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Mom and Pop Burger Joints

Just seen on tv last night that they are going to feature Big Ben's burger barn in Roy Utah on the next show of Diners,Drive-ins and Dives. That's good to bad they wouldn't mention something about poi-factory and the poi list we have here on places that are not chain owned.

johnm405 660 & MSS&T

Why is IKEA not coming up on Magellan?

I was searching for IKEA (the chain store selling furniture) in 2 different city's in NY but my Magellan didn't know about them. confused

Are there any free downloadable maps for Mexico?

Are there any free maps or downloads for any areas in Mexico. My wife and I are going next month and I would love to find some maps.

Garmin Quest GPS

I current am using a Garmin III Plus on my motorcycle, and I am considering replacing this unit with a re-manufactured Garmin Quest ($120.00).

Has anyone had experience with this model GPS, especially as it relates to motorcyles? If so, what are your recommendations?

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Is the Alphabetized List of POI Files Complete?

Is the Complete POI List Complete? (It says that it is 'ALL' files.)

I found that if i go to the Beaches link, it shows me Beaches all in one, and separated down to each state.

However when i looked for Oregon Beaches in the main Complete Listing, it wasnt there.

Forum Posts: Some Editable

Why can I edit SOME of my posts, but not all of them? Is there some glitch in the forums here, or is it something i did the removes the edit button?

- ACougar

Solved: Order of Loading POIs

How can one POI be loaded before another?

I have Rest Areas for the Nation which are good and seem to have the ones in the State of Oregon which i will drive through next week.

I also have Oregon ONLY Rest Areas. It is more detailed.

OverLoading POIs (Danger)

Is it possible to...

...Overwrite one POI instance with a POI of the same coordinates in a subsequently loaded cvs file? (In this case, which one wins? Or do both show up and can alert?)

...OverLoad by placing too many POIs on one GPS module, slowing it down, crashing it, confusing it, or causing other complications or failure?

GPX or CSV, Which is Better for a Garmin c530?

I have a Garmin c530 (this means it can do Proximity Alerts, and non-square Icons, but has no bluetooth or mp3 player.

Are there any features of GPX formats that would benefit my c530 or should i always stick to the nicely smaller and simpler CSV files? Thanks.

- ACougar

Observation about POIs

I opened and look at both Costco POIs, the one just for GAS stations, and then the one with both (which has 100 more stores). They both had a date of last updated July 2008, i think. However, the 2 local Costcos here near me that Ive gone to, (and which have gas stations), were not listed. They are 3-5 years old each, so im surprised they didn't make it into the list.


Is geocacheing able to be done with a nuvi200? Or should you have a small handheld unit?

What is a good distance for Proximity Alerts?

What is a good distance for Proximity Alerts?

I've had my Garmin c530 for a few months, and have today found this site, and already loaded up and tested some POIs. I've used 1320 feet (which i believe is a quarter mile) because someone suggested it on here for school zones.

Missing Nampton Inn POI

I was just in Cortland New York and noticed this Hampton Inn was missing from the POI file. What do I do to notify the POI owner?

Nuvi 760

rest areas

does anyone have an idea how i can get the rest areas on the garden state parkway in new jersey

Worlds Greates Outdoor Show

Welcome to Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Yaw- Hooo Its Stampede time in the old cow town for the next ten days. Come one come all to the world fames CALGARY STAMPEDE. I know the cost of gas is high and times are tough, But you only come by this way once. For those of you who have never been to Calgary for the Stampede, you don’t know what you’re missing.


Wishing everyone a safe and happy July 4th weekend. grin

Garmin has new vehicles on there site...

There hasn't been one day that I was mad that I purchased a Garmin. There always working hard on keeping there customers happy. They have fourth of July vehicles/icons... Love it.

Heres the link:

WOW ... 4 new cars to use!!

Just came from the Garmin site, they now have 4 new cars to use.. Wingspan, Moonshot, Chipotle Burrito, and felt Bicyele!!

I think the Wingspan looks nice. Maybe use moonshot for the 4th of july time.

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Residence/White Pages

Excuse a newbie question. I have the Garmin c550 unit. Are there any POI's to help me search for directions to a person's residence by just typing in there name? Thanks in advance!

County GPS Data

Has anybody ever seen any GPS units that display what county information? There are times when it would be handy for me to have that information.