi 670 or my Nuvi 880.

Please look at it and tell me if you see any error(s), I need to correct. Although you can’t see it, there are line breaks on every line in this .csv file.

I’m also using the latest version of the PoiLoader for Macintosh.

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important poi files?

Hey all
Sorry to say ive been away from the site for a little while what with school and all of the fun stuff associated with that. I'm going on a cross country trip leaving sometime later this week. I am just wondering if there are any must have pois that have recentlty appeared that you would reccomend for this trip? any reccomendations are appreciated. Thanks

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Campground POI


I downloaded the camping POI (Campgrounds and RV Parks Combined)after using the poi loader Pop up said that I added x number of pois. When I do a search on my Garmin 760 in POI folder for campgrounds/camping/rv none come up. What am I doing wrong?

Thx D

Laser tag

OK, not a GPS subject, but given how much bandwidth is used to discuss red light and speed cameras, I figure this is fair game for discussion:

Having been unfairly tagged by a laser equipped police officer, I decided to fight the ticket and after waiting almost 2 years for the case to come to court, I won on a technicality.

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Garmin Nuvi 750 + Linux

I don't have access to Windows or a Mac but would like to create POI files for my Nuvi 750. Has anyone here tried this?

gps related downloads

Some of you may be interested the following Web site. There are numerous downloads and GPS related items of interest.
I hope this helps some of you and/or entertains you.

Kudos to all at POI Factory - a great site!

Posting Quotes....

When posting a quote in the forums please make sure that you close it with the proper symbols so that the following posts do not get confusing to read.


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MobileNavigator (now $90) is the #3 top grossing app on iTunes

In the article at the link below "The smartphone as navigator".


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Turn clocks back Saturday night

This Saturday night, Oct. 31, before you go to bed, you should turn your clocks back one hour to go off daylight-saving time is here again for some of us.Time to Fall back.

You should change the batteries in your smoke alarms
as well.Be Safe smile

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Garmin nuvi,750

Wal-Mart Icon

I am new to this forum. Installed the Wal-Mart POI
to my nuvi 350 with no problem using the POI Loader.

Then tried to install a Wal-Mart icon from the list but could not get it to work. Any help would really
be appreciated.

RON confused

Thanks for the info...... Folks !

I want to thank all the members of this forum for there help after purchasing my new Garmin... I have learn a lot about its uses and that its much more than just a "navigator"... it is also a handy database of places, locations, general information to be used everday and not just for trips..

Again thank you all... see ya !

Forum duplicating message topics

When I logon to "Unread Posts" I am seeing duplicated message topics that have duplicate topic, user, & times, everything except for the forum names. Happens in IE7 and Firefox 3.5.3 so I believe it must be a forum software bug.

An example:

Messages (nuvi says it found a better way to go)
by Timantide (Welcome / open talk) skip
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12 min 18 sec

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Video Tutorials project....

I have decided that I am going to start making video tutorials for the site.

Here is what I need from you guys....

Advice on equipment and software and also guidance on production tips.

So if you are experienced with making screen casts and tutorials please help me out.

I really like the idea of using Camtasia Studio 6 but I have not made the investment yet.