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Windshield Mounting Laws in Hawaii

Does anyone know if there are any of those whacky "windshield obstruction" laws in Hawaii? Clearly I want to use my nuvi there, but don't want any issues with the law!


Today's Woot

Not spam (I hope,) just a heads up for a great GPS deal (for those who like Tom Tom)

Today's Woot is a refurb Tom Tom XL340 (4.3" screen) for $109.99. Here's a link: http://www.woot.com/

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3M Peel and Stick

I'm fortunate that my Kia Rondo has a great spot by the clock to mount the suction cup, but very few vehicles are so fortunate.

Has anyone tried using the 3M Command Picture Hanging Strips that you use to hang pictures etc.?


Has anyone installed a VSM mount to mount their GPS units?

I stumbled onto a youtube video that displayed a custom GPS mounting system called VSM G3:


The web page to order these type of mounts is:


The mounts they have listed are based on make and model of the car.

I was wondering if anyone has tried installing one of these type of mounts.

Old discussions

Miss POI,

Do you ever drop the threads of old discussion/forum topics? Is there anyway for me to delete items from my personal discussion list?

Jack j

Generic Point of Interest Icon

Has aynone created a generic poi icon to be used with some poi files such as places to see file. Just wondering would be cool to have contest for submissions to poi factory

Passing Lanes

From time to time I know we have all been there, stuck behind you guessed it Grand Ma & Grand Pa. I know, I know I'll be there some day but for right now I would like to get to my destination at a reasonable time before I go completely gray or wreck, has anyone done a POI file on "Passing Lanes"? in Arizona?


Contributor of the year 2009

Hey - I know the Contributor of the Year (COY) is chosen by Miss POI and Jon, but if we could perhaps influence the selection by naming a person we as users feel is deserving, it may have some influence. Now that we are approaching the end of 2009, if you could vote for someone, who do you feel is the most deserving?

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Contributors of the week 2009-09-28

This week we are recognizing SteveJonesMO and Hwyman.

SteveJonesMO, you posted this project: http://www.poi-factory.com/node/25174. I am so excited about this file, it looks like a great batch of locations.

Hwyman, You worked on the Ford Dealerships project this week, thank you so much.

Miss POI

Chit Chat Thread for the week of October 5th, 2009

This is the place to talk about things that are not gps related.

Have fun...

This thread will be closed on Monday and a new one will be opened.

MaryAnn Melby AKA Miss POI

turning waypoints into poi files

hi, am newbie
have used gps for a while fishing and crabbing
is there a way to turn the waypoints i have recorded on my nuvi into poi files to share with others?


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when does a red-light camera take a photo ?

i was driving through an intersection where a red-light camera is being used ( and my gps warned me ahead of time) i drove thrugh with the green light, but it changed to amber as i was 1/2 way thru the intersection & noticed it to turn red when i had gotten to the other end of this large intersection, i did not see any camera flash go off (it was daylight).

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I friend works for a Mapping Company (Funny Stories)

So my buddy works for a Mapping company we all know!!!

Last night we had dinner together and we were talking about my GPS and how nice it has been but that you can't be 100% trust worthy of it.

Well he was telling me some funny stories i will share here form time to time.

Caller: The address i'm looking for is not on my GPS - can you please add it?

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Garmin GPS tracking software/website

This really isn't for Garmin devices only but that is the one I have.

Does anyone know if there is software available/website to use to track where my GPS is? Let's say my device gets stolen. The person that took it is currently using it. I am looking for software or a website that I can use to find where the device currently is.

Streets and Trips

I recently plotted a course in MS streets and trips,downloaded it to my 250W and when I started my trip it changed the route to the shortest but very slow way.It used to be the quickest but all the speed limits have been lowered.I wanted to take the scenic way.


IL: Driver Convicted Of Speeding Without Receiving Ticket

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Obama to Fed Employees: Don't Text and Drive (includes GPS use!)

Today's Washington Post contains the article "Obama to Federal Employees: Don't Text and Drive" which references the new executive order banning texting while driving on the job as a Federal employee, with texting defined as:

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EU Launches Free Satellite System to Fine-Tune GPS

Is higher accuracy coming our way?


The GPS galaxy is capable of providing much higher accuracy than we presently receive. Commercial units must use a de-rated system rather than the precision set of signals broadcast by the same satellites. WAAS helps some units, but it is designed for use by aircraft rather than automobile type units.

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POI Factory turns 3

The site also just celebrated its 3rd Birthday last week!!!

Happy Birthday POI Factory!!!!!

POI-Factory fame grows

Congratulations to all who participate in, create and maintain files for, and manage POI-Factory. I just received an email from DeLorme announcing the availability of their Street Atlas USA 2010, and related products. In the description of the software they list new features including "Ability to import waypoint files from POI-Factory.com."

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