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Rest stops

Just want to make comment about rest stop file.I set the alert for the rest stops.During my travels down I10 in Florida every one of them was right on the money.Good job to Mr Ken.I know it must have taken a lot of time to get this perfection.

Charlie. Nuvi 265 WT and Nuvi 2597 LMT. Android Garmin Viago and Here Maps.

Connecting to my phone, i have to grant it everytime???

Hi all,

I just got my first GPS for x-max, a Garmin 765T, love it so far.

Nine Things To Do With That New Auto GPS


POI Factory is mentioned if you click on POI resources on number 8.

Help in uploading POI file

I have a TomTom and there are a couple of POI files that I have created or modified that I would like to upload to this site to share with those that might be interested.

One is Tollbooths in eastern USA & Atlantic Canada

The other is state / Province entrance welcome centres (without all the rest areas only) for USA and eastern Canada.

TomTom Go920

any great travel stoies over the holidays

Used the Nuvi 265 from Desmoines to San diego and worked like a charm never felt lost throuh my whole trip some of the preloaded POI's a little out dated but still happy with the overall performance.

What GPS Did You Get For Christmas?

Thought it would be interesting to see what everyone got for the Holidays.

California Motorists can now use there GPS

Effect January 1, 2009
Thank you SB 1567 smile

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Best Advice for a Cross Country Road Trip

Mid January I have to drive from Indianapolis IN to Sacramento CA for work. I'm really trying to make this trip a little bit more fun than the standard shlep. I'll have a couple days to do it so I want to take this opportunity to see some of the country.

Any popular highways that you would recommend for a cross country trip like this?

Finding the latitude, longitude values for creating POIs

Most GPS devices that allow you to create point of interest (POI) files (such as the Garmins), require you to input the point as a latitude,longitude value with a description.

Tools like Google Maps allow you to locate points of interest, but one has to typically jump through hoops (read - try and pick the lat,long value from the URL) to get at the latitude, longitude values.

http://www.aggregatedintelligence.com/ http://blog.aggregatedintelligence.com/

Marietta, Georgia (NW Atlanta) Adds A New Red Light Camera

The header reads ; Drivers Beware. The City of Marietta, Georgia ( NW Atlanta ) have added a new Redlight Camera to come online on Jan 12, 2009. The link is below.


JG - Nuvi 2460

unread posts and skip

Hi. I don't know how much flexibility POI Factory has with the forum software, or even what forum software is being used, but I would like to suggest a small enhancement that I think a lot of users would appreciate, I know I certainly would.

Reading e-books on your GPS

I was looking for e-books reader for my wife. there are several options (Sony, etc) which allow you to read books, view pictures and listen to music.
It seems to me as a very easy feature to add to GPS, allowing you to have many books available for reading with you.
Has anyone know about GPS unit which support this functionality? (not audio books).

Nothing to do with GPS, just a couple nice Christmas Stories!

This thread has nothing to do with GPS. Here are a couple nice events that tell what Christmas is all about:


Have a Merry Christmas, everyone.


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Need help with Europen battery terminolgy

Could someone tell me what US battery would work for an Italian toy that calls for a half torch battery. Used google to translate instructions and it calls for button and half torch batteries.

Many thanks


POI Alerts

I have loaded a custom POI onto my garmin, all the poi's are listed and the images show up when I click the GO! button but if I am not routing to a location my proximity warning does not go off. I have heard that mp3's do not work on the 200 so I converted and loaded warnings in a .wav format. I have them labeled correctly in my POI folder.

What does your screen name mean?

I have seen some interesting screen names/userID and was
just wondering what was the tought/meaning behind the name. I know some of them are personal names in short form but what do the rest represent.

I will start:

DRMCMTR: DReaM CoMe TRue. This is my personal plate on my car.

Garmin Nüvi 650, 255WT


Just want to say hello. And also to thank everyone for posting those POI's. This forum has been very helpfull.

Cheers!! grin

Contributors of the Week 2008-12-15

This week we are recognizing Charlesd45 and Gary A as our contributors of the week.

Charlesd45, You have been very active in the forums this week and have helped a lot of people solve their GPS frustrations. Great Job!!!

Chit Chat Thread for the week of December 22, 2008

This is the place to talk about things that are not gps related.

Have fun...

This thread will be closed on Monday and a new one will be opened.

Miss POI


I would like to wish all the members of the POI Factory a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year !!! grin