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Custom pois not working

When I go near and through a certain redlight intersection with my Kna_g510 it will not tell me of a red light at that intersection most of the time.It will once a week or so,All my other local alerts work consistently.
Has anyone else noticed this or had this happen?

Alert Sounds won't download

I've tried to download an alert sound for Caribou coffee and when I click on the mp3 file I get a IE page that says unable to load that file.

I've tried a few others and get the same error.

Is the alert sound library down or am I doing something wrong?


POI: Best Bars in Florida

Where else but Florida could a place like Jimbo's exist?

CVS and BMP files

Iam just starting to learn how to download these POI files. I can't get the POI loader to download the bmp files to the Garmin. I have renamed all the bpm files exactly the same as the cvs files. Do the files have to be downloaded together? Do they have to be in the same file and if so how do you do that?


for those of you who may be wondering,

the skuttlebutt on twitter is that the geocaching.com website, and apparently all the groundspeak sites, are down due to a datacenter fire in seattle. no idea when it will be back up.

Spent 100's, Saved 100's

WoW! That was my impression upon borrowing my sister's Garmin Nuvi 760 on a trip from Edmonton, Alberta to Vancouver, British Columbia.

I had never used a GPS device before and had mostly avoided them in the Big Box stores. I should have taken a second glance.

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Hawaii and valid Lat/ong

GOt a question for you guys....

I looked up an address in hawaii for a POI file....but EasyGPS does not like the lat/long of:

21.31924, -157.87613

Is EasyGPS just being a POS? or is something wrong?

Bob's Vacation Tips 2009 Series...

Well, After creating my last year trip to Lancaster PA, I decided to do it again since I am going to Williamsburg VA. (and afew Other Places) So I decided to create these fun tips to go to. I will be making a few differnt citys to go to.

If anyone would like one of these made for you, Feel free to ask (and the date you are planing to go) And I will see if I have time to make one of you.

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Microsoft Streets& Trips

Do Garmin devices work with Microsoft Streets and trips or not?

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GPS for autos starting to get ‘smarter’

According to MSNBC automotive GPS units are going to get smarter.

GPS for autos starting to get ‘smarter’


According to the article, it's not Navteq or Tele-Atlas that aren't including roads, it's often the company repackaging the GIS data that eliminates many roads and streets.

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Just an observation

My 1st gpsr announces the street name and the 2nd gpsr I got does not. While using the one that does not name streets, it occurred to me that this might be safer, as I was not looking for street signs to match Jill's announcements. Is that a correct assessment or am I wrong in my reasoning?

Alan-Garmin c340

Proposal: GPS to be used for mileage tax

The US government makes a lot of money from fuel taxes. With the move to higher mileage vehicles, the amount of fuel used will decrease. So will the revenue gained by taxing fuel.

To keep money flowing into the treasury, they're considering a by-the-mile road tax using GPS to determine how far you travel.


EDITORIAL: Toss your ticket Washington Times

Red-light cameras are making their return to Virginia. Don't believe the propaganda that this has anything to do with safety - it's all about money.


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Seller XtremeNavigation

I just purchased a refurbished Garmin from this seller on Amazon.

Anybody dealt with them before?


Michael (Nuvi 2639LMT)

Happy 142nd Birthday Canada

Happy Canada Day (July 1st) to all Canadians and to all their friends.


Escort's SmartMirror

First of all, just wanted to say hi. I have been on my speed countermeasure and Facebook kick lately.

Anyways, I was wondering if anyone has purchased the new Escort SmartMirror. It is a rearview mirror with a built in GPS. Looks pretty cool.

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Navteq Mobile

Got this email from Navteq today, pitching the Navteq Mobile web site for viewing on a PDA or cell phone. Doesn't compare to traffic routing with a GPS, but it's useful information and it's free.

Nassau, NY red light cameras to cost extra

"Ceterum autem censeo, Carthaginem esse delendam" “When governments fear the people, there is liberty. When the people fear the government, there is tyranny.”

Contributors of the Week 2009-06-22

This week we are recognizing AJ500 and Phranc.

AJ500 has done a fantastic job collecting all of the Fuelman Locations around the USA. I will be making a POI Package this week for this group of files.

Phranc, You have become one of our top posters. I love your humor and your helpfulness. It is really nice to have knowledgeable people like you in the crowd.

Miss POI

Distance to next city

I have a little Streetpilot 530 and it does not have the ability to display the distance to the next city without a lot of trouble. Is there another model or brand that can do this automatically or with a simple screen touch while driving?

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