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Just got a new NUVI 765T, and one thing I noticied right away (I hope this hasn't been covered a million times) is that when on a route, and an up coming turn is near, that it shows that it zooms in, but the turn isn't enlarged that much, and that when I pass an alert from a custom POI, it allways goes off three (3) times, even though I have it set for one.

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Just signed up

While listening to local talk radio and their discussion of area red light camera issues (and reduced yellow light times), I decided to research POI files. I found POI Factory and seem to recall having found the site before but lost track of it. Anyway, I've signed up and have started checking out the goodies.

Contributors of the Week 2009-07-06

This week we are recognizing Plornch and Perrdom.

Plornch, You came to me and let me know that there were some problems with the Marshall's file. You took the time to make all the corrections and additions that were needed to update the file. You also took over the project since it had been abandoned. I really appreciate your assistance in this.

Cowardly GPS Users

So, the police chief of Washington DC is asked about a new iPhone app that alerts users when they're approaching one of the several hundred red light/speed cameras in the district (just like POI Factory red light camera alerts). She calls their use a "cowardly tactic."

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Chit Chat Thread for the week of July 13th 2009

This is the place to talk about things that are not gps related.

Have fun...

This thread will be closed on Monday and a new one will be opened.

MaryAnn Melby AKA Miss POI

got my double stars

hi everyone.

i finally got my double stars.. but i was curious.. when the double stars were pinned on me.. something happened to my profile photo .. the one with the pyramid at the louvre... it was replaced by the double star badge..

was this because the moderators here dont want me to have the pyramid as my profile pic?

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How many people do you know who don't use the automatic headlights?

I have automatic headlights in my car and I leave it on auto. It's great, I never ever have to worry about whether the headlight is on or off, and never have to manually turn it on or off.

However, my parents, in-laws, friends who have auto-headlights in their cars, never use them.

http://www.poi-factory.com/node/21626 - red light cameras do not work

Connecticut Drivers

Hello, this is my first post and I want introduce myself with a question, does Connecticut has any red light cameras, does patrols with radar guns are considered.

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Rest Areas R.I.P.

It sounds like the POI Factory's Rest Areas Combined file may have lots of scheduled work ahead of it as its locations shrink to 0:


Site question (updates of POI's)

Hello I'm new, Names William and i had a question was wondering if there is an option on the site for email updates of POI's there are so many great POI's here *much better then most sites i've been too* but a few i've downloaded are admittedly in the description as uncomplete and was wondering if there was an option to receive an email when these are updated so i can download the updated files.

Costco.com now offering the nuvi 275T for $249

Not sure how good a deal this is. Nice to get the Europe maps included but if you don't need Europe maps, maybe not so cheap.

What's Your Most Beautiful Drive?

My favorite drive is the "Million Dollar Highway", Durango to Ouray Colorado. Fantastic views. Waterfalls. It is a narrow paved road that's on a ledge most of the time. If you don't like ledge roads with few barriers, than this isn't the road for you, but if you can the scenery is amazing.

Look forward to seeing other drives.



Redlight Camera File Suggestion

Although I love the new BETA Red Light Camera file, I have trouble seeing some of the addresses on my Nuvi 4.3 inch screen. If I had a Nuvi 3 inch screen the problem would be even much more apparent.

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NuMaps updates to be out next week

While speaking with Garmin T/S, today, I was told that they had gotten advance notice that the Nu Map updates would be out next week.

The End of the Dedicated GPS?

E85 Fuel Locations

I picked up a 2009 GMC Sierra truck that's a flex-fuel vehicle, so it can run on gasoline or E85 ethenol. Is there a POI file that lists the locations where E85 fuel can be bought...or is it changing too often to keep up with? There is a website that tracks locations and prices, but I'm not always able to get online when traveling.

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Contributors of the Week 2009-06-29

This week we are recognizing SKYKINGC and Donaldb530.

Both of these members have been busy helping our POI File Managers keep their files up to date by submitting lots of new updates.

We really appreciate the contributions that you two have been making to improve the files in our community.

Great Job!!!

Miss POI

Chit Chat Thread for the week of July 6th 2009

This is the place to talk about things that are not gps related.

Have fun...

This thread will be closed on Monday and a new one will be opened.

MaryAnn Melby AKA Miss POI

Hello everyone!

I just received a TT1 v2 and have been busy at work customizing it to my taste. New navcore and maps were just a start and now I'm looking for POI's and icons.

I'm glad to have found this site since most of the other POI sites I've been on were unorganized and unmaintained.

Please be patient while I figure stuff out. Hopefully, I'll learn quick enough to start contributing.