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In reviewing my SPAM folder this morning I came across a message from Defend Bedbugs with a message subject of "Bed Bugs a REAL Nightmare." That kind of got me thinking with just this single line to work with. Was it a message asking me to donate to a fund for the protection of bedbugs as the efforts to eradicate them was a nightmare to the bugs or was it a typical FUD warning me about the menace bedbugs are creating RIGHT NOW and IN MY HOME?

Needless to state, the message remained in the spam folder when the entire contents was deleted but it did get me to thinking. What if it was a request for funds to do research on how to cure bedbugs afflicted with some of the poisons used to kill them? Could a fund be started and could we get people to donate real money to find ways to protect bedbugs from efforts to eradicate them? What are your thoughts? Do you think people are gullible enough to take up the cause and fight for the rights of bedbugs? Would PETA want to defend them as poisoning them is "cruel and unusual punishment?"

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Well Box Car my friend, I think boredom has gotten the best of you. smile Maybe you should take a stimulating trip somewhere.

Oh exclaim Before you book your lodging, be sure to check the Bedbug registry: razz Maybe you could even start a POI for this idea

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That would be Awesome!

alandb wrote:

Bedbug registry: razz Maybe you could even start a POI for this idea


I misread this the first time...

alandb wrote:

...Maybe you should take a stimulating trip somewhere...

At first I misread this as "Maybe you should take a simulated trip somewhere."


Last year Barbara was paranoid about bedbugs on our Florida Keys vacation. We never encountered any problems. I suggested that she stop watching "Good Morning America" on ABC.

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Most entertaining thread of the day

If we had that category this would be nominated.
You guys are cracking me up!


How to avoid bed bugs forever

Just stay home and don't go anywhere else.

Judge Judy Rules.

Funny, I saw an episode of Judge Judy recently and a woman was suing her ex boyfriend for bringing bedbugs into her house. They did not live together and the woman stated he had bedbugs in his apartment.
Judge Judy threw the case out indicating she herself might have transported the bedbugs from his apartment to hers.

In my area they even had TV commercials with Roscoe the dog sniffing out bedbugs for a local exterminating company.

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Hourly updates will be required!

Since Bedbugs move around so easily and Hotels/Motels eradicate them as soon as they are discovered (at least the better ones do), we will need a team of at least 15 people to take turns monitoring the Bedbug website 24 hrs. a day. The POI file will have to be updated immediately and notices sent to all downloaders that the file has changed.

Gee, this sounds just like something our government would do to handle the crisis. laugh out loud

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A fund has been started!

A fund to save bedbugs has been started. Mail your donations (sadly, not tax deductible) to:

Bedbug Defense Fund
c/o POI-Factory
Boise, ID

Donate now, and donate often. Everyone making a donation of $20.00 or more will receive access to America's best Red Light and Speed Camera database for 12 full months!

We must come up with a cure to save the ailing bedbugs! What a great loss to our eco-system should these valiant creatures be eradicated from the face of the earth! Don't let them suffer the same fate as the Passenger Pigeon!

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