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Progress toward active status?

I haven't been here for a while. I haven't had a need to be here......

But, now I am back and looking around again and there is this "Progress toward active status" thing I noticed. What is this? Are we being graded on our participation? Has a some kind of caste system been established?

Am I worthy?

Vancouver,Bc School,s POI

Where Can i find Vancouver,Bc School,s POI For Garmin Nuvi 760?

Colorado Pillar

I have a pillar for the Colorado Pillar file. It is on Owl Creek Pass Road and was seen in the movie "True Grit". It is know as Chimney Rock. It is close to two counties, but I would consider it in Ouray County. Owl Creek Pass is one mile north of Ridgeway Colorado and head east. It is a dirt and gravel road with some washboard spots, but a car can go over it.

Contributors of the week 2009-04-27

This week we are recognizing Whoaboy. This member has been with us for 5 weeks and has been busy making great files with pictures included. Great Job.

It is always exciting when new members come along and fill in the gaps in our catalog of POI Files.

Miss POI

Combined Rest Areas vs. State Rest Areas

I was driving I-40 in Arkansas this weekend and didn't get an alert for this Rest Areas:
-93.85333,35.51987,"I-40 MM 36 Eastbound","Restrooms, Phones, Picnic Tables, Pet Walk Area, Handicap Facilities"

I don't find it in the combined file, but it is in the Arkansas file.

So do the state files stay more up to date than the combined?

Chit Chat Thread for the week of May 4th 2009

This is the place to talk about things that are not gps related.

Have fun...

This thread will be closed on Monday and a new one will be opened.

Miss POI

How do I download an ICON POI onto my TomTom

Help,,, I have no Idea how to do this. Can you please tell me how to get the ICON on to my desktop so I can download it my TomToms. I am the Chief of a Fire Company in Jersey and would like to identify all my Fire Hydrants, using a Fire Hydrant as the ICON vs. a red dot.

One More Question on POIs

I have a list of addresses (120) that I want to make into Garmin waypoints, then I'll convert them to a POI. Is there an easy way to convert these addresses to long/lat?

When I upload this POI you guys will love it. One of the best home made icream chains around.


Ahhhhhhhhhh POI Conversion

I'm sure it's here someplace, but I can't seem to find it. I want to convert my Garmin files to POI (cvs) and convert my CVS files to my Garmin.

What software do I use?????


new member

Hi all, newbbie to the forum. I hope I can count on all with my new toy.......Looking forward to all addvise I can get from the forum and yes I am new to the world of gps

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I know my StreetPilot c330 has the option for Normal (GPS), GPS off or WAAS/EGNOS.

Garmin c330 w/ 2011 maps

garmin 855 at costco.com, May 11 - 20

I saw a coupon-book that costco sent to my wife this morning... an 855 special for $200 off for the week of the 11th through 20th if I'm remembering correctly. I think the end price was $299.

So, if you're in the market for an 855 in the near future, you may consider it. I didn't see any coupon-codes so I assume that any registered user can buy it for that price... online only.

Increased Survelence in Oro Valley, AZ


Navigon no more?

There is a rumor that Navigon will soon cease US operations. Please see the attached article.


I certainly hope this is not true because Navigon has pioneered a number of technologies in GPS units that we bow take for granted.

"Life is a journey - enjoy the ride!" Garmin nuvi 255

GPS not for legal use

If I did this link right, this makes interesting reading in light of several posts I have read on hear lately.


NUVI 660, Late 2012 iMac, Macbook 2.1 Fall 2008, iPhone6 , Nuvi 3790, iPad2

Anyone with a c530 sucessfully alter there voice file?

I have a c530 and I'm having trouble using the non-tts software to change the speech on my garmin and loading it to my unit. Could someone who has a c530 who's done it, please walk me through it.

Anyone know anything about Zenrin?

I know these guys are the map content providers in Japan but anyone know anything else about how active they are overseas?

Stay Well

I know this isn't GPS related and I fully understand if Miss POI decides to delete this thread but I just want to wish my Poi Factory family well during this interesting situation that seems to have developed and escalated overnight.
Stay well and take care of yourselves.

Forum Addict Types

As addicted to this website as I can be, I do read a few other things on the internet. I saw this article about "The Jerks of Online Forums" and had a blast. I did recognize myself and ... many of you ... among these types. I thought you would enjoy it too:


Please, don't take it personally!

What downloads, upgrades do you have on your GPS?

I wanted to see how many people have tweaked up there gps unit. I have the voice maximizer, tons of vehicles on the sd card and downloaded several free basemaps on my c530. I also have the splash screen with the emergency number and contact info if lost. Gotta love the POI alerts for speed cams as well. Let's hear how you upgraded your unit.