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Best way to view a poi file on a map

Ok, so I haven't played around with my GPSr for awhile. Can anyone tell me the best way to suck in a POI file into something so that I can see where all the POIs are on a map.

I want to check a few of my "attractions" POI files to see if we will be going close to any of them while traveling up to Rochester, NY tomorrow.

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How do I download a mp3 file?

I was successful downloading poi files and have them working on my garmin 465t.

I just can't download the mp3 files,every time i double click on the attachment,all it does is play the sound without downloading the file.

Also I've heard of a TourGuide file,where do i find it.

Thanks in advance for your help

PS this site is awesome

V-Tech study

Buried in the Virginia Tech study stating a 23-fold increase in collision risk while texting is a negligible risk in talking on a cell phone while driving.

Here's a link to a column in Denver Post discussing the finding. http://www.denverpost.com/carroll/ci_12969052?source=rsshome...

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City Speed Limits

I am trying to find a website that could possibly give me speed limits for streets within a city. I have gone to the city websites and none of them have any information on speed limits.

If you could direct me to some information, I'd appreciate it!

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MrKen, would you check your email re: Rest Area file and get back to me please?


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Another use for GPS

Heard this on the news this morning and had to post it. What won't the gps world think of next.


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Celebrating 49th Anniversary Tomorrow

Looking for the ultimate POI. Of course, it must be in Lower Alabama which leaves most places out. Hardee's, McDonald's, Golden Corral, Cracker Barrel's and the like are out of the question. Red Lobster? Outback Steak House? Some Seafood restaurant in Panama City or Panama City Beach, FL.

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Low clearance POI

How good is the POI file for Low Clearance? I know that it should be only used as a guide and not all bridges are on there, but how many people actually think its an accurate file?

submitting different formats


Ive been tinkering with the Extra POI Editor tool, its amazing.

i want to use it though, to submit my poi files in a different formats. I see some poi files are indeed in at least 2 formats. TomTom, Garmin CSV, Garmin's extended GPX...

Whats not clear to me is how exactly to submit the different formats so they're all there... It looks like submiting a csv will replace the gpx....

Costo GPS


As my moniker indicates, I no little re GPS. I see Costco sells the Magellan 1340 for $100 (and saw the thread here about it, very helpful) and the Garmen nuvi 1265 for $219.

As best as I can see, the Garmen is larger, bluetooth compatible and has lifetime traffic - those seem to be the primary differences - are there others.

New SiRF Chips

I don't know if any of the POI Factory members really care what chip is in their GPS device, but SiRF has just released a new chip with some interesting sounding features. Here is the URL:


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Have you found a humorous POI?

Hi everyone.

Was trawling the net trying to find materials for my own POI files when I came across this entry on www.localsearch.com:

Popeye's Chicken & Biscuits
985 Market Place Boulevard, Cumming GA 30041 (678) 455-4575
Categories: Restaurants, Fast Food Restaurants, Chicken Restaurants, Chicken Take Out

Services: Most Insurance Accepted, Oral Surgery

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Uploading pre-defined routes?

I am a GPS newbie.

I want one that would allow me to define a route on my PC, then upload it to the GPS.

I know that Microsoft's Streets & Trips can do that, but my notebook is a bit too large to have it sitting open on my car seat all the time.

Do any other GPS units have this feature?


A plug for the rest area POI File

I don't download many POI files, but after my last trip, I'm going to download the rest area poi file. My wife and I usually bypass rest areas and use the restrooms when we stop for food or gas, but this weekend we drove from Dallas to Nashville and took our dogs. They needed to use the rest areas more than we did so I was always looking for where they were.

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Contributors of the Week 2009-07-20

This week we are recognizing A_User.

A_user, My question this week is: What did you not have your hands in this week? You are amazing, you rocked the house this week my friend. Thanks for all that you do for us.

You helped us update some of our more high profile projects this week, thank you so much for that.

We all think you are pretty awesome, even if you have a really strange avatar.

Chit Chat Thread for the week of July 27th 2009

This is the place to talk about things that are not gps related.

Have fun...

This thread will be closed on Monday and a new one will be opened.

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35% off coupons

on all GPS units @ Dell. This is not spam, I just saw this deal and thought I'd pass the information on. Deal ends 7/30/09


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Garmin Nuvi 1300

Just bought this model and want to know if others have it and what their experience has been. I understand that it has only been out for a few weeks. Thanks.